How To Make Brooch Bouquet Wedding In 3 Easy Steps

Do you know that it’s easy to learn how to make brooch bouquet wedding since it’s only three steps? This DIY bouquet uses silk flowers and you can use as many brooches as you want, especially if they are heirloom and has sentimental significance to them. 

And if you have specific wedding bouquets you want to create, you can browse our blog for various tutorials. For example, learn how to make a boho wedding bouquet if this fits your wedding theme. 

how to make brooch bouquet wedding


How To Make A Brooch Bouquet For A Wedding

This tutorial is for those curious about how you make a wedding bouquet with silk flowers and brooches. Please prepare silk flowers, 20 or more pieces of brooches, wire, tape, glue, wire cutters, scissors, and a paintbrush. 


Step 1. Prepare the flowers for the brooch bridal bouquet

  • Take each silk flower and remove the leaves and greenery on the stems so they’ll be bare except for the flowers and stem
  • Cut your silk flower stems, so they are all the same length, preferably 8 inches from the base of each flower
  • Arrange the silk flowers however you want, and you can use the wedding theme and color palette as a guide with the placement of each bud
  • Wrap the bouquet tightly with floral tape under the flowers
  • Overlap and wrap downward with the tape until you reach the bouquet base


Step 2. Attach the brooches to the wedding brooch bouquet

  • Set all your brooches over a flat surface so you can select what styles will look best for your bridal bouquet
  • While you don’t need to use the same color for each brooch, it will look better if there is an underlying theme among them
  • Measure your brooch wedding bouquet stem and multiply the length twice; use this as the length for each floral wire piece; these pieces will act as the pins for the brooches
  • Fold each wire and attach the brooches using their clasps
  • Twist the wire accordingly to secure the brooches and create a stem


Step 3. Finish the DIY wedding bouquet 

  • After making the brooch stems, you can insert them into the floral bouquet
  • Use the floral tape to wrap the entire bouquet as you go to secure the arrangement 
  • To hide the wires of your brooch wedding bouquet, use a ribbon or any material like burlap or fabric that matches the wedding theme
  • Wrap the entire bouquet stem and add other details and decors that may enhance the finished bouquet’s look; use glue for pearls, gems, beads, and other decorations
  • If some stems are showing, use a small paintbrush to cover them in a color that suits the style of the bouquet 


What Do I Need To Make A Brooch Bouquet?

You can use fresh, faux, or a combination of fake and fresh flowers for your brooch bouquet, whichever fits the budget. However, it’s easier to arrange fake flowers since you don’t have to worry about keeping them fresh. 

Remember that if there are brooches, you don’t want to expose them to moisture. As for the brooches, you can buy them in bulk in jewelry stores.

You can also check if you can remove some from your clothes, or your mom might want you to add a family heirloom to your bridal bouquet. Regardless, the brooches and flowers should complement each other and fit the aesthetics of the wedding. 

If you want to make a fake wedding bouquet, here is a tutorial on how to make a wedding bouquet with fake flowers. Then, add your brooches or wrap a brooch on the base of the arrangement. 


How Many Brooches Are Needed For A Bouquet?

To create a wedding bouquet, you can use one brooch or as many as 20 to 30 brooches. It will depend on the design you want for your DIY bouquet. 

For example, if you want to use brooches in the arrangement, you should have more than ten pieces to show among the flowers. On the other hand, if you have a special heirloom brooch, this single piece is enough to include in whatever bouquet you have. 


How Do You Make A Vintage Brooch Wedding Bouquet?

If you’re not using any flowers, here is a brooch bouquet to try:

  • Prepare brooches, 0.6mm wire, cutters, pliers, scissors, ribbon, tape, and glue 
  • Thread the wire through the edge outside the brooch, so it goes back to itself
  • Twist the two wire lengths together and twist the entire wire length
  • Repeat on the other side of the brooch
  • After the two sides, twist them together to finish the brooch stems
  • Be careful in twisting the wires so you won’t get injured
  • Arrange the bouquet similar to building a floral arrangement 
  • Wrap with tape as you go, and finish the bouquet handle by wrapping it with a ribbon



And that’s it! We just learned how to make brooch bouquet wedding in three steps. 

You will remove the greenery on the silk flowers and create brooch stems. Then, arrange them as you would with other bouquets. 

Secure with tape as you go, and don’t forget to check if any wires are showing. Use fabric, ribbon, or paint if needed.

Let us know below how you incorporate jewelry in your bridal bouquet!

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