Which Mattress Is Better For Back Pain: 3 Best Beds

The answer to which mattress is better for back pain reveals three options. We will discuss how a foam, hybrid, and even an air bed will provide relief if you suffer from back pain. You will also know what to look out for to keep your mattress from being the culprit behind your back pain. 

Speaking of pain and discomfort, you might benefit from the best mattress for fibromyalgia. It’s a condition characterized by body pain, and sleeping can be uncomfortable. 


What Type Of Mattress Is Best For Back Pain?


Foam mattress

The most common type of mattress for back pain is a foam mattress. It can either be made from memory foam or latex, depending on your specific preferences and needs. Nonetheless, a foam bed can be your top choice if you suffer from back pain. 

A foam mattress, especially memory foam, follows the body’s contours, which is excellent for pressure relief. But if you find memory foam too hot, you can also consider a latex foam bed as an alternative. It can also be beneficial to alleviate the discomfort of back pain because you won’t sink too deeply that can worsen the posture when you sleep. 

Are you interested in getting a latex bed? Learn what is the best latex mattress on the market with our helpful article. 


Hybrid mattress

If you don’t want a 100% foam mattress, an excellent consideration to relieve you of back pain is a hybrid mattress. This type of bed has a plush surface, but the coils underneath provide consistent support. Support should be among your priority when selecting a mattress to alleviate back pain because a mattress that contributes to poor sleeping positions worsens back pain

Another advantage of a hybrid mattress for back pain is breathability. You might notice more discomfort on your back if you feel hot, so sleeping on a bed with good airflow can make your nights more manageable. And, of course, the coils on the hybrid mattress offer some bounce to support your movement when switching positions. 


Air mattress

Do you know that an air mattress can be beneficial if you have back pain? While, indeed, this type of bed doesn’t mold according to the sleeper, it’s most significant advantage is its firmness and adjustability. Most air beds have a feature where you can make them firmer or softer quickly. 

Having the ability to customize your sleeping surface will make back pain and body pain more manageable. Just remember to ensure that the air mattress has no holes and it’s holding its structure well. And if you have other issues such as coldness when using the air bed, here is how to stay warm on an air mattress


How Do I Choose A Mattress For Back Pain?


Does it provide good support?

The number one feature to look for if you’re choosing a mattress for back pain is good support. This can be achieved by the ideal structure and firmness of the bed according to your body type and sleeping position. You can test the mattress to support spinal alignment when you lie down, and your muscles are relaxed. 


Does it relieve pressure?

A mattress that is quite soft and allows the body to sink a bit as it follows the curves will be fantastic for alleviating pressure. This feature will depend on the mattress materials and thickness and even how you lie down at night. Remember that your sleeping position also contributes to back health. 


Is A Firm Or Medium Mattress Better For Back Pain?

The best mattress firmness for back pain is medium-firm. Getting a very firm or very soft bed won’t benefit back pain sufferers because the former doesn’t offer pressure relief, while a very soft bed won’t keep the spine neutral. A very hard bed will push your pelvis forward or apply pressure on the shoulder and hips, depending on your position, while a very soft bed can lead to lower back pain because of pressure on the hip joints. 


Does A Mattress Really Help Back Pain?

Your mattress can help with back pain because a poor sleeping posture at night can worsen the condition. If your bed provides the ideal support and pressure relief, you’re also eliminating the strain off your spine that contributes to back pain. However, you still want to use other supports such as pillows to help you keep a neutral back easier. 


How Do I Know If My Mattress Is Causing My Back Pain?

  1. The mattress has dips or sagging portions, which means you’re sleeping surface is now uneven
  2. The bed is lumpy, which means you are not cushioned well for pressure relief
  3. You always wake up with body pain
  4. Your sleep quality is poor
  5. Your bed has surpassed its expected lifespan


We hope you learned helpful tips in this article to help you with your discomfort. But to recap which mattress is better for back pain, your choices include foam, hybrid, and airbed. The main takeaway is to ensure that it will provide pressure relief and comfort. 

Furthermore, always consult your health care provider for more recommendations about your back pain. Your mattress is not the only factor that can affect back pain, so it’s best to find out if there are underlying causes as well. 

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