When To Renew Wedding Vows: Ultimate Guide

If you’re unsure when to renew wedding vows, your marriage milestones will be the best example of this touching ceremony. But ultimately, there is no right or wrong time to renew your vows. 

To further know everything about wedding vows, expectations, and what to do, we recommend continuing to read below. And if you want an alternative way to celebrate your anniversary, consider a trip and refer to where to go for wedding anniversary

when to renew wedding vows


When Do You Renew Wedding Vows: Complete Vow Renewal Guide


Significant wedding anniversaries

The best time to have your marriage vow renewal is on a significant milestone anniversary. The most popular times are on the 10th and 25th wedding anniversaries since these are considered exceptional. 

Nowadays, marriages typically last under eight years, so anniversaries beyond this expected marriage lifespan are worthy of grand celebrations. So instead of gift-giving or having a date, why not renew your wedding vows to each other?


Any time you want

However, there is no right or wrong time to renew your vows because it can be anytime if you feel like it. Some couples even have wedding vow renewals on their 5th year anniversary. 

If you feel like your relationship has gone through different challenges and achievements, then it’s the perfect time to renew your vows, regardless if it’s an even or odd-numbered wedding anniversary. Vow renewals are for reaffirming your commitment to your spouse, and they can also be the cause for a celebration as you’ve been together for many years. 


When you want your dream wedding

Some couples may have preferred to have a simple ceremony or get married in the courthouse. And over the years, they may feel like they deserve a big wedding day. 

So if you have the time and budget to have your dream grand wedding finally, then it can also be when you renew your wedding vows. You don’t need to worry about the legalities and other requirements, so planning your wedding version 2.0 will be less stressful. 


What Year Of Marriage Do You Renew Your Vows?


10th, 25th, 50th wedding anniversaries

There is no correct or wrong marriage year to renew your vows, but the most popular times include the major milestone anniversaries. Most couples renew their vows on the 10th, 25th, or 50th wedding anniversaries as they are recognized as significant anniversaries.

Other anniversaries are celebrated more simply, while these significant periods are famous for grand gestures, vacations, and wedding vow renewal. What makes them even more perfect for wedding vow renewals is a lot has changed between the couple.


Why have your vows renewed on a major wedding anniversary?

You can look back on how you’ve really committed to the vows you said at your ceremony. Then, you can modify and make your renewed vows more fitting to the people you’ve grown into today. 

It’s also common for older couples to have a back-in-time wedding where they recreate their first wedding. These celebrations are perfect for vow renewals to make the ceremony even more sentimental. 

Speaking of major milestones, here is what is the 25th wedding anniversary gift if you’ve reached this praiseworthy period. 


How Long Should You Wait To Renew Vows?

You don’t need to wait too long to renew your vows, even if most couples have theirs on their 10th wedding anniversary onwards. A wedding vow renewal can happen as early as the day after. 

But of course, the more time you’ll wait to have your vows renewed, the more you can reflect on the marriage milestones. If anything spectacular happens in any year of the marriage, it can even call for a wedding row renewal to celebrate it. 


How Often Do You Renew Your Wedding Vows?

Renewing your vows can be as often as you and your spouse want. It can even happen every time you reach a major marriage milestone. 

For example, you can conduct your wedding vow renewal every 5 or 10 years. You can also consider the celebration after your children graduated college or when you passed a difficult life period. 


What Do I Need To Do To Renew My Wedding Vows?

Renewing your vows is not as stressful as planning the wedding because you don’t need to do many tasks. Here are some things you will need to renew your wedding vows with flying colors:

  • No legalities are needed because you won’t need a license, registered officiant, or even a witness; however, you still want someone to officiate the vow renewal ceremony 
  • Vow renewals aren’t expensive, but please set a budget according to your guest number, attire, venue, decors, photographer, and caterer
  • Book a location for your wedding vow renewal early on to secure it; it can be anywhere and as formal or casual as you like
  • You can choose to send ceremony invitations, but you can personally invite the guests if it’s an intimate vow renewal
  • Shop for vow renewal outfits with your spouse
  • Secure a photographer
  • Prepare your vows and plan the program



And that’s it! We just learned when to renew wedding vows, which can be any time you feel like it’s good to reaffirm your commitment to each other. 

Commonly, vow renewals can occur on significant marriage milestones like the 10th and 25th wedding anniversary. However, it can happen any time after your wedding day. 

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