Where Can I Rent An Arch For My Wedding: Best 4 Places

Consider four places if you don’t know where can I rent an arch for my wedding. Then, we will compare different wedding arch rental companies and places to help you find your dream wedding arch. 

You will also find out if it’s worth it to get a wedding arch rental versus making one yourself. Or, if you want, you can check where to buy wedding arch if you think you can use the arch for other events besides weddings as well. 

where can i rent an arch for my wedding


Best Wedding Arch Rentals: Exactly Where Can I Rent An Arch For My Wedding



One of the best rentals you can try for different types of wedding arches includes posts on Etsy. You can find different prices for wedding arch rentals to match your wedding budget. 

As of this writing, you can rent an arch from Etsy for only $65. You can get a hexagonal wedding arbor if you’re from New York or New Jersey. 

If you can’t return your wedding arch, you will pay $25 every 24 hours. Of course, you can compare different wedding arches you can rent, especially those located near your venue, for reasonable shipping costs. 


Abbey Party Rents

Another place you can have wedding rentals for arches and other wedding needs is Abbey Party RentsThey are located in San Diego, and the wedding arches they offer range from $81 to over $200. 

One of the priciest wedding arches is a rustic arch, but they also offer metal, iron, and bamboo arches to help you get the style that suits your wedding venue and theme. However, there are no reviews readily available for viewing when you click on the arches on their website.

Abbey Party Rents have been in the business for over 60 years, and you can contact them to place your order at their stores in San Diego or East County. You will get the estimate when you call them, and you can also visit them if you prefer to transact in person.  


Blue Blossom Rentals

Another wedding arch rental company you can try is Blue Blossom Rentals which is located in Indiana. The gorgeous decorated arches range from $250 to $850, and you can view their Instagram account if you want to see their photos. 

However, understand that they do not offer custom floral arrangements, but they are willing to add colored flowers in addition to the existing decors of each arch. So how do you rent from Blue Blossom Rentals?

You can choose your wedding date from their calendar and fill in the information needed at checkout. Remember that the pickup time should be no later than 9 pm, and the delivery should be within 20 miles of their warehouse, or otherwise, these conditions will incur additional fees. 


The Wedding Arches

If you’re around Florida, consider The Wedding Arches to rent your arches. What’s fantastic with this company is they specialize in customized arches for rental so you can get your dream decor specific to your venue theme and wedding style. 

You can contact them by filling out their form and stating your venue and ceremony site. They also have an Instagram account if you want to see their arches. 

As of this writing, there is not much information on the specific arches they offer if you only browse their website. However, if interested, we encourage you to message them or browse their social media page. 


How Much Is It To Make A Wedding Arch?

Compared to renting a wedding arch which can cost anywhere from $80 to over $200, would you save more on expenses if you make the wedding arch yourself? If you make it yourself, you are looking to spend $250 to $400 for a wedding arch. 

The materials you’ll use, features to stabilize it, and the decors to make it more bridal all affect the final cost of the DIY wedding arch. However, there are cheap ready-to-built arches that you can always decorate with fabrics and gorgeous floral arrangements without needing to break the bank. 

If you want an easy DIY tutorial, read how to make a wedding arch out of branches instead of considering an arch rental. 


Do You Need An Archway For A Wedding?

There are no rules that you should rent, buy, or make an arch for your wedding ceremony. However, it’s a classic wedding backdrop that instantly elevates the venue. 

Some wedding venues also have an arbor to serve as a photo spot for guests. Otherwise, you can try other wedding backdrops like pillars, tents, or canopy.  


What Can I Use Instead Of An Arch At A Wedding?

Choose among these wedding arch alternatives; depending on the venue type, you must know how to install them securely.

  • Fabric backdrop
  • Photo backdrop
  • Rustic backdrop
  • Wedding tent
  • Wedding canopy
  • Wedding pillars
  • Decorated altar



And that’s it! You can learn where can I rent an arch for my wedding by considering Etsy, Abbey Party Rents, Blue Blossom Rentals, and The Wedding Arches. 

We hope you’ve also realized the best choice between renting and making your wedding arch according to your wedding budget. And if you have any more wedding decor questions; feel free to browse our blog for guides and tutorials. 

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