Who Throws The Baby Shower

The answer to who throws the baby shower is any female person close to the mom. It can be one of her friends, family members, or parents. 

We will also discuss the etiquette and expectations regarding hosting baby showers. And since you’re the one responsible for communicating with the party’s guests, please read when to send out baby shower invites

who throws the baby shower


Who Throws The Baby Shower: Etiquette And Expectations

Tradition dictates that the person or people that throw the baby shower for the mom-to-be are those close to her. They can be family or friends who love her and support her baby. 

The baby shower host can be your sister, mom, best friend, coworker, aunt, childhood friend, or even your partner’s mom or sibling. These people can also plan the party together to make it easier to budget. 

However, did you know that back then, close family members of the mom were not the first choice as the party’s hosts? This is from the assumption they might get from the guests regarding the gifts. 

But of course, there are no rules on who should throw the baby shower. The only etiquette to remember is to never throw it for yourself. 


Can The Grandmother Host A Baby Shower?

The mom–to-be’s grandmother can host the baby shower. Some women are particularly close to their grandparents.  

More so, grandmothers are usually excited about their grandchild’s baby. They likely assume a close role in the baby; if they can, they’d also throw the baby shower.

However, as the baby’s mom, remember never to anticipate or influence anyone to throw the baby shower for you. Be considerate if your grandma would not have the time, energy, or financial means to throw you a party. 


Is It Proper Etiquette For A Mother To Give Her Daughter?

It’s acceptable for the mom to give her pregnant daughter the baby shower. The tradition of close relatives not hosting baby showers is outdated. 

There are also many benefits if your mom throws the baby shower for you. If you’re particularly close, she knows you best and can easily invite the guests you’ll love to the party. 

Baby showers are also a time for women to discuss everything about parenthood. Your mom would be the best person to guide you through this journey. 


Is It Okay For Mom To Host Baby Shower?

Etiquette dictates that the mom-to-be should never host her own baby shower. This is to avoid guests assuming she’s having the party to get specific gifts. 

While the history of baby showers is meant to shower the mom and her baby love, support, and gifts, it’s still better for another person or people to host your baby shower. You are also likely busy with the pregnancy and preparations to plan an event with friends and family. 


What Are The Baby Shower Hostess Duties

If you want to throw your family or friend her baby shower, here is a checklist of your duties:

  • Decide on the date and time for the baby shower
  • Set a budget and number of guests
  • Ask the mom about the people she wants for the baby shower and read who not to invite to your baby shower
  • Determine the theme for the wedding
  • Find a baby shower venue 
  • Send the wedding invitations and then finalize the guest list 
  • Plan the menu and activities for the baby shower
  • Act as the baby shower MC
  • Coordinate the activities at the baby shower
  • Help with organizing the gifts for mom and her baby
  • Prepare and send the baby shower thank you cards


If You Host A Baby Shower Do You Give A Gift?

According to etiquette, whoever throws the baby shower is not obliged to give gifts. But of course, if you have the budget and want to give something to the baby, you can give a separate gift besides throwing the party. 

Consider practical gift items that the mom can use. You can also do personalized gifts for something memorable but affordable. 


Who Shouldn’t Host A Baby Shower?

The baby’s parents should not host their baby shower to avoid the perception that they’re throwing a party to receive gifts. If someone is also struggling personally with a child-related issue such as infertility, it might be uncomfortable for them to host a baby shower. 

And if you don’t have the budget for the shower, it’s acceptable not to host the event. You can also discuss with other family and friends to contribute to the baby shower and help with planning. 

Understand that as the mom or dad-to-be, you shouldn’t force anyone to throw the baby shower for you, especially if you’re guilting them because you think they owe you. And as the host, you can always communicate your limitations and constraints with the party to the parents-to-be, like with the budget. 


What Are Co-Ed Showers?

The tradition of baby showers is to celebrate the mom and her baby, so the guests are female family members and friends. But nowadays, co-ed showers are more common, where the dad also attends the party. 

Men are also more open in their involvement with raising and talking about their children. Therefore, seeing a male family member or friend throwing someone’s baby shower is not surprising. 



Was this discussion helpful? You just learned who throws the baby shower, which are people close to the mom. 

However, the parents shouldn’t throw their baby showers to avoid assuming they’re doing the party for gifts.

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