How Much Does A Wedding Tuxedo Cost: Buy Or Rent?

Those who want to know how much does a wedding tuxedo cost, allocate at least $200. And if you prefer to indulge in a designer tux, you will, of course, need to prepare thousands of dollars. 

To help grooms and guests decide, we will also compare the average price between renting and buying a tuxedo for a wedding. But if the costs reveal that your budget would be limited, grooms can read what does the groom wear to a wedding for tux alternatives. 

how much does a wedding tuxedo cost


How Much Does A Wedding Tuxedo Cost: Average Price And More

The average cost of a wedding tuxedo starts at $200, but it can go over $1,000, depending on the brand or designer. Formal and black-tie weddings call for a tuxedo, so grooms and guests should plan their budget for their wedding attire. 

Do not be turned off from low-end tuxedos because they can still look fantastic when worn. The key is having it tailored to your size for a smarter-looking fit

But if you have a designer tux budget, it’s reasonable to spend $1,000 to $5,000 and higher. After all, you can use the tuxedo for other formal occasions in the future. 


How much does it cost to alter a tuxedo?

Tuxedo alterations are worth it because having it fit customized to your body type will make it look more expensive, and your overall style will be classier compared to wearing a very tight or loose tux. For tux alterations, the shop where you bought it might charge around $100, depending on the type of alteration. 

You can also go to a local tailor who may charge less. Some alterations may cost under $50, so dedicate time to getting fittings and changes for a better-looking tux, regardless of its price. 


Who pays for tuxedos at a wedding?

The groom typically pays for his tuxedo, but it’s also possible that the bride goes shopping with the groom and buys the groom’s outfit as a gift. As for the tux of the best man and those worn by the wedding party, it can be among the wedding expenses shouldered by the groom’s family.

After all, the expenses for the groom and his wedding party are covered by his family. But if you are limited with a budget, it’s acceptable to ask your wedding party to buy or rent their own tux. 


Is buying a tux worth it?

Buying a tux would be worth it if you often expect to attend formal and black-tie gatherings. If you compute the costs of rentals, which is at least $100, renting often equates to the price of a tuxedo. 

You’ll save more in the long run if you own it, and it will be altered for you specifically. But if you’ll only use the tuxedo for the wedding, it’s more practical to rent one. 


How much does a tuxedo rental cost?

Renting a tuxedo can start at $50, while the priciest one is $150 and over. The factors that affect the cost include the quality and style of the tuxedo, and some even allow alterations to fit the person’s specific measurements. 

When renting a tuxedo, ask about the included costs, such as the ones for the cleaning before and after picking it up and returning it. You must also clarify how long you must return it to avoid additional fees. 


Is it cheaper to rent a tux or buy it?

Tuxedo rental is cheaper than buying a tux since the former starts at $50 while the latter’s most inexpensive cost is around $200. First, however, assess your situation since it’s better, in the long run, to invest in a quality tuxedo if you’re attending many formal events. 

But if you don’t always go to formal gatherings, it’s more cost-effective just to rent one. This way, you can also try different tux styles according to what’s trendy. 


How Do I Pick A Tuxedo For My Wedding?

The wedding theme and formality are the factors to consider when choosing what tuxedo to wear. For example, the classic black tux with a bow tie is perfect for formal weddings, while another color like navy blue with a white shirt is acceptable for a semi-formal wedding. 


Who Picks The Tuxedo For A Wedding?

The groom can choose his own tuxedo for the wedding. You can consider the style of the bridal gown to know if your tux complements the bride on your wedding day. 

You can also check what color suit for a wedding for more styling tips. 


When should you order a wedding tux?

Order your wedding tuxedo as early as six months before the wedding. This will give time for alterations and avoid being flustered, especially if it’s peak season. 


How far in advance should I rent a tuxedo?

The wedding party can pick up the rented tuxedos two days before the wedding. The groomsmen can try their outfits and buy other accessories if needed. 



And that’s it! We found out how much does a wedding tuxedo cost, which is around $200 to $1,000 and higher. 

For renting, you can expect to pay about $100, so it’s the cheaper option, especially for the groomsmen. But if you’ll be wearing a tux often, invest in a quality one to save more in the long run. 

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