Where Can I Host A Baby Shower For Free

If you’re unsure where can I host a baby shower for free, try five surprising venues. We’ll discuss each space to help you decide if it’s the ideal location for your event.

We’ve also included a guide to help hosts know the factors to consider when choosing a baby shower venue. And for a more general list of places for the party, consider checking our discussion of where to host a baby shower

where can i host a baby shower for free


Where Can I Host A Baby Shower For Free: 5 Surprising Venues!


At your home

Your home is the best and most affordable place to host the baby shower. It is affordable because you don’t need to book this location, and your budget will only go to the party’s decorations, rentals, games, and food. 

If you have a backyard or garden, it will make the ideal space to have your family and friends because you don’t need many decorations as with an indoor venue. You can also maximize your existing patio or gazebo for the baby shower. 

Alternatively, you can talk with the guest of honor if they want to host the event at their place. You’re still responsible for preparing the baby shower venue, but the party will happen at the expecting parents’ home. 


Local parks

Another potentially free place to host your baby shower guests is your local park. Its location is easy to access by people attending the event, and the space won’t need decorations as it’s already picturesque. 

Some local parks even offer picnic areas and centers specifically for events. Some might only require a fee for the permit, but those that ask for a fee would still be cheaper than a party venue. 

For example, if you live in Los Angeles, you can search the LA County Park for picnicking shelters for the baby shower. You can host the event with your guests in one of their picnicking shelters, but remember to make a reservation in advance. 


Local beaches

Besides parks, if there is a nearby beach in your place, it’s a potentially free or affordable venue for the baby shower. People will surely enjoy the sand and waves, and the beach offers many creative opportunities for baby shower games and photoshoots.

But similar to parks, make sure to check with the regulations and rules. You’ll likely need a permit, and there’s only a specific space on the beach for the party. 

Be considerate and remember that local beaches and parks are public. Remind your guests of what they shouldn’t do in these venues. 


Local church

Some churches have a space for gatherings that they might offer for free or for a small fee. The place might even include chairs and tables for your guests. 

You don’t need to be a member to rent some church spaces, but remember to donate if the venue is accessible. And of course, ask about the place’s rules regarding decorations and the time you can rent the space. 


Local community spaces and centers

Most local communities have spaces and renters that might be free or can be rented for a small fee. Local community centers might even have amenities like kitchens and restrooms for the party’s convenience. 

If you live in an apartment building, you can also check if you can reserve the clubhouse for the baby shower. And for added convenience, don’t forget to ask if the place offers clean-up services. 

For example, Seattle has many community centers suitable for different numbers of guests. Their Ballard community center has a room that can accommodate 20 people. 


How Long Can The Location Be Used For The Baby Shower?

A baby shower can last between two to four hours, so keep this in mind when reserving and renting any venue. You also want to include the time for set-up and clean-up or ask the location if they have services. 

Some venues might offer packages where the additional hours for the shower would incur a lower fee. And if the space is only usable for a limited period, remember to plan the party accordingly so you wouldn’t go over the reserved usage period of the location. 


What Are Some Things To Consider When Choosing A Location To Host A Baby Shower?

  • Set a budget for the baby shower and allocate 30 to 40% of the funding for the venue and food
  • Choose a location that’s accessible by all guests
  • Select a place that’s ideal for the baby shower theme and games
  • Consider venues that include vendors like the food, decoration, photographer, or set-up
  • The venue should be comfortable for all the guests (e.g., how much space is available, are parking and restrooms close, is the room comfortable for senior or mobility-impaired guests?)


Can You Have A Baby Shower At A Hotel?

Some hosts throw their baby shower at a hotel. It might be a cost-effective venue since some hotel rooms are offered at reasonable rates, depending on the season.

There are also hotels with specific spaces for different sizes of events. 



And that’s it! To recap where can I host a baby shower for free, try: your home, parks, beaches, churches, or community centers.

Some are free or would only require a small fee than event spaces. But if most guests are long-distance or the budget is limited, why not have an online party?

Read how to host a virtual baby shower to know more. 


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