How To Sell Wedding Dress On Poshmark

If you want to know how to sell wedding dress on Poshmark, you will list it using their app. Then, we’ll guide you step by step below to help you sell your wedding dress fast.

And speaking of selling wedding dresses, continue reading this guide for the best places to sell them and how much you can sell your dress for. Alternatively, here’s what to do with an old wedding dress


How To Sell Wedding Dress On Poshmark App

Selling wedding dresses on Poshmark can be done by listing the dress on the Poshmark app. Follow these steps according to their support center:

  1. Open the Poshmark app
  2. Take a photo of your wedding dress; make sure that you’re lighting, and angles are optimal to make it more enticing to potential buyers
  3. Take and upload as many photos as you want, especially if you’re going to highlight the details and style of the wedding dress
  4. You can upload up to 16 photos per listing on Poshmark
  5. Give your listing a title; you can indicate if it’s a used or unused wedding dress
  6. Use the description to describe your dress further; you can discuss the designer, materials, size, and when it was used
  7. Put the price on your wedding dress
  8. Tap “Next” on the app
  9. You can also share the wedding dress listing to friends to reach more potential buyers
  10. Tap “List” to finish
  11. Feel free to edit your listing as needed 


Can you sell wedding dresses on Poshmark via the web?

If you don’t want to use the Poshmark app, you can also list your wedding dress on the web using these steps:

  • Log first into the Poshmark app as this is needed even when making a listing on the web
  • Click Sell on Poshmark at the top right corner when you open Poshmark’s website on your browser
  • Make sure you have your wedding dress photos on your computer, then drag them inside the dotted box 
  • You can also click the “Upload photos” option and select multiple images at a time
  • Fill in the description, price, and other information for your wedding dress
  • Select “Next” and finish listing your wedding dress


Do Wedding Dresses Sell Well On Poshmark?

Many users praise their experience selling their wedding dresses on Poshmark. It’s also one of the best places to sell your wedding dress because there is no listing fee. 

The shipping cost is variable, and Poshmark isn’t as picky as other places for listing. You can sell mall and designer brands, but expect a 20% flat fee for commission. 

Another reason you must consider Poshmark to sell wedding dresses is that the app is straightforward. You can upload many photos; from there, you’ll type in the details. 

If you know how the buyers experience Poshmark custom filters, your dress is likely to be seen by shoppers. You can also use the app to communicate with shoppers interested in buying your wedding gown. 

What to do after the wedding gown sells? First, you will print the pre-addressed and pre-paid label, then choose whether you schedule a free pick-up or drop the package in a mailbox. 


How Much Can I Sell My Wedding Dress For?

It’s essential to know the resale value when you sell bridal gowns to get the most out of your listing. To sell wedding dresses reasonably, understand that you won’t get the original purchase price of your bridal outfit. 

If it’s less than two years old, you can list your wedding gown for 50 percent of its original price. But, of course, designer pieces from well-known designers can be sold at a higher price, up to 70% of their retail value. 

A sure way to sell wedding dresses for a reasonable price is to start your wedding dress resale as early as possible. If it’s over two and a half years old, it might be sold for under 50% of its original price, even lower if its condition dwindles from poor wedding dress preservation


How Can I Sell My Wedding Dress Quickly?

Besides knowing the best places to sell wedding dresses with reasonable commission fees and listing fees, here are some tips to get your wedding gown sold as soon as possible:

  • Post your listing on social media
  • Ask your relatives and friends to spread the word
  • Try offering the wedding dress to your colleagues and acquaintances
  • Ask your husband and children to help with listing and advertising the dress
  • Take good photos of your wedding dress to highlight its details and features
  • Make sure your wedding dress is preserved nicely
  • Offer reasonable freebies like accessories or free shipping 
  • Consider free delivery if the buyer’s location is convenient relative to your area


Best Place To Sell Wedding Dress

Selling wedding dresses is possible nowadays thanks to different stores:

  • Nearly Newlywed: has a $20 listing fee, but you’ll get 70% of the dress’ final price
  • Tradesy: best place for selling designer wedding dresses with a 20% commission fee but covers costs for shipping and returns

And as for buyers, read when do wedding dresses go on sale to know the best time to purchase. 



Was this guide helpful? To recap how to sell wedding dress on Poshmark, you can use their app to upload photos and describe your free listing. 

Then, you expect a 20% fee for commission, and once your bridal gown sells, you can schedule a pick-up or drop it in the mail.  

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