How To Take Apart A Sofa At Home: 3-Step Guide

Those who are not familiar with how to take apart a sofa can simplify the process into three steps. Start by removing the cushioning, then the covers, and the sofa frame. But why is it helpful to know how to disassemble a couch?

Perhaps you want to replace a part, or you need to dispose of the sofa. It might also be for moving a couch, and you need to lessen the bulk. Whichever reason, you must know the correct procedure when taking apart a sofa.


How To Take Apart A Sofa

How To Dismantle A Sofa


Step 1. Remove the cushions and mattress

  • Remove all the cushions that are not attached to the upholstery
  • Pull out the sofa mattress to reveal the frame
  • Set all the removed sofa cushioning aside
  • Prepare the other tools like hammer, handsaw, box cutter, screwdriver, staple puller, Allen wrench, and screwdriver for dismantling the sofa upholstery and frame

Step 2. Remove the sofa upholstery

  • Remove the sofa upholstery according to its attachment
  • Use a staple puller if staples fasten the sofa covering
  • If you need to reuse the sofa, you need to be careful in removing the upholstery; otherwise, cut the fabric apart to save time
  • Some sofas have their cushions attached with the covering, and you can separate them to the material with a box cutter 

Step 3. Disassemble the sofa frame

  • After revealing the sofa frame, start disassembling it from the legs
  • Flip the couch to its side and check the type of attachment it uses for the legs to know how to remove them
  • Removing sofa legs typically is as simple as unscrewing them counterclockwise
  • Disassemble the rest of the couch frame one part at a time according to the attachment style, such as the screw heads
  • Use a handsaw to cut larger pieces if you are dismantling the sofa for disposal

How To Get Rid Of A Couch?

You can throw the smaller pieces in your home trash can or into a nearby dumpster if they can fit. But if you need to remove the whole couch itself, you need to contact a garbage company. Note that some public dumpsters may charge you if you throw away an entire piece of furniture. 

You can also see if your local junkyard is willing to take your sofa or if the waste management company in your area picks up furniture. Always contact your local departments to avoid potential fines when throwing away a couch. Read this guide on how to get rid of a mattress to give you an idea with the proper disposal of large items.

How Do I Take The Back Off My Couch?

Removing the back of the couch is sometimes necessary when you need to fit it through narrow spaces. You will have an easier time fitting a sofa through a small door when you dismantle its back. However, the emphasis is necessary on checking what type of connection your couch uses to avoid accidentally damaging it. 

  1. Reveal the back of the couch by pulling the upholstery away
  2. Look for the connection between the arms and bottom of the sofa, such as screws or tabs
  3. Turn the screws counterclockwise or press the metal tabs forward to unlock 
  4. Lift the couch back off with a sliding motion to remove it

How Much Does It Cost To Disassemble A Couch?

The disassembly for a couch can cost as much as $700, depending on the difficulty of the service. It can be a reasonable expense for some homeowners, especially if you need to reassemble the sofa later. 

Can I Separate A Corner Sofa?

There are different types of couches and among them is the corner sofa. It can either be right-hand facing or left-hand facing to suit every room. But because of its style, one might wonder if it’s possible to disassemble a corner sofa. 

The answer depends on the model you have. Some corner sofas come in pieces that you can slide apart. There are even corner sofas that you can switch from one side to another for reversal. 

How to disassemble a corner sofa

  1. Find the area where the pieces connect and remove them accordingly
  2. You may need to lift the sofa pieces to separate them from the connection or prepare a specific tool for the hardware

Can You Cut A Sofa In Half And Put It Back Together?

Cutting a sofa in half is a reasonable action if you plan on disposing of the furniture. Otherwise, you can damage the upholstery and cushion and have a hard time reassembling the couch later on. Only cut the couch in half if you know how to replace the sofa cushions and cover.


Couches can be bulky for transport or removal, so you must know how to dismantle them. As you have read in this guide on how to take apart a sofa, you only need to start with the cushions and upholstery to reveal the frame. 

Check the connections to know what tools you’ll need to disconnect and disassemble the sofa frame. But if you will dispose of the couch, you can cut through the parts to lessen the bulk. Otherwise, be mindful of your removal procedures to ensure that you can assemble the sofa later. 


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