When To Send Out Baby Shower Invites

The best time if you’re unsure when to send out baby shower invites is at least four weeks before the baby shower. Sending the invitations too early or late would never be ideal as you want to know how many guests will come to the party for better preparation. 

And speaking of securing everyone attending the baby shower, do you also want tips on planning for the party? Refer to how to plan a baby shower for an easy step-by-step guide. 

when to send out baby shower invites


Exactly When To Send Out Baby Shower Invites

The ideal timing for sending the invitation for baby showers is four weeks before the wedding. What is the earliest you can send out a baby shower invitation?


Four to six weeks before the baby shower

You can add two weeks more, so send the invites six weeks before the party. However, it’s not recommended to send your baby shower invitations too soon because you risk guests forgetting about the event. 

On the other end, you should also send out the invitations on time and never late to ensure that everyone you want at the baby shower will be able to come. This way, guests can clear their schedules for the baby shower and also come up with gifts to bring. 


How early is too early?

Why is the best time to send out the invitations four to six weeks before the baby shower? The baby shower typically happens during the third trimester of the pregnancy. 

Therefore, sending the invitations not too far from the baby shower means everything is going well with the mom’s pregnancy. Furthermore, four to six weeks are not too close to the baby shower, so the hosts can plan everything accordingly, and the parents are still not too stressed with the due date preparations


When To Send Out Virtual Baby Shower Invites?

The advancement of technology paved the way for celebrating different events virtually, which helps people with long distances or limited budgets. This is why it’s not surprising that even baby showers can also be held online. 

And for this type of party, you’ll send the baby shower invitations the same way you’d send the invites for a physical event. Send the invitations four weeks before the virtual baby shower to help guests clear their schedules and give the shower hosts enough time to prepare. 

Even though it wouldn’t need deeper planning than an actual physical baby shower, there are still things to accomplish to set up an online event. But if you think four weeks is too early, especially with an intimate event, you can send the invitations three weeks before the virtual baby shower. 

If you’re curious, here’s how to host a virtual baby shower as well. 


What Are The Average Costs Of Baby Shower Invites?

Expect to spend 10% of your baby shower budget on invitations. But of course, the expenses depend on the type of baby shower invitations, the number of guests, and how you’ll send them. 

For example, elaborate and customized invitations will, of course, be pricier. Some couples also opt for online baby shower invitations to save on postage costs. 

To give you an idea of what you’ll spend if you mail baby shower invitations, it can start at $3.99 per 19 pieces. This is based on the price from one of the designs in Postable, a company that will mail out custom baby shower invitations for you. 


Should You Include A Baby Registry In Your Invitation?

You should include your baby registry in the baby shower invitations. This way, the guests can purchase gifts or get ideas on what to bring at the baby shower. 

The guests will also have enough time to decide what item to give and then wrap it so it’s prepared for the baby shower. But of course, put the baby registry in the invitation so that it doesn’t look like you’re only having the guests for gifts. 


Will It Seem Unprofessional If You Send Online Invitations?

It’s an outdated belief to consider online baby shower invites as unprofessional. There are even many benefits to everyone involved if the invitation is online. 

For the hosts, you’ll cut the costs for mailing the invitations, and you don’t need to spend time getting each card printed. The guests can also respond quickly online, so you can secure the guest list without different waiting times. 

And finally, you don’t need to gather your baby shower guests’ addresses. You can simply get their email addresses to send the shower invites. 


Do You Send A Save The Date For A Baby Shower?

It’s up to the couple if they want to send a save the date for the baby shower. If so, it’s sent earlier than the baby shower invitations. 

You can send the save the dates early in the pregnancy or when the mom-to-be is around three months. But if you decide not to have to save the dates, it’s also acceptable. 


Where Do I Put The Return Address On Baby Shower Invitations?

The return address for the baby shower invitation is the host’s and should be written on the envelope’s back flap. You also want the return and recipient addresses written in the same color for a uniform and formal look.



And that’s a wrap! You just find out when to send out baby shower invites, best at four to six weeks before the wedding. 

If you want to send save the dates, they can also be sent at three months of pregnancy. And for those considering online invites, know that it’s acceptable, especially nowadays, where most people do things online. 

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