Which Mattress Is Best For Side Sleepers: 3 Types

We will discuss the top three kinds if you want to know which mattress is best for side sleepers. Instead of mentioning specific brands, it’s more beneficial to know the type of mattresses ideal for side sleeping. But if you want a name, continue reading this article because we found the highest-rated side sleeper mattress. 

Before we proceed, why not check this guide on which mattress is best for sleeping? In there, you’ll get a more in-depth explanation for the considerations when choosing a bed, and not just for side sleeping. 

which mattress is best for side sleepers


What Kind Of Mattress Is Best For Side Sleepers?

If you want to know a specific mattress model ideal for side sleepers, it would be the  Nolah Original mattress. The Nolah Original mattress is the best for side sleepers, as proven by the brand’s numerous awards of calling it the Best Mattress For Side Sleepers by Slumber Yard, Sleepopolis, Mattress Clarity, and Tuck. It is essentially a 10-inch mattress made from contouring and breathable foam, high-resilience foam, high-density foam, and cellulosic cover. 

You can also search the market for latex, innerspring, and hybrid mattresses because they are the best types for sleeping on your side.  


  • Latex mattresses

One of the best mattresses to consider if you are a side sleeper is the latex bed. But knowing how much a latex mattress costs, it’s only natural to wonder if the higher price point is worth it. In general, side sleepers will benefit from a latex mattress, especially the Talalay latex type, because it has the right softness to contour against your shoulders and hips. 

By getting some cushioning in these regions of the body, you can ensure a straight posture when you sleep on your side. Furthermore, there are various latex mattresses in the market, so it should be easy to find the ideal firmness for your specific needs and preferences. Consider reading this guide on where to buy latex mattresses to know the best brands. 


  • Memory foam mattresses

The responsiveness of a memory foam mattress will benefit side sleepers that experience shoulder and back pain. While side sleeping is not as detrimental to the body’s pressure points and posture as stomach sleeping, your weight is still transferred on the shoulders and hips. Therefore, you want something to cushion these pressure points, which memory foam can provide. 

Another advantage of selecting a memory foam bed if you sleep on your side is some models use zoned memory foam. This means the manufacturer designed the bed to be softer around the shoulders to relieve pressure but firm enough at the lower body to promote spinal alignment. Here are the best memory foam mattress brands to choose from. 


  • Hybrid mattresses

The versatility of a hybrid mattress is compatible with side sleeping. Hybrid mattresses combine the support of an innerspring and the moldability of a foam bed. Therefore, you will keep your spine neutral when sleeping on your side, but the surface will still cradle your shoulders and hips. 

Hybrid mattresses can use memory foam or latex, so you can also choose the material that you feel most comfortable with. And if you are sharing the bed, it would be best to select a hybrid mattress with individually wrapped coils so you won’t feel motion transfer. After all, side sleepers tend to move a lot throughout the night. 


How To Find The Best Mattress For Side Sleepers

Now that you know the types of beds suitable for side sleepers, you only need to consider two factors to ensure that you will find the best mattress for you. 



Side sleepers need a supportive mattress to ensure that their spine stays aligned. A neutral spine is crucial to avoid body pain and provide a good sleep quality. Side sleepers can achieve the ideal support if they use a mattress that’s contouring on the shoulders and hips, so they won’t sink too deeply nor lie over the bed with a gap underneath these pressure points. 


Pressure relief

Side sleepers are prone to experiencing shoulder and back pain because the position is discouraging a straight posture. The bed might also be pushing against your shoulders and hips, which adds more pressure to these parts. Therefore, select a mattress that isn’t too firm. 


How Firm Should A Mattress Be For A Side Sleeper?

The best mattress firmness for a side sleeper is anywhere from soft to medium-firm. Anything too soft or too stiff won’t provide pressure relief and support. If you check the firmness scale, a bed with a rating of 4 to 6 would be your best option. 

Please check our guide on how to select mattress firmness to understand what a mattress brand means when they call their model soft, medium, or firm. 


What Type Of Mattress Is Best For Side Sleepers With Back Pain?

Side sleepers with back pain can benefit from a memory foam mattress. More specifically, a zoned memory foam mattress should promote a neutral spinal alignment while still providing cushioning on your shoulders and hips. To understand what type of mattress is better for back pain, we have written a thorough review that you can read. 



And that’s it! To recap which mattress is best for side sleepers, you can get a hybrid or a foam mattress. The Nolah foam mattress also has various awards that label it as the best side sleeper mattress. 

We hope this article helped you find an ideal bed for your sleeping position. Feel free to leave us any comments below.


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