What To Wear To A Wedding In Cancun

Those who can’t come up yet with what to wear to a wedding in Cancun can consider two factors to build their wedding attire easily. The dress code and the time and venue of Cancun weddings vary, so they will influence what you must wear as a wedding guest. 

We’ll also discuss what guests typically wear at destination and beach weddings. And if you’re attending another wedding in Mexico, you might be interested to read about what to wear to a Mexican wedding

what to wear to a wedding in cancun


Guide And Tips On What To Wear To A Wedding In Cancun


Follow the wedding dress code

Weddings in Cancun will vary in dress code, and it’s essential to check the wedding website and invitation to know what guests should wear. The couple might still want a formal dress code, even if it’s a beach or outdoor wedding. 

Most weddings in Cancun typically have a semi-formal or cocktail attire. Therefore, guests can never go wrong with dressy outfits like tea-length dresses or stylish long-sleeve button-downs for women and men. 

Depending on the Cancun wedding dress code, other outfit ideas for women include a midi or maxi dress, a chic jumpsuit, low heels, or dressy sandals. Conversely, depending on the formality, men can opt for a suit, lightweight blazer, dress pants, shorts, or even a buttoned shirt, loafers, or boat shoes. 


Consider the venue and time of the Cancun wedding

The other factor that determines the Cancun outfits of the wedding guests is the venue and time of the wedding. Some couples might opt for a morning or afternoon Cancun wedding, while others might prefer an evening event to take advantage of Cancun’s nightlife

What to wear to these events should follow the dress code and be comfortable for the weather. If, for example, the Cancun wedding will happen during the daytime, you want to wear fabrics that are formal for the wedding but won’t leave you with sweat marks at the beach wedding ceremony. 

Opt for cotton blends, linen, organza, or chiffon outfits. Light colors like neutrals and pastels would also be perfect for keeping you cool, especially for an outdoor Cancun wedding. 

But for formal, indoor, and evening Cancun weddings, you can opt for darker colors or bring a cover-up. Women can wear shawls for added warmth, while men can get a jacket for their button-down shirts. 


What Do You Wear To A Destination Wedding In Mexico?

A Cancun wedding is considered by couples planning to get married in Mexico to take advantage of the place’s perfect weather and gorgeous scenery for their wedding backdrop. However, if you’re invited to a Mexico wedding, it’s best to check what specific location is the wedding venue to know the appropriate wedding wear. 

Identify what clothing follows the dress code of the Mexico destination wedding and what type of material would be comfortable in that place’s weather. Will you be walking to a sandy wedding venue in Tulum, or you’ll celebrate at a church in Miguel De Allende, for example?

But in general, here are some tips to know what outfits to wear and then modify them according to the specific wedding you’re attending in Mexico:

  • Never wear the same colors as the couple and wedding party
  • Avoid outfits that are eye-catching and revealing
  • Consider comfort with your wedding attire, but you can always bring a comfortable pair of shoes and a cover-up 
  • Colorful outfits are usually enjoyed at Mexican weddings
  • Opt for lightweight and breathable fabrics
  • If there is no dress code mentioned, wear something that’s considered semi-formal, smart casual, or dressy casual
  • Ask other wedding guests or someone from the wedding party what outfits to wear 


What Do You Wear To A Beach Wedding As A Guest?

Most ideas on what to wear to a wedding in Cancun are types of beach wedding attire. But even though it’s likely that the couple is having a beach wedding in Cancun, you still want to look appropriate and follow the event’s dress code. 

Some beach Cancun clothes for female guests include maxi or midi dresses, but they can also opt for chic separates or jumpsuits partnered with flats or sandals for comfort at the beach. On the other hand, male guests can wear khakis and buttoned shirts, but they might need to wear a blazer or jacket if it’s a formal beach wedding. 

Shorter attire and barefoot might work for some beach weddings, especially if it’s a laidback event. Since it’s usually hard to come up with a male beach wedding outfit, read our tips on what to wear to a beach wedding men


What Is Island Cocktail Attire?

The Cancun wedding you’ll attend might mention a unique dress code like an island cocktail. And for this, it simply means cocktail or stylish attire between formal and comfortable while also being inspired by the tropical getaway. 

Think of what you’ll wear to a semi-formal beach wedding while keeping the style and formality of an outfit to a cocktail party. 



Was this style guide useful? To recap what to wear to a wedding in Cancun, consider the dress code, venue, and time for your style and comfort. 

You want something that suits the Cancun wedding’s formality while remaining comfortable with the weather on this destination wedding in Mexico. Therefore, the guest outfits can range from maxi dresses, dressy jumpsuits, blazers, buttoned shirts, dress pants, low heels, and boat shoes. 

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