What Is The 25th Wedding Anniversary Gift And Symbols

Those curious about what is the 25th wedding anniversary gift can consider silver, which is this wedding anniversary’s traditional symbol. Since there are too many wedding anniversary gifts you can assume from silver, we’ll share below the best ones you can give to your partner, or perhaps to a couple who’s been married together for 25 years. 

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what is the 25th wedding anniversary gift


What Is The Traditional Gift For A 25th Wedding Anniversary?

The traditional gift for 25 years of marriage is silver. But did you know that silver is also the modern wedding anniversary gift?

Silver is fitting for this marriage milestone because of its strength and beauty. It represents the resilience of the lasting relationship and can even be viewed as the reward for such commitment. 

You can go the traditional route and give your spouse silver jewelry on your 25th wedding anniversary. It can also be the theme if you’re having a wedding anniversary party to commemorate 25 years of love.


What To Get For 25th Wedding Anniversary?

There are many silver anniversary gifts to consider as you’re not limited to only giving a silver necklace or ring to your spouse. You can also consider the color silver for a watch, home decor, cookware, glassware sets, personalized frames, or a visit to a silversmith. 

However, please note that you shouldn’t only choose silver or silver-colored items when giving a gift for the silver wedding anniversary. Like any other long-term couple, you probably have an idea of a sentimental item, trip, or activity unique to your partner. 

Twenty-five years of marriage is indeed a milestone as it’s more common nowadays to only last about 8 years in the US. Your spouse might appreciate a more thoughtful gift rather than following the tradition. 


What Can I Buy My Husband For Our 25th Wedding Anniversary?

Try these silver anniversary gift ideas for your husband:

  • Silver wristwatch
  • Silver cufflinks
  • Silver luggage
  • Silver sculpture
  • Silver-colored sports equipment


What To Get Wife For The 25th Wedding Anniversary?

If you’re out of ideas on what to give your wife as the 25th wedding anniversary gift, try these options:

  • Silver locket
  • Silver charms
  • Silver pendant
  • Silver engraved ring
  • Silver flowers
  • Silver-colored makeup palettes

Alternatively, why not celebrate your 25th wedding anniversary by going on a date, weekend vacation, or doing an activity with your partner? Instead of giving gifts and calling it a day, the silver wedding anniversary is the perfect milestone to try hobbies, places, and activities that you and your partner put on hold. 

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What Is The 25th Wedding Anniversary?

The 25th wedding anniversary is the silver wedding anniversary. Silver is both the traditional and non-traditional symbol of this marriage milestone, which is why it’s often the gift given to commemorate the anniversary. 


Are 25 years of marriage special?

Twenty-five years of marriage is unique as you’re essentially married to your spouse for more than two decades. That is an achievement as most marriages nowadays can’t even last one decade.

You just proved your commitment, love, and loyalty to each other, and it can even be inspirational to younger newlyweds to see couples lasting for 25 years. Therefore, it’s only fitting to give your spouse a gift and celebrate it either alone or with loved ones. 


What stone is for the 25th wedding anniversary?

The least popular symbol for the 25th wedding anniversary is its gemstone, the tsavorite. Yet, this gorgeous green stone is thought to help discover the beauty within yourself and others. 

While this makes tsavorite a potentially sentimental gift, it is rare, so silver is more commonly given for the 25th wedding anniversary. 


What color is for the 25th wedding anniversary?

Silver is also the 25th wedding anniversary color. Therefore, you can consider this classy and sparkly color as the theme for your wedding anniversary party. 

Silver can easily complement other colors, so it should be easy to build a color scheme for the party. You can also consider silver-colored items as gifts for your spouse, such as appliances, makeup, and other beautiful but practical things. 


What flower is for the 25th wedding anniversary?

Iris is the flower for the 25th wedding anniversary. So for husbands celebrating this marriage duration with their wives, you can also give them iris bouquets besides a piece of silver jewelry.

Irises suit the 25th wedding anniversary because it is known to symbolize trust and hope: two essential qualities to sustain a healthy long-term relationship. Furthermore, these flowers are easy to grow, so why not have them in your garden to commemorate your 25 years of marriage? 



And that’s it! We just found out what is the 25th wedding anniversary gift, which is silver. Silver is both the modern and traditional gift for this marriage milestone, and it’s even the color for this anniversary. 

As for gift ideas, you can give items made from silver or in silver color. Nonetheless, feel free to provide any sentimental gift, even if it’s not silver, since thoughtful presents are always more significant. 

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