How To Make Dirty Diaper Baby Shower Game

It’s easy to learn how to make dirty diaper baby shower game in four steps. We’ll teach you everything from preparing the dirty diapers to announcing the winner of this hilarious baby shower diaper game. 

You’ll also get an idea of the best prize to give the winning guest on the dirty diaper baby shower game. But what other party activities besides baby shower games?

how to make dirty diaper baby shower game

The host can also arrange a diaper raffle where guests will bring diapers that the expecting parents can use to build their diaper stockpile before their baby arrives. Here’s what is a diaper raffle at a baby shower to know more. 


How To Make Dirty Diaper Baby Shower Game In 4 Steps


Step 1. Make the dirty diapers

  • Prepare a diaper piece for each guest and a container for all the diapers
  • Have different types of baby food that you’ll use to make the diapers dirty; some hosts even use candy bars to create the most unappealing diaper that will live up to the game’s name
  • The number of prizes will depend on the host, but the dirty diaper game usually has two winning guests; your gifts to the winners can be gift cards or gift baskets, so everyone at the shower will enjoy this surprise door game
  • Spread some baby food on two diapers to make them “dirty,” and wrap them securely


Step 2. Arrange the dirty diapers

  • Wrap the remaining clean diapers the same way, so it’s hard to discover the dirty ones
  • With all the closed diapers looking the same and empty, stack them in a container or basket


Step 3. Have guests take diapers 

  • Do not explain anything to the guests but have everyone at the shower take one diaper from the stack
  • Advice each guest not to open their diaper and keep it until the end of the baby shower 


Step 4. Reveal the winner

  • After all the other baby shower games, you can have everyone at the baby shower open their diapers
  • Reveal that whoever has the dirty diapers win a prize
  • You can also modify this game and ask the winner if they can guess the candy bar or baby food on the diaper
  • Give them a surprise gift if they guess correctly 


What Is The Prize For The Dirty Diaper Baby Shower Game Winner?

Your budget for the baby shower dirty diaper game will affect the prize for the winner. But for a great surprise, it will be nice to prepare something generous like a gift card or basket. 

The dirty diaper game is passive, and it’s a great way to have guests laugh and try to find who has the dirty one. Therefore, whoever has the dirty diaper will surely love it if their prize is something valuable. 

You can also give the winners bonus prizes if their guesses about the candy bars or baby foods are correct. And, of course, it will be funny if you smear these foods onto the diapers so unattractively that they’d look like a dirty diaper from a baby. 


How Many Players Can Play The Dirty Diaper Baby Shower Game?

Most baby showers will include everyone who attends the diaper game. It’s a door game, and each guest who arrives at the door will get a diaper. 

You can consider the dirty diaper game a bonus game, unlike other baby shower games where the host can select the participating guests. And for the prize, since everyone at the shower will join, plan for two gifts for two dirty diapers. 


How Long Does The Dirty Diaper Baby Shower Game Last?

It would take the dirty diaper game under thirty minutes. Some hosts use the diaper game as the finale for the shower, so they might do a short speech to honor the parents-to-be and thank the guests who attended. 

You can also extend the time for this game if the winner announcement is long or you want to transition into a diaper guessing game. Plan the baby shower timeline to ensure you have enough hours to play all the games. 


How Do You Melt Chocolate For The Dirty Diaper Game?

Instead of baby food, it will be nastier but more hilarious to pour melted candy bars on two winning diapers. To do this, you only need to unwrap the chocolates and cut each piece. 

Transfer the chocolate bar pieces onto a stainless steel bowl and put it over a skillet with water. Use medium heat to warm the chocolate until the water bubbles gently. 

Remove the chocolate from the skillet, stirring so everything is nicely melted. Let the chocolate cool off, then smear it onto the diapers. 


What Baby Shower Diaper Games You Can Play? 

Besides the dirty diaper, you can use diapers as props for these other fun baby shower games:

  • Diaper changing race
  • Name the poopy diaper
  • Mystery diaper
  • Guess the price
  • Pass the diaper

If you also want to decorate the baby shower with diapers, read how to make baby shower diaper centerpieces



Was this game tutorial easy to follow? To recap how to make dirty diaper baby shower game, smear candy bars or baby food on two diapers and wrap them the same way as other clean diapers. 

Give a piece to each guest and have everyone open their diapers at the end of the shower. The two people with dirty diapers win prizes.

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