What To Wear To A Hot Wedding: Best Outfit Ideas

If you wonder what to wear to a hot wedding, it would be best to know what is comfortable and appropriate for every wedding dress code. Therefore, we will provide outfit examples for a formal, semi-formal, and casual wedding when the conditions are hot. 

And speaking of hot, will the wedding happen during the summer months? Again, you can check this guide on what to wear to a summer wedding for additional reference. 

what to wear to a hot wedding


What To Wear To A Hot Wedding As A Wedding guest


Formal hot wedding

Creating a wedding guest attire can be tricky if the hot wedding has a formal dress code. Formal weddings typically have the men in suits and ties and the women in long dresses or pantsuits. 

You can remain comfortable even if it’s swelter weather by selecting lightweight materials for your clothes. For example, opt for linen or cotton because they are more breathable for your suit or collared shirt. 

Women can also maintain formality even with midi dresses, especially how you style your overall attire. While it would be informal to wear short clothing pieces, you can always select conservative dresses at the sleeve or neckline, even if they’re not long or layered. 


Semi-formal hot wedding 

Some weddings in the summer or by the beach typically request a semi-formal dress code. However, if the time and venue are hot, you can follow the dress code without sacrificing comfort by selecting colors that won’t absorb heat. 

For example, opt for light and pastel colors than dark colors like black, maroon, or navy blue. Instead, opt for baby colors, but remember to avoid white to maintain etiquette for the bride. 

You can also opt for flowy styles such as wide-leg pants and a dressy blouse for female guests, or male guests can wear a light-colored button-up shirt and trousers instead of the hot tuxedo or suit. Just make sure that your colors or overall outfit attire do not match the theme of what the wedding party is wearing. 


Casual hot wedding

If you received the wedding invitation and it indicates a casual wedding, then your attire will be easier to plan to avoid overheating at the event. However, this doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t exert effort on what you’re wearing to the wedding. 

You should remain appropriate and avoid looking too revealing. Avoid lounging or workout outfits even if they’d be comfortable for the hot wedding. 

Instead, women can try jumpsuits or dresses above the knees with sandals, especially at a hot beach wedding. Men, on the other hand, can consider a polo shirt with chinos, depending on the theme of the wedding. 


For the bride and groom 

Brides getting married in warm weather don’t have to let go of their dream style. You can still look elegant and gorgeous by selecting wedding dresses perfect for the summer heat.

For example, opt for a wedding gown that uses light and sheer fabrics, so they don’t cling to the skin. Silk is also comfortable, and you can modify the dress length, back, sleeves, or neckline so you won’t feel constricted. 

On the other hand, the groom can experiment with different colors besides the classic black tuxedo. You can even skip the suit and wear a waistcoat instead. 

Read what does the groom wear to a wedding for styling tips to ensure that you are as dazzling as your bride. 


What Do You Wear To A Wedding When It’s Hot?

Use these tips when choosing the outfits you’ll wear to the wedding if you know that it will be hot. Just remember the dress code and traditions of the wedding to remain appropriate. 

  • Opt for breathable and thin fabrics; be mindful of how you layer your clothes 
  • Light colors will feel more comfortable in a hot wedding venue
  • You can have shorter lengths for the sleeves and hems, but be mindful of conservative wedding venues
  • A well-fitting outfit will make you look classy but avoid clothes that cling tightly against the body
  • Bring a pair of sunglasses or a hot for additional UV protection
  • Women can consider dressy sandals than shoes, while men can select some pairs that are lighter and will feel more comfortable if the season is hot
  • Minimize the jewelry you’ll wear
  • Keep your hair off your face


How Do You Stay Cool On Your Wedding Day?

  • Provide a shade for the wedding guests, especially if it’s an outdoor wedding venue; rent tents or parasols
  • Strategize your wedding venue setup, so the ceremony, guests, or the reception foods like the buffet or cake are not directly under the sun
  • Do the wedding in the morning or evening
  • Use a light color scheme as a wedding theme
  • Opt for a semi-formal dress code
  • Provide fans as wedding favors
  • Make sure bottled water is readily available for everyone
  • Include ice in your wedding decors
  • Offer frozen desserts and drinks on your menu



And that’s it! To recap what to wear to a hot wedding, you must consider the dress code. 

But ultimately, the fit, color, and fabric of your outfit will dictate your overall comfort. You can still avoid overheating but remain appropriate for the wedding with proper planning. 

We hope these tips are helpful; let us know below how you’ll dress if the wedding is hot. 

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