How To Make An Old Sofa Look Modern? 3 Easy Ways

If you’re unsure how to make an old sofa look modern, we have three tricks that you can do. Perhaps the sofa only needs some repairs, dressing up, or the room is the one that needs an upgrade. Sofas are quite an investment, so it’s not as easy to replace. 

In this article, you will know how to keep your sofa updated with the trends. Do you also consider reupholstering the couch? Read this discussion on how to reupholster the leather sofa before you proceed with that decision. 

How To Make An Old Sofa Look Modern


3 Ways To Transform Your Old Sofa To Make It Look Modern


  • Fix the sofa parts

Your sofa may look older and worn down than it really is if the cushions have clumped up or flattened. One of the best and quickest ways to help your sofa stay stylish is by plumping up its saggy cushions. Fixing sofa cushions is relatively easy, and you only need to stuff them with polyester fiberfill. 

Find the zipper on the cushions or use a seam ripper carefully to have an opening for inserting the filler. Then, close the cushions securely and fluff them up, so the sofa looks and feels better. On the other hand, wrap the cushions with quilt batting if they use inserts instead of stuffing. 

Besides the sofa cushions, don’t forget to check if the frame itself also needs some TLC. The parts that often need reviving are the sofa legs. It should be easy to paint them to update the old sofa’s style or find the right size and remove the sofa legs to install new ones. 


  • Decorate with accessories

After restoring the structure and form of the sofa, it’s time to dress it up to add some life to it. Start by putting on a sofa cover to give the couch a fresh new look. For example, the trend this year with modern sofas is earthy tones. 

You don’t need to buy a new green or blue couch if it’s not heavily damaged. However, using a slipcover should help the old sofa look more modern, and you’ll still be within a reasonable budget. You can also keep up with the current interior decorating styles by adding throw pillows on the sofa. 

Mix and match pillows on the sofa according to the current styles. Nowadays, blue shades and velvet materials are in. And if it will change next year, switching your throw pillows should still keep your sofa up to date. 


  • Enhance the surrounding area

Before you consider buying a new couch because it feels outdated, why not consider switching up the surrounding elements. Then, you don’t have to spend a lot to renovate the room because simple fixes with decors and placements can change its look quickly. For example, your red sofa might bore you because it doesn’t seem to look contemporary. 

But did you ask yourself what color walls go with the red couch? What about your other elements, such as the carpets, rugs, curtains, and tables? Often, the sofa is timeless, but it’s the surrounding environment that is outdated. 

You can even add multi-tasking pieces that will be useful for years to come. Some examples are tables with drawers, ottomans with hidden compartments, or a couple of indoor plants around the living room. Some plants that will look good no matter what’s trending with interior designing include potted ivy, ferns, or even palms.  


How Can I Make My Old Couch Look Better?


The best solution: paint it

Besides reviving your old couch with repairs, accessories and upgrading the surrounding elements, you might want to consider painting it. Painting the leather sofa is a great way to make your old furniture look modern without covering the signature textures and patterns of the leather. For other materials, it’s possible to dye the couch as well. 


How Do You Redesign An Old Sofa?

Redesigning an old sofa is tricky because you’re making changes in its structure. Since it’s old, some parts might already be brittle, and you don’t want to risk creating damages. If you compute the costs and it’s worth it, or the sofa is an heirloom you want to preserve, consult a professional craftsman to help you with redesigning. 


What Can I Do With My Old Sofa?

There are many things you can do with an old sofa. First, consider giving it a fresh look with accessories or reupholstery if it has sentimental value for you. If it’s still in good condition, you can try selling or donating it, but be sure to check what practices you must do with used furniture. 

But what if the sofa is too deformed? Take apart the couch and separate the similar pieces in groups. You might find a way to sell or upcycle them before checking with your local garbage disposal department. 



If you feel bored with your sofa, it might need a bit of TLC and imagination. You have read how to make an old sofa look modern using three methods that are all reasonably affordable and quick to do. To recap, you will repair the couch, add accessories, and revamp the room itself. 

Another fantastic way to revive your old couch is by painting or dying it. Overall, keeping up with the trends is easy because sofas are timeless. Even if the style or color is not the current trend, doing these simple practices can make your sofa look modern.

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