How To Put Together A Baby Shower Gift Basket

It’s really easy to learn how to put together a baby shower gift basket, so we’ll guide you on what items to put on and how to choose the gift basket for the baby shower gifts. 

You’ll also know how to stack the gifts inside the basket and how to wrap them for the baby shower. And speaking of wrapping things, you may also want to know how to wrap baby shower gifts, not just the baby gift basket. 

how to put together a baby shower gift basket

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How To Put Together A Baby Shower Gift Basket


Decide on the items to put

Start deciding on the items or gifts you’ll put in the baby gift basket. It would be best to set a budget for things you’ll buy and consider if you’ll mix baby essentials and gifts for the expecting parents. 

Some everyday baby shower gift items include essentials like wipes, diapers, clothes, toys, bibs, socks, onesies, baby bath needs, and blankets. You can also have goodies for the expecting mom or dad, like a gift certificate for the spa, as extra gifts they’ll surely appreciate. 

Another tip when putting together a baby shower gift basket is to consider baby things that can be used long-term. Perhaps you’ll give different sizes of onesies or diapers or provide enough wipes or diapers for a month. 


Choose the basket

After you have the items to put in the baby gift basket, decide on the type of basket you’ll use for the gifts. You can never go wrong with the classic wicker basket, as it suits any baby shower theme and gender. 

You can also easily decorate the handle with stuffed toys or ribbons to make it more fitting for the baby shower. But of course, pick a basket shape and size that matches the number of things you’ll put inside so it would look full. 

Another option is reusable containers instead of a literal basket. For example, the expecting mom and dad can reuse a tote or diaper bag while traveling with baby essentials. 


What Do You Fill The Bottom Of A Gift Basket With?

It’s crucial to pick the right size and shape of baby gift basket relative to the gifts you’ll put inside. The more fill you’ll need, then the higher the budget you’ll spend for the baby shower gift basket. 

You also don’t want the items to constantly shift and move around because there is excess space in the gift basket. Then, line the basket with scrunched raffia, not just to keep the gifts from shifting but also for aesthetics. 

An alternative to raffia is shredded tissue paper, and you can even select different colors for the baby shower theme or baby’s gender. You can layer these fillers at the bottom and sides of the baby shower gift basket along with the other items, baby essentials, and toys.

But what if you have no choice and your basket is too big for the gifts? You can always fill it with padding or opt for large essentials like a blanket, pillow, teddy bear, or baby clothing. 


How Do You Wrap A Baby Shower Gift Basket?

  1. Place the tulle or any wrapper on a table and put the gift basket in the middle 
  2. Ensure that there you have 10 to 12 inches of tulle on either side of the basket 
  3. Lift the long sides of the tulle up and fold the short sides in
  4. Lift the front and back sections and press them against the gift basket, so they meet the top sides and the sides of the tulle are sticking out
  5. Pull the sides of the wrapper taut, so they slightly overlap in the middle and tape them on the bottom of the gift basket  
  6. Fold the front edges to the back and back edges to the front and crease their bottom edges, similar to making a box wrapper
  7. Bring the back flap in and fold the front flap over it to form V-shaped side creases 
  8. Tape the front flaps in place
  9. Pull the tulle at the top of the gift basket taut and cinch 
  10. Secure the tulle with tape, then cover it with a bow to finish
  11. Inspect the wrapped basket and tape the awkward parts for a neater baby shower gift


How Do You Stack Items In A Gift Basket?

  • Classify the large and short items
  • Classify the small and big or voluminous items
  • Put the tall items behind the basket and the small gifts in front
  • Start with the big and voluminous items, then fill the spaces with the smaller things
  • Stack smaller items on top of one another if there is no more space for them 
  • Use fillers like paper or raffia to keep the items from shifting 

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And that’s it! To recap how to put together a baby shower gift basket, start with deciding on the items and picking the gift basket. 

Arrange the items accordingly and add fillers, so the basket has no empty spaces. Then, wrap it with tulle or any material that suits the baby shower theme. 

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