What To Wear To A California Wedding: Outfit Ideas

If you want to know what to wear to a California wedding, it’s best to be familiar with the wedding guest attire for every dress code. We will also share ideas on what to wear for California weddings held on the beach. 

A California wedding may also be held during the summer to take advantage of the state’s natural geography. So for this wedding, you can also read what to wear to a summer wedding

what to wear to a california wedding


What To Wear To A California Wedding: Guest Dress Codes


Formal California weddings

Even though couples usually plan California weddings for the summer months, it’s not surprising if the invitation you received indicates a formal wedding guest attire. That being said, men can expect to wear suits and women in long dresses.

Your next clue to knowing the best wedding guest dress to wear is the venue and time of the formal California wedding. If it is indoors and in the evening, it’s likely a black-tie event

But of course, do not go overboard with your outfit as you don’t want to seem like you’re trying to upstage the bride and groom. Avoid revealing extravagant clothes and maintain subtlety when following a formal dress code. 


Semi-formal California weddings

If the California wedding is outdoors or during the summer, the couple may have requested a semi-formal wedding. Since it’s in California, you can play with light summer colors and lengths that are usually overlooked for formal events. 

Women can also try jumpsuits, and men can get away with losing the tie with their suit or replacing the suit with a dressy button-down shirt. For the colors, wedding guests attending a semi-formal California wedding can try blue, green, and warm colors that aren’t too bright and out of place with the wedding’s color palette.

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Casual California weddings

If you received the invitation for the California wedding and its dress code is casual, do not think that it means you’ll wear something that’s seen in barbecues or malling. Instead, think of dressy casual, but you can leave your gowns and tuxedos at home. 

A casual California wedding can mean outfits similar to a Boho-themed wedding. You can also use the venue as a clue for comfortable fabrics and footwear. 

Some other outfit ideas include rompers, midi dresses, polo shirts, chinos, sandals, and dressy sneakers. Keep in mind to bring shawls, jackets, hats, and other accessories to wear over your outfit if needed for comfort.  


Beach California weddings

Most couples hold their wedding in California for the state’s beaches. California beaches will undoubtedly make the perfect backdrop for any wedding. 

That being said, you can wear appropriate beach attire if you’re invited to a California beach wedding. For example, you can opt for flowy maxi skirts and modest sleeveless tops, or men can wear a long-sleeved shirt and shorts. 

Don’t forget to wear shoes that won’t sink in the sand. And finally, be mindful of the wedding party’s colors, so you don’t match them. 


What Should I Wear To A Fall Wedding In California?

California experiences autumn, so if you want fall colors and California’s nature parks for your wedding, then don’t forget to guide guests on what to wear. Use your venue and time as a guide for the appropriate dress code or theme to request. 

For example, fall in California is perfect for a rustic wedding outdoors. Guests can wear outfits inspired by natural colors of greens, reds, and browns, and you don’t need to request a black-tie event. 

As a guest attending a fall wedding, be prepared for the fluctuating weather conditions. It might get cold or hot, so always bring something for layering and opt for a breathable fabric on your primary outfit. 


What Is A California Chic Wedding Attire?

When identifying what to wear to weddings in California, you might find the dress code called chic wedding attire on some invitations. However, the explanations for this dress code vary, so it’s best to ask someone close to the couple for clarification. 

The wedding website might also provide example outfits for guests. But from different sources, California chic wedding attire is defined as a style with romantic and rustic touches. 

You can imagine something modern but still classy. Using the wedding invitation for the color scheme of the wedding or the venue itself might be the clue. 

And if there are no indications, read what to wear to a wedding with no dress code.


What Is A California Style Wedding?

There is a wedding seating arrangement called the California style. This pertains to a seating configuration where rows of chairs are in front of the room to view the ceremony best. 

Then, the rest of the wedding guests will watch the ceremony from their tables. This setup is ideal if you don’t want to flip the room, and you will also be having the cocktail hour in the same location. 



And that’s it! To recap what to wear to a California wedding, you must follow the event’s formality. 

The location, time, and season of the wedding can also be your clues for the appropriate wedding guest attire. But for most weddings in Cali, it’s not surprising for the wedding to be held on a beach with a semi-formal dress code.

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