Where To Sell Wedding Decor: 6 Best Places

Those unsure where to sell wedding decor can consider the best six places that will guarantee your used wedding decor to sell. We’ve also included what to expect with each place and how to guarantee the purchase of your used decor. 

Furthermore, you’ll know what to do with used wedding decors below. And if you are getting rid of your wedding bands, here’s where to sell wedding rings

where to sell wedding decor


Where To Sell Wedding Decor Plus Tips To Guarantee Buyers


Facebook Marketplace

Everyone has a Facebook account, so why not utilize social media to sell your used bridal decorations? You can sell an item on Facebook Marketplace and have your decorations seen by the public in their Feed and other places off Facebook. 

To sell your wedding item on Marketplace, you need to create a new listing and upload the photo of the decors. Make sure to post enticing photos and describe them well on your item. 

Then, click next and fill out the other needed information before publishing. Best of all, Facebook does not charge sellers when listing their items. 



EBay is a popular place used by different people across the US to earn extra cash while decluttering their homes. And if you have many wedding decors left from the wedding, or perhaps you want to earn a living with DIY wedding decorations you make yourself, try this site. 

You’ll register as an eBay seller, so understand that you must be verified via your credit or debit card details without any charge. You can also sell internationally if you have a Paypal account and manage to confirm your identity for the protection of buyers and sellers alike. 

Use the price used by other eBay sellers who sold wedding decorations to describe your listing, what category to use, and if they sold it with a fixed price or auction style. Then, remember that your item can be listed for 1, 3, 5, 7, or 10 days and check eBay fees to know what to expect when using them for selling.  



Despite the many online platforms and marketplaces, buyers still frequent Craigslist. If you know how to sell on Craigslist effectively, you may earn nicely with your wedding decoration listing. 

Another advantage of Craiglist compared to other selling platforms is that it’s simple and minimalistic. There are no selling fees, and it’s relatively straightforward to see your item to potential buyers.

The only requirement is you must always manage your post because it’s only listed for seven days. You may even be required to create an account if you constantly repost and edit your listing for your wedding decorations.



Did you know that you can use your phone to sell wedding decor? Poshmark has an app that is intuitive to use for listing an item. 

While Poshmark is famous for selling designer clothing, you will also find decorations such as table decor for the wedding in their market. And if you prefer to use the web, it’s easy to list an item through their website. 

What if you have a used wedding dress? Here’s how to sell a wedding dress on Poshmark



Tradesy is among the top marketplaces for wedding needs. And if you have some wedding decorations, why not earn some extra by selling them?

You can sell wedding decorations and not just designer goods on Tradesy. As of this writing, there are unbranded wedding decorations on Tradesy like tablecloths and table runners. 

Once your item sells, you’ll ship it to the buyer, and Tradesy may hold your earnings for up to seven days for security reasons. Then, transfer the money to your checking account, debit card, or Paypal once the transaction is completed. 


Wedding Recycle

Wedding Recycle is a specific marketplace to sell wedding items and other bridal necessities. It’s specifically designed for selling used items, including wedding decorations. 

Wedding Recycle was founded by a wife who realized there should be a marketplace with a target audience of engaged couples. You’ll sell directly from their website with your computer or phone. 

As a new seller, you’ll have three free listings, and you’ll have to buy the following listings after using them all. As for getting paid with the item you listed, you’ll use Trustap for a secure transaction or opt for cash when meeting the buyer in person. 


How Much Should You Sell Wedding Decorations For?

The best way to determine the price when you sell wedding decor in different markets is by checking other listings of a similar item. The same tip applies if you make wedding decorations, which means you sell new items.  

But to guarantee satisfaction for the buyer and seller, 50% of the original retail price is reasonable when selling used wedding decorations. If it’s branded or in excellent condition, you can also offer a 20% discount from its actual price. 


How Do I Get Rid Of My Wedding Stuff?

  • Sell them on different online market platforms
  • Offer them to relatives and friends who are engaged
  • Reuse some wedding items as household items
  • Deconstruct wedding items and recycle their usable parts
  • If they’re broken beyond usage, know the proper way of disposing of your stuff



And that’s it! To recap where to sell wedding decor, try Facebook Marketplace, eBay, Craigslist, Poshmark, Tradesy, and Wedding Recycle. 

Check the similar listings to your decorations to know the best price for selling them. And, of course, make sure to transact safely with potential buyers. 

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