What Is The Best Lens For Wedding Photography

If you’re curious about what is the best lens for wedding photography, try five lenses. These are everything you’ll need to capture great shots for the wedding, and we’ll also discuss what each lens does best. 

But more than knowing the best lens for wedding photos, you must also know what moments to capture. Read when do you take wedding photos for reference. 

what is the best lens for wedding photography


What Is The Best Lens For Wedding Photography: 5 Must-Have Lens


  • 50mm: Great portraits and night photography

A favorite lens by photographers for wedding photography is the 50mm lens. This focal length is especially great for portraits like the wedding first look. 

The low aperture will make a shallow depth of field that would help create the best portraits since the image will stand out more. Furthermore, the subjects, especially people, will look more natural with this lens. 

Another reason the 50mm camera lens is ideal for wedding photography is that you won’t depend on the camera flash. The maximum aperture is perfect for nighttime, so it’ll also be helpful for outdoor evening weddings. 


  • 85mm: Portraits with gorgeous bokeh without the distortion

When you think of portraits taken at weddings, you’ll think of images with background bokeh. You can achieve this with 85mm lenses naturally.

This is the best lens for those who don’t want image distortion and ensure significant compression at wider apertures for wedding photography. Another reason why photographers love this lens for weddings is that it creates flattering headshots and full-body images. 

The subject is isolated beautifully, making it ideal when taking photos of people at the wedding. Outdoor landscape shots should also be done without issues with this lens. 


  • 70-200mm: The top lens for versatility 

Checking the best photographers for weddings, you’ll likely hear them recommend the 70-200mm camera lens to those asking what they’ll need for wedding photography. The wedding photographer who likes taking candid shots will also enjoy using the 70-200mm lens. 

Another reason for the love of this camera lens is its option with different focal lengths. You can opt for a short, medium, or long telephoto focal length to get extra creative with capturing wedding moments. 

And if you want to showcase the wedding venue, it’s also excellent for landscape shots. Distant subjects won’t be hard to capture, especially if you can’t go near them. 


  • 100mm Macro: For wedding details and flattering close-ups

Wedding photographers are not only capturing portraits. They can also get creative and focus on different wedding details like the couple’s rings, outfit details, flowers, and other symbolic wedding icons. 

For this, the top lens to consider is the 100mm Macro. You can use it for close-ups, even for low-light settings. 

This is the perfect lens for those who want to get close to the subject without distorting the quality. Check specific lenses that feature hybrid image stabilization for a wider photographing range.


  • 16-35mm: Best ultra-wide and landscape shots

Some wedding photographers call the 16-35 mm their favorite wedding photography lens. This is especially great for capturing ultra-wide images, especially at big weddings. 

Outdoor and destination weddings should be showcased beautifully in wedding pictures, and this is the perfect lens for those landscape shots. You can use it for portraits while still showcasing the background of the wedding. 

Another reason you can use the 16-35mm lens for wedding photography is for light group pictures. You can take photos of the wedding table and gather guests at the venue or reception. 


What Is The Most Used Lens In Wedding Photography?

If you’re a photographer for weddings and you can only choose one lens, the best one to pick is 70-200mm. It’s the favorite lens of most wedding photographers, and it’s versatile for wedding portraits, whether you want full-length or closer shots. 

Some other uses for this ultimate wedding photography lens include fantastic compression of group photos, dropping the background to highlight the subjects, or zooming in on candid moments where you can’t get close, especially at the ceremony.  Crops and details are possible with the 70-200mm lens, and you can use it for individual portraits. 


Is A 50mm Lens Good For Weddings?

A 50mm lens is suitable for wedding photography but wouldn’t be as versatile as other lenses. However, you can still bring it to a wedding because it can capture portraits, out-of-focus details, and photos taken during nighttime. 

Some potential limitations with this lens include wide-angle shots or landscape photos. Regardless, its fixed focal point would be ideal for beginners.  


Is A 35mm Lens Good For Weddings?

The focal length of the 35mm lens makes it great for weddings. It allows intimate-looking portraits, and they can still capture good images with low light.

Furthermore, you can quickly take different pictures, especially during a wedding where the clients might have various requests. You can quickly get close or far from the subject, even with this lens alone. 

If you also want to guide your clients, here’s how to pose for wedding pictures.



Was this list helpful? To recap what is the best lens for wedding photography, they are 50mm, 85mm, 70-200mm, 100mm Macro, and 16-35mm.

A top favorite among photographers is the 70-200mm because of its versatility. But of course, you can always consult the couple with the shots they expect to have so you can prepare the best lenses. 

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