What To Do With Old Sofa? 3 Beneficial Ideas

If you wonder what to do with old sofa, we have three helpful suggestions. You can either sell it, donate it, or dispose of it properly. Choosing among these three will depend on the current state of the sofa, so please consider checking if you can still fix the couch

Sofas are more than just an investment because they sometimes have a sentimental value to homeowners. It is the heart of the living room where we relax or hang around with our loved ones. So before you check what you can do with an aged couch, think carefully if it’s truly time to bid goodbye. 


What To Do With A Used Sofa?


Sell it

If your used sofa is still in good condition or you are willing to shed a few bucks to spruce it up, consider selling it online or on a garage sale. You might even find some stores that are willing to trade your old couch with something new or pay for it altogether. However, remember to match your expected earnings with the state of your couch. 

You can always learn how to make an old sofa look modern to be appealing on online ads and sale displays. Just remember to check the guidelines on your state, which typically includes cleaning, sanitizing, or even the proper labeling of used furniture before selling. 


Donate it

You can put your old sofa to good use by looking for people who want such furniture. Perhaps you have a friend or family member that can use a couch for their place. Your town might even have college students that can benefit from an old sofa that’s still in good shape.

Consider posting on your social media or bulletin boards in colleges to find out if someone needs the sofa. You can also check international organizations, local charities, or churches, which sometimes even pick up the furniture from you. Nonetheless, please donate a sofa that is still usable for another person or family.


Throw it away

If the sofa is too deformed, it’s time to consider getting it thrown out. The amount you’ll spend for cleaning and repairs might exceed what you’ll get upon selling anyway. Furthermore, please don’t give away broken and disintegrated furniture to other people. 

Note that there are disposal guidelines for large items in every state or city. Check the waste department in your area to know their schedule and if you need to put the couch in a specific place for the pick-up. Some locations might require a fee, or the department can refer you to a recycling center or another disposal company in the US.


Can You Recycle An Old Sofa?

You can always recycle an old sofa if its parts no longer work collectively. Not only are you helping the environment by lessening waste in the landfill. Moreover, you can use the couch pieces for other personal projects, house repairs, or even extra earnings.

Learn how to take apart a sofa, and you might discover parts that you can bring to the nearest scrap dealer. You can also use the wooden and metal parts for other possible projects in your home. However, note that the sofa is not meant to fit into the recycling bin, especially if it’s fixed and can’t be dismantled.  


How Can I Get Rid Of Furniture For Free?


Rummage sales

Your community center might be organizing a rummage sale, and this is an excellent opportunity to get rid of the old furniture for free. This will also save you a couple of bucks than going around shops or potentially needing to deliver the item to the seller. Furthermore, you don’t need to arrange the sale yourself, which can take time and effort.


Furniture banks

Another free way to eliminate an old sofa is checking for furniture banks in your area. They often haul the sofa away from you, and you’ll even get a tax receipt. Just consider the current shape of the couch if it’s still worthy of being repossessed.


Vocational schools

Are there technical and vocational schools near you? If you don’t need to spend that much gas money for the drive there, technical schools are often willing to take used couches. They use old furniture pieces for teaching and practicing their students with upholstery and repairs, depending on the courses they offer.


Can I Sell Sofa Without A Label?

You cannot sell a sofa without a label indicating that it is a second-hand item. The second-hand law label is yellow to make it more noticeable to the buyers. Furthermore, some states require a permit to sell second-hand furniture, so always check your location to avoid penalties. 



Have you made up your mind that it’s truly time to bid goodbye to your beloved piece of furniture? In this article, we have learned what to do with old sofa; selling, donating, or throwing it away. The first two should be your options if the couch is still in good shape, while you can recycle or dispose of the sofa if it’s heavily worn down. 

Overall, you can always earn some extra cash, help those in need, or lessen the landfill waste if you have a sofa past its retirement. Let us know which of these options appealed to you, and we hope we’ve helped!


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