What To Wear To A Summer Wedding: Best Outfit Ideas

If you’re unsure about what to wear to a summer wedding, please follow this two-step guide. First, we will talk about how the location and dress code can help you decide on an outfit as a guest. 

You will also find some outfit inspirations to consider for your wedding attire. But what if you’re attending a winter wedding instead?

what to wear to a summer wedding

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What To Wear To A Summer Wedding As A Guest


Follow the location

Summer weddings are often destination weddings. Therefore, you must choose an attire that would be appropriate for the location, whether it’s on the beach or country. 

For example, beach summer weddings often request the guests to wear maxi dresses and linen shirts. On the other hand, you must dress for functionality if it’s a country wedding so you won’t struggle walking around. 

The wedding location will also give you an idea about the temperature. It will be held in the summer, and some sites might feel hotter than others, so plan the colors and materials of your outfit. 


What is the dress code?

Like any other wedding, you should check the wedding invitation or website to know the dress code of the summer wedding you’ll attend. The couple will mention their requested theme and colors to help you decide on an outfit. 

But how would you dress for a formal summer wedding, for example? Since it’s summer, you don’t have to feel uncomfortable with long and thick outfits. 

Female guests can consider a pantsuit, while male guests can opt for breathable tuxedos. If it’s semi-formal, maxi dresses for women and matching dress pants and blazers for men can be acceptable. 

Some couples might indicate a casual wedding for their summer wedding, especially if it’s a beach wedding. If you attend one, you can confirm with the bride and groom if outfits like halters, wraps, khakis, or polos would be appropriate. 


What Color Should You Wear To A Summer Wedding?

Before anything else, please refer to the color palette indicated on the wedding invitation. You can also take inspiration from the invitation’s color scheme as it’s highly likely the same colors you’ll see at the wedding. 

The most common colors used on summer weddings are bright and bold shades like red and yellow, but the theme and location are also influential. For example, traditional and formal summer weddings often use dark hues like navy blue, while country outdoor weddings have softer colors of pink and purple. 

Indoor summer weddings also follow the same color scheme with pastels compared to beach summer weddings where the couples might accept florals and other prints. Then, don’t forget the time of the wedding since evening weddings usually use dark colors compared to morning and afternoon summer weddings. 

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What color is not appropriate for a summer wedding?

An all-white, black, or red attire can be disrespectful for a summer wedding or any wedding in general. However, this doesn’t mean that you can’t include these colors in your outfit. 

You can also talk with the bride and groom if some colors are off-limit. After all, there are different cultures, and some might find specific colors inappropriate for a wedding.


What Do You Wear To A Casual Outdoor Summer Wedding?

Opt for relaxed and loose outfits if you are invited to an outdoor summer wedding with a casual theme. Flowy dresses, loose shirts, shorts, and even sleeveless tops are acceptable. 

You also want to consider comfort in mind, avoiding super lengthy clothes that can be a drag to walk around with. And speaking of which, outdoor weddings typically don’t require heels and dress shoes, especially those with a casual dress code

You can consider comfortable footwear like sandals to make it easier to move around. And as for your overall attire, less is more, and that includes your makeup and accessories. 


What Should You Not Wear To A Summer Wedding?

You must avoid underdressing or overdressing when attending a summer wedding. This is why it’s crucial to check the dress code as one wedding might accept florals, while another requests their guests to only follow one color scheme. 

Like any other wedding, you must adhere to the indications of the bride and groom. Also, remember basic etiquette like not dressing like the wedding party and avoiding something too eye-catching. 

It would be best if you steered clear from white as it’s traditionally reserved for the bride as a female guest. You should never upstage her, so be mindful of the outfit you’ll wear. 


What Do You Wear To A Hot Weather Wedding?

Loose materials, lightweight fabrics, and soft colors are appropriate for a hot-weather wedding. However, be mindful of the lengths since you still want to be modest enough for the dress code. 



And that’s it! We’ve just discussed what to wear to a summer wedding by considering the location and dress code. 

Since summer weddings are often location weddings, you might get away with casual attire. However, always check the invitation to ensure that you follow the dress code and color scheme. 

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