Who Not To Invite To Your Baby Shower

It’s easy to understand who not to invite to your baby shower. Since the mom is not hosting the party herself, you can ask her about the specific family members and friends she wants as guests at the baby shower. 

You’ll also know below if some relatives and men can attend the event. And if you’re hosting, it’s important to read when to send out baby shower invites.

who not to invite to your baby shower


Exactly Who Not To Invite To Your Baby Shower


Ask the mom about the guest list 

The people you shouldn’t invite to the baby shower are those that are not close to the mom. However, you want to run the guest list to her before sending out the invitations to the party. 

Remember that some people might have someone we’re assuming they’d want at the event, like their sister, but she’s not close to this immediate family member. Having guests you know are supportive of the couple having a baby is essential. 


Invite the mom’s closest family and friends but…

If you know that family members and friends are likely to cause drama or stir up arguments at the shower, it’s best not to invite them. And on the contrary, there might be coworkers and distant relatives that the mom would want at her baby shower despite not being in her immediate family or close friend circle. 

Another example to remember is that a friend or relative might prefer not to attend baby showers because of personal struggles. Remember to be considerate of anyone’s potential feelings, especially if they struggle to have a child


Where do you draw the line between close family and friends when inviting them to a baby shower?

Everyone is different regarding their relationships with blood relatives and friends. In baby showers, it’s assumed that the mom’s immediate family and closest female friends are invited. 

However, the mom might not be close to her mother or sibling. Some women don’t also have a lot of female friends. 

If you’re hosting a baby shower for someone, check with them about the guests they’re expecting at the party. Furthermore, don’t be afraid to discuss the budget and guest list size limitation.


How do you make sure everyone is comfortable with the guest list?

The best way to avoid issues with the baby shower guests is to discuss them with the mom. However, approaching each relationship will depend on the people involved.

For example, some women who have cut off ties with a family member may choose not to discuss the baby shower. On the other hand, you may need to reach out to a friend and tell them you have a very intimate event that limits the guest list. 


How To Choose Who To Invite To A Baby Shower

If you still don’t know the guests to invite to the baby shower, the best way to get started is to list all the mom’s closest female friends and family members. 

Then, give her the guest list to know if she’s happy with the guests or if someone should be added or omitted. Furthermore, consider that some people might be uncomfortable attending a baby shower if they have baby-related issues. 

If you also know that there are people who would bring negativity to the shower, it’s best not to invite them. And for baby showers where both the mom and dad are attending, ask the dad if he has guests he wants as well. 


Should The Dad Be At The Baby Shower?

Women only attended traditional baby showers as it was a celebration for the mom and her baby. However, co-ed showers are becoming the norm nowadays, where the dad and other male guests can also attend the event.

Therefore, ask the mom about the party and if you’ll throw their baby shower. Only female family members and friends will likely attend if it’s traditional. 

There might also be an event where all the guests are women, but both couples are present. Some parents-to-be choose this so the dad can thank the guests for their gifts and support. 


Do You Invite Aunts And Uncles To The Baby Shower?

It’s up to the mom’s closeness to her aunts and uncles if she wants them at the baby shower. Some women would invite these extended family members to the party, mainly if they choose them to play roles close to the baby after it’s born. 

If your uncle and aunt are close to you and you’ll likely have them as your baby’s godparents, it’s only fitting for them to attend the baby shower. But if you rarely talk or the budget for the shower is limited for a few guests, consider listing them first and then decide when you’re about to send the baby shower invitations. 


Do You Have To Invite Your Mother-In-Law To Your Baby Shower?

The etiquette expects the mom to invite her mother-in-law to the baby shower. But of course, every family’s dynamic is different, and it might be a discussion between the mom and dad. 

To know who’ll be responsible for everything we discussed, here’s who throws the baby shower



And that’s it! You just learned who not to invite to your baby shower, which are people not close to you. 

However, some relatives and friends of the mom might be omitted from the guest list if they feel bad about the baby-related event or they’re likely to stir up conflict at the party.

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