What To Wear As A Wedding Guest Male: All Dress Codes

If you want to know what to wear as a wedding guest male, please read these outfit guides for different wedding dress codes. Male guests are not limited to wearing a suit to the wedding. 

However, you must know the expected etiquette on how to dress. And if the dress code does require suits for men, here’s what color suit for a wedding

what to wear as a wedding guest male


Complete Guide On What To Wear As A Wedding Guest Male


Black-tie wedding for a wedding guest male

The most formal of all dress codes for weddings is the black-tie attire, unless the marriage ceremony is white-tie, which is even more formal than black-tie. For this dress code, male wedding guests are expected to wear tuxedos. 

Avoid blazers, jackets, and other clothes that would suit a less formal occasion. More importantly, make sure that your tuxedo is well-fitted and wrinkle-free. 

Your aim for your man’s attire is to look polished and sophisticated. For example, a black tux with bowtie and black leather oxfords would be perfect for a black-tie wedding. 


Black-tie optional dress code for men

Sometimes, the couple does not require a very formal wedding attire. For example, you might see that the wedding guest dress code mentions black-tie optional. 

The attire for men attending an optional black-tie wedding means you can wear a tuxedo, but formal suits are also welcomed. For your suit, dark colors like black, gray, navy, or brown should fit a black-tie wedding.

Of course, wear dress pants and shoes for this type of event. You should also pick a tie that suits the wedding theme. 


Cocktail wedding attire for male guests

Some weddings have a reception-only wedding with cocktail wedding attire. And for the men wedding guest attire in this type of wedding, consider something dressy and stylish, between formal and semi-formal. 

Think of a semi-formal ensemble such as a suit jacket and trousers. But to elevate the look for male guests, show your personality through the accessories. 

Select a stylish tie, cufflinks, lapel pin, pocket square, belt, or suspenders. Some cocktail weddings can also have themes where prints on the suit and pants are fitting. 


Semi-formal wedding dress code for men

The most common wedding guest attire dress code is semi-formal clothing. An example of men’s wedding guest attire for this dress code is a suit or blazer with tailored trousers or dressy chinos. 

How you dress up your outfit can make simple, smart casual pieces look more formal to suit the semi-formal attire. Another tip is to choose colors other than a classic black suit or blazer. 

Tan, maroon, dark green and other modern colors are often seen in semi-formal attire for male wedding guests. With your semi-formal wedding outfit, you can also have a more elegant appeal wearing brogues or monk straps than the usual derby shoes. 


Casual wedding outfits for a man

Even though the wedding you’re attending has a casual dress code, your men’s wedding attire should still be dressy casual or smart casual. Avoid graphic tees, distressed denim, and flip-flops because you’re attending a wedding. 

You can dress down your suit for it to fit a casual wedding. Instead, opt for dark denim and stylish man’s boots to partner with it. 

Alternatively, a sportscoat will be ideal if you need warmth for your casual attire. But again, steer clear from ripped denim and trainers that would suit a mall visit than a wedding.  


What Should You Not Wear To A Wedding As A Male Guest?

Knowing what not to wear to weddings as men would depend on the dress code, theme, and venue. What fits one dress code might be inappropriate for another. 

Here are some don’ts on wedding attire for male guests:

  • Avoid wearing anything that looks similar to the groom’s outfit
  • Be mindful of the color of the suit you’ll wear as it shouldn’t be identical to the wedding party’s color
  • Avoid eye-catching designs, colors, and patterns; check the wedding invite for the theme and color scheme of the wedding
  • Be mindful of the wedding season and venue, then opt for the comfortable fabrics suitable for the cold or hot weather
  • To avoid looking tacky, invest in a well-fitted suit or shirt, or have it tailored to your measurements
  • Make sure your wedding outfit has no damage or wrinkles
  • Shorts might be accepted for some casual or beach weddings, but pants would always be the safer choice for men’s attire; for a beach wedding attire guide for male guests, here’s what to wear to a beach wedding men 
  • Avoid wearing uncomfortable shoes, especially for outdoor weddings


Do Guys Have To Wear A Suit To A Wedding?

Guys are not limited to wearing suits with their wedding attire. But of course, formal dress codes would require suits or even tuxedos for the male guest. 

But for semi-formal or casual attire, men could get away with dressy blazers, jackets, sportscoat, or even a vest over a dress shirt. Polos and buttoned shirts would even suffice for some wedding themes.

But of course, make sure to look formal enough for the wedding. Avoid wearing a graphic t-shirt, and dress your outfit up with the fitting pants and shoes. 



And that’s it! To recap what to wear as a wedding guest male, it depends on the wedding dress code. 

Formal weddings would mean tuxedos and suits, while semi-formal to dressy casual weddings can have men in blazers and jackets. However, you should still dress with some formality, even for casual weddings. 

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