Why Silicone Wedding Bands: Pros And Cons

If you’re curious about why silicone wedding bands are popular and some couples choose these types of rings, know that they offer many pros compared to other wedding bands. In addition, silicone rings have traits that might be perfect for you and your partner, depending on your lifestyle, style, and budget. 

We’ll discuss if silicone wedding bands are worth it so you can decide before purchasing a silicone ring. You’ll also know how these rings compare to other materials. 

why silicone wedding bands

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Why Silicone Wedding Bands Are Popular And Should You Buy Them?

Silicone wedding bands, from the name itself, are rings made from rubber. They come in different colors and can easily compete with traditional metal wedding rings. 


Moldable and durable

One of the best properties of silicone wedding rings is their moldability and good durability. Manufacturers can easily mold these bands to create various styles for different personalities of couples. 

Silicone wedding rings are marketed for active couples because the material easily withstands wear and tear. As a result, you won’t worry about accidentally exposing it to harsh chemicals, hitting the ring, or it falling into a hard surface. 


Low maintenance

Another reason why silicone rings are popular is that the wearer doesn’t need to take them off when doing different activities. But unfortunately, some metal wedding rings will quickly fade or become deformed when exposed to liquids. 

Silicone ring manufacturers market their rings for active couples who often do outdoor activities and are gym fans. Silicone wedding rings mean you don’t need to take them off when working out or getting your hands wet. 


Pros of silicone wedding bands

Here are some more advantages of silicone wedding bands that might appeal to you:

  • A silicone wedding band is cheaper than your usual metal ring
  • The moldability and feel of silicone rings are comfortable for long-term use
  • Silicone wedding rings are available in different designs and colors
  • Silicone wedding rings are easy to find than other precious materials
  • Silicone wedding rings are not enticing to criminals when worn in suspicious places because they’re not as valuable
  • Silicone wedding rings are relatively durable, but because they’re affordable, you won’t feel as bad when needing to replace them or if it’s lost or heavily damaged


Cons of silicone wedding bands

All wedding ring materials have some disadvantages, and these are the ones to look out for with a silicone wedding band

  • Silicone wedding bands are not valuable like gold wedding rings
  • Silicone wedding rings are ideal for wear and tear, but they’re not meant to last a lifetime
  • Silicone wedding rings might not suit the style you want for your bands
  • It’s not easy to find sIlicone wedding rings with stones if you prefer them on your wedding bands
  • If you want a long-lasting wedding ring for daily wear and tear, platinum might be a better choice 


What Does A Silicone Wedding Band Mean?

From the name itself, silicone wedding bands are wedding rings made from rubber. They come in different colors, styles, and sizes, which are all possible thanks to the moldable properties of rubber, 

Some couple opts for silicone wedding rings as they are more affordable than regular metal wedding bands. However, they still symbolize the eternal marital bond between the people getting married without breaking the bank. 


Are silicone wedding rings safe?

Silicone wedding bands are also picked by people with active professions or workplaces that don’t allow metal jewelry. They don’t pose hazards like blisters and ring avulsion because they would break before damaging the wearer’s finger as a metal ring would. 

Non-porous silicone wedding rings would also be safe for people working with electricity for their profession. And finally, people who have sensitive skin prefer silicone wedding rings since they’re hypoallergenic, unlike other materials. 


Are Silicone Or Metal Rings Better?

There are many reasons why silicone rings are prevalent and often picked over traditional metal wedding bands. However, deciding between silicone and metal would depend on your and your partner’s budget and lifestyle. 

For example, if you often travel and worry about theft, silicone rings are unlikely to be stolen than precious metal rings. In addition, people who frequently get sweaty, wet, or expose their hands to vigorous activities don’t need to remove silicone rings as they are easy to replace and durable enough for wear and tear. 

However, you may prefer a valuable wedding ring in case you want to sell it or for sentimentality. Some people might also like the traditional elegant metal rings offer for their wedding. 

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Do Silicone Wedding Rings Stretch?

The moldability of rubber is beneficial for creating different sizes and styles of silicone rings. However, you don’t need to worry about the silicone wedding band stretching and losing its shape because it is designed to hold its shape during manufacturing. 



Was this guide helpful? To recap why silicone wedding bands are popular, it’s because of durability, practicality, and style. 

They are also more affordable than other metals and are reasonably low maintenance for active couples. However, you may prefer something more valuable, or you’d like a traditional metal band for your marriage ceremony. 

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