How Much Is A Latex Mattress: Best Buying Guide

Those who wonder how much is a latex mattress can prepare a budget of more than $1,000, but if there are sales, you might get one for lower. First, we will talk about the expected price range of this mattress type and how much you must pay reasonably. This article also discussed considerations when buying a latex bed. 

If you’re also interested, consider knowing where to buy a latex mattress. Familiarizing yourself with different mattress brands known for latex beds will help you select the model worth the money. 

how much is a latex mattress


How Much Should You Pay For A Good Latex Mattress?

A latex mattress typically costs anywhere from $1,200 to $2,500. This makes the latex mattress noticeably more expensive than your foam mattress made from memory foam or polyurethane foam. However, various brands sometimes have sales, discounts, and promos, so getting a latex bed at a lower cost is possible. 

So how much should you pay for a good latex mattress? You can get somewhere between the expected price range or a model around $1,300 to $1,500. This price point should give you a latex bed made from natural materials and have the certifications to prove it because natural latex will ensure durability and proper support over synthetic or blended latex. 

If you want specific options, here are the best latex mattresses on the market


How do I choose a latex mattress?


Type of latex

A genuine latex mattress uses natural latex foam made from rubber tree sap. However, you might find cheaper latex beds that use synthetic latex foam or blend natural and artificial materials. It’s much better to invest in an actual natural latex mattress to get the benefits of durability and ideal firmness for pressure relief. 

Another way to differentiate latex mattresses is how they are processed. For example, Talalay latex foam feels bouncy, while Dunlop latex foam feels springy because it’s denser. However, both latex types can still come in various firmness ratings. 



The ILD rating is applicable on foam mattresses such as latex. It will help you know how firm or soft the bed is. For example, if you get a latex mattress with an ILD above 31, it will be firm, while those under 25 will feel soft. To understand how ILD works, here is a complete guide about ILD in mattresses.


Company reliability

Much like when buying other mattress types, you have to check the reliability of the mattress company. For example, the trial period can give you how confident the brand is with its product. You can also check the return and warranty policies and how easy it is to contact their customer service. 


How Much Is A Natural Latex Mattress?

A natural latex mattress can cost anywhere between $1,400 to $2,000 and higher. You also have to consider the other materials used in its overall construction and its size. However, do not be discouraged by the priceyness of a natural latex bed because you’ll gain many benefits from it compared to getting a synthetic foam bed. 

For example, natural latex mattresses are usually certified organic with other certifications to prove their eco-consciousness and freedom from chemicals that can potentially harm the environment and human health. Furthermore, natural latex is durable and resistant to mold and dust mites, making this natural bed even more worth the investment. To know more about various models, check out the best natural latex mattress brands


Why Is A Latex Mattress So Expensive?

Latex mattresses are expensive because of the requirements and processes to produce them. For example, you need more than 2,000 rubber trees to have enough sap for a foam core of a queen-size mattress. In addition, the mold for making the mattress itself is also quite pricey. 

Another factor that adds to the high price of a latex bed is the standards that manufacturers have to adhere to during the manufacturing process. This is why you must check the certifications of a latex bed you’re buying. Consider reading this guide on how to buy an organic mattress to help you get the most of your money. 


Is A Latex Mattress Comfortable?

Latex mattresses are comfortable because they are even compared to the contouring material that is memory foam. This means that they will provide pain relief as they cushion the body’s pressure points while staying firm enough to keep your body aligned. Furthermore, manufacturers offer various firmness levels on latex beds, so that you can get the ideal rating for your body type and sleeping position. 


Is A Latex Mattress Worth It?

In general, getting a latex mattress is worth it because it is a natural material that is hypoallergenic and long-lasting. If you’re an eco-conscious individual, it’s the best type of bed to get because even the manufacturing process is eco-friendly. And as a bonus, it is as comfortable as memory foam without synthetic materials and chemicals. 



Did this article answer your questions about buying a latex bed? To recap how much is a latex mattress, it can range from $1,200 to $2,500. The costs during production are the reason why this natural foam bed is pricier than synthetic ones. 

Overall, it’s worth investing in this mattress type because its benefits outweigh its priceyness. You will get something hypoallergenic and eco-friendly while also being pressure-relieving and comfortable for a long time. 

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