What To Put In Small Jars For Wedding Favors

If you don’t know what to put in small jars for wedding favors, consider three things. We will also talk about the etiquette and expectations regarding wedding favors. 

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what to put in small jars for wedding favors

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Best Ideas On What To Put In Small Jars For Wedding Favors



Small jars are the perfect container for edible wedding favors. Nowadays, you’ll see more weddings that give their guests treats such as sweets and pastries. 

After all, who wouldn’t like confectionery and desserts? Some specific ideas to put in small jars for wedding favors are cookies, pretzels, candies, and chocolates. 

It might also be fun for your guests if you give them the dough itself for the cookies. But besides baked goods and candy, you can also opt for jellies and jams for your wedding favors.

If you’re unsure about your guests being sweet tooths, they might appreciate tea inside the jars. You can even include a tea strainer and stirrer inside. 



Small jars would make classy holders for candles. You can give out candles inside these jars to your guests, and they can use them as decor in their homes. 

You can even make them scented so your guests can make a romantic and relaxing ambiance with these favors. Candles are relatively easy to make anyway, so it’s also perfect for couples and hosts looking for DIY wedding favors. 

When decorating your jar candle wedding favors, don’t forget to be extra creative. The wax itself could have the primary color of your wedding; then, you can add other materials outside the jar such as ribbons, ropes, stickers, or even flowers and greenery. 



Candles are not the only illuminating item you can put in wedding favor jars. You can also get creative with lights or light holders inside them. 

Light holders can look gorgeous outdoors, and they would be a fitting wedding favor, especially for a rustic wedding. You can even decorate the jar with a fairy theme if you have a garden wedding. 

String lights are another luminous item you can put in jars for wedding favors. In addition, you can take inspiration from various projects online, especially when you want something unique for your guests. 


What Do You Put In Wedding Favor Jars?

  • Flowers
  • Pens
  • Bath items like soap or scrub
  • Essential oils
  • Mini scents
  • Herb seeds
  • Chapsticks and nail polish for bridesmaids
  • Mini booze for groomsmen


How Do You Decorate A Glass Jar For A Wedding?

There are many ways to use glass jars when decorating a wedding. How you decorate the jars themselves will depend on the theme of the wedding and its color palette that you can use as your guide. 

You can paint the jars, wrap a twine, ribbon, or lace around them, or even use stickers with gorgeous fonts outside or inside each jar. If you’re using the wedding glass jars for food and beverage, you can have them customized with handles or get them engraved as well. 

  • Use the glass jars as candle holders around the reception
  • Make hanging glass jar lamps and use them as backdrop or wedding gazebo decoration 
  • Put flowers in a glass jar as mini bouquets
  • Hang the placement cards or put them inside the glass jars for each table


What Do You Give For Wedding Favors?

Wedding favors refer to the items that the bride and groom give to their guests after the wedding. They can serve as memorabilia for the event and also a way to show the hosts’ appreciation to those who attended the wedding. 

It would be best to give something reminiscent of the wedding itself, be it thank you cards, photos, or anything related to the wedding venue, especially if it’s a destination wedding. Your guests will also appreciate something valuable and practical such as decors or food items. 

Another unique take on wedding favors is to make them fun. For example, it might be a cookie mix that each guest can bake themselves or a couple of seeds to plant in their garden


Is It Okay To Not Have Wedding Favors?

It is okay not to have wedding favors because the couple decides the customs for their wedding. Wedding favors also require additional expenses, so budget-conscious newlyweds can consider skipping wedding favors if needed. 

If you want to show your appreciation to your guests without spending, consider having a receiving line instead. Of course, you can also focus on giving them a great time at the reception. 

An alternative that you’ll find in weddings nowadays is welcome bags. These bags are filled with items your guests can use, primarily if the event is held in a specific location. 



And that’s it! We hope you have ideas on what to put in small jars for wedding favors, whether treats, candles, or lights. 

You can also consider other fun and unique items such as tea sets, jams, bath items, flowers, or even plant seeds. Your guests will surely appreciate something practical but memorable for your wedding. 

However, wedding favors are not necessary for every wedding. If you can’t provide them, focus on giving everyone a great time. 


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