How To Disinfect Sofa? The Ultimate 2-Step Method

You can learn how to disinfect sofa correctly in two steps. In this guide, we will use a steam cleaner to kill the germs off the couch. And if you’re interested in spray disinfecting solutions, we will cover them as well. 

You will know if everyday household items like Lysol and alcohol will be effective for disinfecting the couch. It’s always crucial that we keep all the areas in the house clean, including surfaces where we hang around a lot. But if you notice signs of critters, learn how to clean mouse droppings from the sofa as this instance requires specific disinfection procedures. 

how to disinfect sofa


How Do You Disinfect A Sofa?

The best method to disinfect the household pieces of furniture often used, such as the sofa, is steam cleaning. The heat from the steam kills germs and pathogens, and the consistent pressure can help remove allergens that have build-up on the surface. Furthermore, other health hazards like mold and dust mites should also be gotten rid of by the steam’s high temperature. 


Step 1. Prepare the steam cleaner

  • Check the upholstery cleaning code if it is compatible with cleaning with moisture and heat
  • Read the instructions of the specific cleaner model you have and prepare it accordingly
  • You will need the proper cleaning solution and amount of water to use the steam cleaner effectively
  • Install the upholstery attachment on the cleaner to help you reach the tight areas on the couch
  • Remove all the accessories on the sofa, including the pillows, blanket, and covers for cleaning separately

Step 2. Work one section of the sofa at a time

  • Have the steam cleaner at a considerable distance above the sofa and work one section at a time
  • Be consistent in your strokes and the directions of your movement to avoid creating contrasting streaks
  • Allow some overlapping so that you won’t have any missed spots on the couch
  • Don’t linger in one area for too long, and make sure that you’re also targeting the cracks and crevices all over the sofa
  • You can also steam clean the sofa cushions by allowing one side to dry before working on the other
  • Allow the sofa to dry completely, including the steam cleaned cushions, before setting everything together


Can You Spray Alcohol On Couch To Disinfect?

Rubbing alcohol or isopropyl alcohol is undoubtedly one of the best disinfectants, and most sofa types should be safe for use with it. However, you don’t want to oversaturate the couch with solvents, and you should test a small area before using alcohol all over the furniture. For example, dampen a soft cloth with alcohol, dab a hidden spot, and check if there will be a color transfer or reaction after one to two minutes. 

Some sofas also indicate that they are code S, which means using solvents like alcohol for cleaning is applicable. But if you’re still worried about fading or stains, you can always dilute alcohol with water or make a homemade disinfectant spray. 


How to disinfect a sofa using alcohol

  1. Mix two cups of alcohol and a cup of water and pour it into a spray bottle
  2. Hold the nozzle away from the sofa and spray evenly
  3. Allow the couch to air dry
  4. Some types of sofa upholstery can also benefit from cleaning with soap and water after alcohol disinfection

Can I Spray Lysol On My Couch?

You can spray Lysol to disinfect the sofa, but only if you check the material’s compatibility. Most fabric upholsteries should be safe for disinfecting with Lysol, but other delicate materials might stain or react with some of the ingredients in the spray. Of course, you can always read the care tag of the sofa, familiarize yourself with the spray’s components, or test Lysol on an inconspicuous spot beforehand.

What To Spray On Couch To Disinfect?

You can make a homemade disinfectant spray using warm water, dish soap, rubbing alcohol, and baking soda. However, the emphasis is necessary to read your sofa’s cleaning tag and test any disinfecting solution before spraying the couch thoroughly. Some couches might require a trip to the professional cleaner to disinfect them safely. 

  1. Mix warm water, a couple of drops of dish soap or any mild soap, and baking soda
  2. Pour the solution into a spray bottle and make sure that everything is diluted well
  3. If you can’t use water-based cleaners on your couch, use rubbing alcohol instead
  4. Spray all the surfaces of the sofa or use a soft sponge to scrub the furniture gently
  5. Depending on the sofa material, you might need to use a soft-bristled brush to restore the texture and look of the upholstery after drying



Make it a habit to regularly clean and disinfect all your household items. You have learned how to disinfect sofa in this guide, but a quick recap involves using a steam cleaner. And besides disinfection, did you know that steaming can also eliminate bed bugs on the sofa?

Back to killing germs and pathogens, you can consider alcohol or Lysol sprays if your upholstery won’t have any reactions. The main takeaway is testing the disinfectant on a hidden spot of the furniture beforehand. You should also always read the care label of your sofa to know the recommended products and practices. 

Let us know in the comments which of these disinfectant procedures you do for your sofa.

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