What Does A Black Wedding Dress Mean

If you’re curious about what does a black wedding dress mean, you can associate it with individuality and power. Then, we will talk more about the symbolism of choosing this color for the wedding dress. 

On the contrary, consider reading what is a white wedding. You will discover why white is more traditional than black, especially as a color for the wedding dress. 

what does a black wedding dress mean


What Is The Meaning Of A Black Wedding Dress?

A black wedding dress symbolizes power, confidence,  individuality, and mysteriousness. These characteristics also come hand in hand with strength, independence, and modernity. 

A bride who chooses to wear a black wedding dress can be viewed as someone who’s not afraid to reject the norm. She is also not afraid to express herself while exhibiting mysteriousness.

If these characteristics describe you or you want to feel empowered on your special day, then a black dress would be the best statement color to wear. While white is the epitome of tradition, brides have the right to choose the color they’ll wear, including something as powerful and unique as black. 


History of black wedding dress

You can trace the beginning of wearing a black wedding dress in China during the reign of the Zhou Dynasty. In this period, brides and grooms wear white undergarments under black robes with red trims. 

Although the rules were less strict, this continued during the Han Dynasty, where wearing black was more common for brides and grooms during winter. And by the rule of the Tangs, this rule was slowly eradicated. 

Another country where the black wedding dress is used is Spain. Black is even the custom color for Roman Catholic weddings, symbolizing her commitment to her husband until death. 


Is It Disrespectful To Wear A Black Wedding Dress?

It’s perfectly fine to wear a black wedding dress as long as you consider several factors. For one, you might be having a traditional wedding with conservative guests. 

You should also keep in mind that some religions find black disrespectful for the wedding. But, on the other hand, a more liberated and modern wedding would be perfect for a black wedding dress. 

It would be best also to consult your groom to ensure that both of you will complement each other well with your respective outfits on the wedding day. 


Why Would Someone Wear A Black Wedding Dress?

A woman can choose to wear a black wedding dress to feel empowered, exude sophistication, mystery, or proudly show that she’s breaking the mold of the norms. Black might also be more practical for the wedding she’s having. 

For example, outdoor and destination weddings can be unforgiving for a white dress. Black will be easier to maintain and keep clean throughout the day. 

Another instance where a black wedding dress is the better choice is for photos. Some wedding locations make perfect backdrops for a black wedding dress, making photos more memorable and stunning. 


Is It Weird To Wear Black To A Wedding?


Consider the culture

It’s not disrespectful to wear black to a wedding as long as you keep the hosts’ culture in mind. For example, black is associated with mourning in some cultures, so it would be disrespectful to wear this color at someone’s wedding. 

Some customs find black an unlucky color, especially on a big day like a wedding. But, of course, you can always ask the couple themselves to ensure that you won’t accidentally wear the wrong color at their wedding. 


Check the dress code

Another way to ensure that black wouldn’t be an insulting color to wear at a wedding is by checking the dress code on the invitation. Nowadays, black is accepted for formal occasions like weddings because it evokes class and modernity. 

If you confirm that black is an acceptable color for the guests, consider a simple black dress that won’t gather attention or a simple suit with a white shirt. You can also check the wedding location to get an idea of what clothing pieces will be appropriate. 


Check the time of the wedding

Besides the location, consider the time of the wedding event. Remember that you want something lighter during the daytime while darker colors are more suitable for evenings. 

For your peace of mind, talk to other attendees to ensure that you will blend with the rest of the guests. Remember to avoid drawing attention to yourself. 


What Is The Meaning Of A Black Wedding?

During the pandemic, some places performed a black wedding. A bride and groom that haven’t met each other before but are believed not to have a chance to get married themselves were chosen. 

It’s a peculiar event that takes place in a cemetery. They believed that the souls of the deceased would reward the community and ward off diseases. 



And that’s it! We just found out what does a black wedding dress mean, and it’s attributed to strength, individuality, confidence, and mysteriousness, to name a few. 

This color is perfect for a bride that wants to unfollow customs and traditions. But as a guest who is considering wearing black, be mindful of cultures to avoid accidentally offending the event. 

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