How To Make Diaper Invites For Baby Shower

Here is an easy step-by-step guide on how to make diaper invites for baby shower. We’ll use a free template, and you’ll also know below some places to get invitation templates for DIY baby shower invitations. 

But besides having a diaper-themed card for your baby shower stationery, perhaps you want to request guests bring diapers to win prizes. Read what is a diaper raffle at a baby shower to know more. 

how to make diaper invites for baby shower


How To Make Diaper Invites For Baby Shower

The following DIY baby shower invitations in the shape of a diaper are from using the template by  make-your-own-invitations:

  1. Download the template for the diaper invitation or use it as an inspiration to make your own DIY baby shower stationery
  2. Print the diaper invitation template onto a card that you’ll use as a template
  3.  Follow the invitation’s outline to know where to cut the card and achieve the diaper shape for tracing
  4. Put the card over the cardstock you’ll use for the baby shower invitations 
  5. Cut each card slowly and carefully
  6. Follow the template’s line to know where to fold 
  7. Create the diaper invitation pockets by adhering the marked tabs
  8. Prepare the baby shower stationery insert that contains the details for the baby shower
  9. Print the baby shower invitation on a card measuring 5¾ by 3¾ inches 
  10. Slip the invitation onto the diaper cards
  11. Add more decorations or stickers to make your diaper invites cuter for the baby shower 


Where Can I Find Templates For Diaper Invites?

You can check the template source for the DIY baby shower invitations above if you don’t want to design and cut the diaper stationery yourself. You can also check these three places for invitations in the shape of diapers: is a website that offers different designs of diaper baby shower invitations. Some of them are even free. 


Basic Invite

You can also check the baby shower invitations offered in Basic Invite. A cute stationery called Little Diapers features diapers on the design, but note that it’s a card template and won’t be folded into a diaper shape. 



If you prefer a foldable diaper template for your baby shower invitations, try the template from Pocketfullofprintout on Etsy. You will get a .svg file, .png file., and .jpg files for assembly instructions at under $2. 


What Is The Budget For The Baby Shower Invites?

The baby shower host can allocate 10% of the shower budget for the invitations or other stationery needed at the party. They can also consider DIY invitations, which might cost less than custom cards.

Those who have a printer at come can get a free template and fill it out with the invitation information. Then, set your budget for the card stocks and postage fees.

To avoid extra costs, remember to opt for standard invitation sizes. Nowadays, sending online baby shower invitations is acceptable, so you can consider it an option if the budget is limited. 


How Do You Ask Guests To Bring Diapers To A Baby Shower?

You can put a short note on the baby shower invitations to encourage guests to bring diapers to the party. Take note of the word “encourage,” as you don’t want to insinuate anything to the guests, especially if some bring gifts. 

A more polite way to have guests bring diapers is to have a raffle. Tell the guests that one diaper pack will give them a raffle ticket for a chance to win a prize. 

The prize can be a gift card or basket that guests want to get, so they would also bring more diapers for more tickets. Otherwise, you can state that you’d instead get diapers than other gifts, as guests are not obligated to bring both a gift and a diaper. 

And for guests who want their diaper presents to stand out, why not learn how to make baby shower diaper cakes


What Is A Diaper Party?

Baby showers traditionally honor the expecting mom, and the guests are only women. However, there is also a type of baby shower with only male guests, and it’s called a diaper party. 

You can also simultaneously have a diaper party, and a baby shower called a co-ed shower. It has both men and women as guests, ideal for parents-to-be who are both very involved in parenting. 

Back to a diaper party, it differs from a baby shower, not just because it’s exclusive to guys, but also because of the elements. A baby shower can be a tea party or brunch, while a diaper party usually serves barbecue and beer. 

And instead of baby shower gifts, a diaper party, from the name itself, has guests bring the expecting dad diapers to help him get started on the diaper stockpile once the baby arrives. That said, don’t be afraid to state size and brand references on the diapers.



And that’s it! You just learned how to make diaper invites for baby shower by printing a template stencil, cutting the card accordingly, and inserting the information inside. 

It’s easy and free, but remember that you can always design your own stationery. Let us know below if you want more about baby shower invite tutorials. 

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