What To Do With Wedding Cards: Try These 3 Ideas

Those who don’t know what to do with wedding cards can consider three projects. First, this article shares ideas to keep the cards with sentimental value or projects for those who love crafts and arts. 

We will also discuss what to do with RSVP cards and how to keep your invitation cards safe. And for other wedding projects and tips, consider browsing our blog for more ideas.

what to do with wedding cards

For example, you might be interested in how to make acrylic wedding invitations. It’s surprisingly easy, especially with some hacks. 


What To Do With Wedding Cards After The Wedding


Store the wedding cards

One of the best things you can do with wedding cards is to store them safely. This way, you can always reminisce about the special occasion, including the ones you got when you attended the weddings of friends and family. 

An easy storage solution for wedding cards is a binder. You only need to get the correct size for your wedding cards to ensure that you can keep them safe.

Another storage option for wedding cards is a simple box or tin. You can even add other small items from the wedding, label each storage to know whose wedding you attended, and decorate the storage exterior for added aesthetics.  


Display the wedding cards

Weddings cards are often visually appealing, which makes them ideal as displays as well. Place the card on a photo frame and allocate some space around it for decorations. 

Think of it as a page of a scrapbook where you will design around the card. It would make fantastic memorabilia from your wedding day. 

Have you also kept the flowers from the wedding? Among the things you can do with a dried wedding bouquet are pressed flowers, and you can use them to decorate the wedding card display. 


Make artwork with the wedding cards

Wedding cards, much like other paper pieces, would be useful for arts and crafts. You can use the card’s design for other projects such as collages, scrapbooks, or even as an added personalized detail on your other invitations and gifts. 

There are various ornaments made from paper that you can also do with wedding cards. Since you don’t need them to stay intact for these crafts, you can combine various pieces from wedding cards into a single project. 

A repurposed wedding card would also make a fantastic additional anniversary gift to your spouse. Consider putting it in a locket or keychain, and both of you can take a trip down memory lane by seeing the card you’ve used for your wedding die. 


What Do You Do With RSVP Cards?

As a guest, it might be confusing if you don’t know how to respond after receiving an RSVP card. Here is the complete RSVP etiquette to help you fill out the response card:

  1. Locate the “M” on the response card and write the complete title and full name of all the invited guests, including your plus one
  2. If you can’t attend the wedding, you can use the space beside the “M” to kindly notify the bride and groom
  3. Do not add a plus one if the invitation envelope did not indicate for it
  4. If the invitation does not include your children’s names, this means they’re not included as well
  5. Make sure to mind your penmanship so the bride and groom can read your writing easily
  6. Some cards include entrée options, so make sure to note if you’re allergic to certain food items
  7. Reply to the RSVP card as soon as you can 


How Do I Turn My Wedding Card Into A Book?

  1. Repurpose a planner, notebook, or even an old book to serve as the cover of the wedding card keepsake booklet 
  2. Take off the pages of the repurposed booklet, so you’re left with the cover, or leave a couple of pages to create pockets for other mementos related to the wedding
  3. Organize the wedding cards according to size and make sure that they will fit neatly within the book
  4. Hole punch the wedding cards, then bind them with ribbon
  5. Check the tightness of the ribbon so you can turn the pages without ruining them
  6. Attach the card pages into the book and decorate the cover accordingly 
  7. Another option to construct the wedding card book is to bind everything, including the cover, with binding rings


How Do You Keepsake Cards?

  1. Organize your cards by year, occasion, and sentiment so you can decide on how to keep them
  2. It’s acceptable to discard the generic cards to save on clutter in your home
  3. For cards that you must dispose of but still have some sentimental value, take their pictures for a long-lasting memento
  4. Some cards can be framed or arranged as displays, depending on their design and sentimentality
  5. If displaying some cards will look out of place in the house, you can just keep them stored inside boxes
  6. Find a storage space that is acid-free and put it somewhere safe from dust, humidity, and sunlight 



And that’s it! In this article, we learned what to do with wedding cards instead of throwing them away. 

Consider storing them to relive memories in the upcoming years or even displaying the cards tastefully in your home. The other option is to upcycle the cards into other arts and crafts that might make perfect anniversary gifts for your spouse.

We hope this guide gave you many ideas; leave us a question if you have any. 


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