When To Order Tuxedos For Wedding: Ideal Rental Time

If you’re unsure when to order tuxedos for wedding, you can start looking six months before the wedding. This way, you’ll get the attire for the groom and groomsmen on time and ensure that they’ll also fit perfectly with those who’ll wear them.

Weddings should always have a planning timeline, including when to order wedding suits and other outfits. And if you haven’t created a budget yet, read how much does a wedding tuxedo cost to know what to expect.  

When To Order Tuxedos For Wedding


How To Rent A Tux 101: When To Order Tuxedos For Wedding


Five to six months before the wedding

The best time to rent or purchase tuxedos for the wedding is five to six months before the actual wedding day. This gives the groom and his groomsmen enough time to compare different shops and have the tuxedos custom-fitted if needed. 

Another advantage of ordering wedding tuxedos early on is that you can score discounts since you’ll be renting many attires at the same time. Depending on the shop, you may even get a free rental for the groom. 


What if I have no time?

You and your partner might suddenly want to get married, so you’re planning the event in under five months instead of the ideal length, a year before the wedding day. That being said, it’s possible to find a tuxedo rental shop that offers rush rentals

However, be aware that you may not get your desired tuxedo styles as last-minute orders. It is also expected for the shop to include a rush fee to the total price of the wedding tuxedos. 


When Should You Get A Tux Fitted For A Wedding?

The groom should get fitted for his wedding tuxedo between six weeks to six months before his wedding day. This will provide enough time for alterations and ensure that the tuxedo fits perfectly and he’ll look his best on his wedding day.


When to get your groomsmen fitted for their wedding tux?

You can have your groomsmen measured as early as they’re available. However, you don’t want to be later than two months before the wedding to secure the styles of tuxedos you’d like for the wedding party. 

And on the other hand, it’s unnecessary to get everyone fitted very advanced because you still want to anticipate weight gain and other physical changes. You can assign your best man to lead and guide the groomsmen with everything related to the wedding tuxedos. 


How many tux fittings are necessary before the wedding?

Usually, one fitting is enough for the groomsmen, but scheduling a second fitting is also possible. Schedule a group fitting to the tux shop to save on time and costs. 

Ensure that all your groomsmen are present, so you can also see everyone with their tux. If some can’t make it because of a tight schedule, you can send their measurements to the shop.

It’s also possible that someone at your wedding party is habitually late. To avoid issues with the tux deadline, give them a fake time when they should get fitted. 


How Far In Advance Should You Get Your Tux?

When you order your wedding tux without rushing, you can get it anytime you find it convenient for your wedding day. For example, have the tuxedos delivered a week before the wedding day, especially if it’s a destination wedding. 

This way, you’ll have the tuxedos when you travel to the wedding location. On the other hand, you can pick up the tuxedos two to three days before the wedding day if you’re marrying in your hometown. 

Discuss with your best man and have him ensure that the wedding party has their wedding attire ready to wear the night before the wedding. Don’t forget to remind everyone when to return the tuxedos to avoid extra fees as well. 


When to return wedding tuxedos?

Check the tux shop’s policies to avoid added fees from late rental returns. But more often, you have to return the tuxedos the next day after the wedding. 

Then, be aware if you’ll need them cleaned before returning. It will help to assign one person to manage all the returns of the wedding party. 


Does The Bride Go To The Tuxedo Fitting?

The bride is not required to come to the tuxedo fitting, but the groom can also ask her to go with them. The wedding party will have a cohesive look since the groomsmen complement whatever the bridal party will wear.

The bride can also show the groom the style and colors of the bridesmaids’ dresses as inspiration for what to pick as wedding suits or tuxedos instead of coming with them. 


Should The Groomsmen Match The Groom?

The groomsmen should wear something similar to the groom, but the groom must stand out. For example, the groom will wear a classic black tux with a bowtie, while the groomsmen will wear a similar style but in gray and with ties.

Here is what does the groom wear to a wedding to know the styling tips. 



And that’s it! We just learned when to order tuxedos for wedding, which is between 5 to 6 months before the wedding. 

Then, ensure that everyone is fitted two months before the wedding. Finally, have your tuxedos delivered three days to a week before the wedding to avoid any missing wedding attires. 

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