How To Wrap Baby Shower Gifts: 4 Fun Ways

Here are four creative ideas on how to wrap baby shower gifts if you want your baby shower gift to be extra memorable for the baby’s parents. We’ll also share the best way to wrap a gift basket and alternatives to wrapping paper for baby shower gifts. 

Continue reading below for the recommended wrapping paper and ribbon for baby items. And if your baby shower gift is oversized, you can refer to our other tutorial on how to wrap a large baby shower gift

how to wrap baby shower gifts


Creative And Unique Ways On How To Wrap Baby Shower Gifts


Use a gift box or bag

  • The easiest and cheapest way to wrap baby shower gifts is with a gift box or gift bag
  • You can opt for a gift box or bag if you’re giving multiple items, or your baby shower gift has an odd shape to be wrapped with wrapping paper
  • For a unique and personal touch, consider a plain gift box or bag that you’ll decorate yourself
  • If using a gift bag, don’t forget to line it with satin or tissue paper to keep the item from being noticeable against the bag
  • Opt for papers in pastel colors or designs that remind you of baby showers 
  • If using a gift box, you can decorate it with baby stickers of cute animals, pacifiers, or onesies
  • You can also paint or write on the gift box or bag if you’re feeling creative 
  • Another way to make your baby shower gift look more fun is to attach a decoration onto the bow, like flowers or even a pacifier 
  • To make the gift opening at the baby shower more fun, misleadingly pack your gift so the mom-to-be can’t guess the items based on weight or sound when the bag or box is held and shaked 


Use eco-friendly and reusable gift wraps

  •  For your eco-conscious friends or relatives, you can replace the wrapping paper, gift box, or gift bag with something reusable or eco-friendly
  • Instead of wrapping paper, why not wrap your baby shower gift with a burp cloth or baby blanket? 
  • You can even recycle papers from magazines and newspapers instead of purchasing a wrapping paper
  • Instead of a gift bag, the parents-to-be will surely appreciate a tote bag that they can use for shopping than a gift bag that would be thrown into the trash
  • Smaller baby shower gifts can even be wrapped in onesies 
  • If you’re using a wrap that’s meant to be reused, be mindful of taping or writing on it so that it won’t get damaged or dirty  


Add decorations

  • Besides deciding on the colors of wrapping paper, box, bag, or material, your baby shower gift will be more memorable if you decorate it
  • You can use a printed ribbon or add baby items like pacifiers or mini stuffed toys onto the baby shower gift 
  • You can even make flowers from baby socks or learn origami for unique gift decorations 
  • If you have a printer at home, you can print your best wishes and glue them onto your wrapped baby shower gift 

Are you interested to learn more about baby sock flowers? Here’s how to make a baby shower corsage out of socks that you can also give as a gift to the baby’s mom-to-be. 


Use a calendar sheet

  • If you’re giving a square or rectangular gift at the baby shower, you can get creative and use a calendar sheet as your wrapping paper
  • You can also print the month of the baby’s due and encircle its expected birthday
  • Decorate the wrapped baby shower gift with other baby items, or include a handwritten card to send your best wishes to the family 


How To Wrap Baby Shower Gift Basket

Some guests give multiple items for the baby shower, and the ideal way to wrap them is in a single gift basket. Here’s a foolproof guide on wrapping a baby shower gift basket without wasting too much paper:

  • Prepare a printed wrapping paper in colors inspired by the baby shower theme
  • Arrange all the items inside the basket, making sure that nothing will get deformed or broken
  • Fill the gaps and spaces with paper or rolled helpful baby items like onesies or even diapers to keep the gifts from moving
  • Place the gift basket in the middle of the wrapping paper so there are around 10 inches of paper on all sides to cover the basket completely 
  • Lift the long sides and fold the short sides in of the wrapping paper 
  • Fold the edges, so no sides of the wrapping paper are open
  • Secure the paper with tape and add a bow and other decorations of your choice 


How To Wrap A Baby Gift Without Wrapping Paper

  • Reusable shopping tote
  • Upcycled calendar sheet or magazine page
  • Decorated cardboard box
  • Baby cloths
  • Foil
  • Mason jars
  • Kid’s artwork


What Type Of Wrapping Paper Is Best To Use For Baby Shower Gifts?

  • Kraft paper
  • Foil paper
  • Metallic paper
  • Glitter paper


What Type Of Ribbon Is Best To Use For Baby Shower Gifts?



Was this an easy tutorial? You just learned how to wrap baby shower gifts using a gift bag, gift box, wrapping paper, or even a calendar sheet and reusable baby items like baby burp cloths. 

However, you can always personalize and decorate your baby shower gift with items like pacifiers or mini toys to make it more unique. 

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