How To Decorate For A Wedding Shower: Budget-Friendly

There are six ways to consider if you don’t know how to decorate for a wedding shower. These ideas also apply for bridal and bro-dal showers if you have separate celebrations for the bride and groom. 

We’ve also included other bridal shower FAQs that you can apply to wedding showers. But besides knowing what decor to use, here’s who plans the wedding shower

how to decorate for a wedding shower


Best Ideas If You Don’t Know How To Decorate For A Wedding Shower


  • Signs and banners

Wedding showers are fun and upbeat, so these emotions should be shown through the decorations when planning the shower. Like bridal shower decorations, you can have banners welcoming the bride and groom or countdown signs to the wedding. 

You can DIY these decorations, especially if you and the wedding party enjoy crafts. You can combine the couple’s names or create wedding symbol decorations of hearts and doves. 

Another option for banners is to use puns and quirky phrases. You can use the couple’s interests to have an idea of the theme. 


  • Backdrops

When brainstorming bridal shower ideas, the layout of the room for the party comes to mind. But, as the hosts, you don’t need to spend for a venue to throw your family or friend a memorable wedding shower. 

You can decorate and style up a living room or backyard to save on venue rental costs. The secret is using backdrops like fabrics or wooden panels to define the space. 

Since it’s a wedding shower that combines the bride and groom, do not limit yourselves with bridal shower decoration ideas for the backdrop design. Instead, ensure that the couple’s favorite colors and interests are combined in your fabric and the choice of detail for the backdrop. 


  • Photos of the couple

Did you know that you can use the couple’s pictures as decorations? A trend nowadays with bridal shower decorations that you can apply to wedding shower decors is using pictures as decors. 

You can clip them on twine garlands or have their frames around the shower venue. You can also decorate mason jars with lights and photos of the couple for a more personalized feel. 

A fun idea you can do is to print polaroids of the couple and build a wall where guests can leave their messages to the engaged couple. Then, you are free to get as imaginative and creative in using their pictures as decors. 


  • Table decorations

Decorating for the wedding shower is not limited to styling the area. For example, even though wedding showers are unlikely to serve a full-course meal to the guests, it would also be more comfortable to have tables. 

You might have a cocktail-type wedding shower where you’d have tables for the standing guests. Use this opportunity to use centerpieces with bridal shower decorating. 

You can also use tableware and drinkware to match the theme of the bride and groom. Table cloths and runners can instantly elevate the wedding shower venue, especially when planning the color scheme. 


  • Decorative foods

You can hit two birds with one stone using edible wedding shower decorations. Why not serve bride and groom cupcakes and other sweet treats with a bridal theme?

Similar to the classic bridal shower decor of having a themed cake, you can combine what to expect in a bridal and bro-dal shower when deciding on the cake for the wedding shower. But besides sweets, the food you’ll serve should also be enticing to look at, and it can make the event look chicer. 


  • Flowers and balloons

To finish off your ideas to decorate for a wedding shower, you can go classic by using flowers and balloons. Of course, you don’t need to go overboard with these details, but they can enhance the venue and introduce variety to the eyes. 

Use your wedding shower palette to guide what flowers and balloons to get. But, again, never overfill the space with these decors, as you still want the guests to move around and use the venue comfortably.   


What Pictures Should Be Displayed At A Bridal Shower?

Whether it’s a bridal shower or wedding shower, one of the best ideas to decorate the space and make it look more personal is by displaying photos as wedding shower decoration. You’ll select the pictures of the couple where you’d think they look themselves the best. 

They can be candid shots, their trips together, or even funny photos from years ago. You can even have a slideshow telling their love story, beginning with their childhood photos. 

Of course, you can include photos of the two with friends and family. Just be creative with displaying them as garlands or inside interesting jars. 


How Can I Decorate My Bridal Shower Cheap?

Here are some tips to save on decorations. These are applicable not just for bridal shower decorations, but also for the bro-dal party or wedding party:

  • Consider DIY decorations such as the backdrop, banners, and stationery
  • Use faux flowers
  • Reuse some household items as decors
  • Use a backyard or living room instead of renting a venue for the bridal shower

Regarding budgeting for the decor when planning the wedding shower, you might want to read the etiquette of who pays for the wedding shower



And that’s it! You just learned how to decorate for a wedding shower with essential decorations: banners, signs, backdrops, photos, table decors, decorative foods, flowers, and balloons. 

Ultimately, remember that it’s a wedding shower, so the bridesmaids, groomsmen, maid of honor, and best man can work together in decorating. They know the bride and groom best, so it should be easy to create a theme. 

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