What To Ask Wedding Videographer: 4 Best Questions

Simplify what to ask wedding videographer into four categories. You’ll learn questions about what they’ll do during the wedding, the inclusions in the packages, the videographer’s style, and how the final product will be received.

We hope you get the perfect videographer for your wedding by the end of this article. And for those who happen to be interested in this profession, read how to become a wedding videographer.

what to ask wedding videographer


What Questions Should I Ask My Wedding Videographer?


Expectations regarding the wedding services


Who will be filming the wedding?

Ask the wedding videographer if they’ll be filming for you or if others are in charge. Some wedding videographers will have a team of people in your wedding for different roles. 

Understandably, some couples are picky, and you might be disappointed if the videographer you wanted is only the head or name of the company. But even if another person will film for you, you should still give them a chance and communicate your expectations for the wedding video. 


How long will the videographer be there on the wedding day?

Another potential question to ask the wedding videographer is how long they will be there on your wedding day. For example, will you only be paying the videographer from 8 am to 3 pm because you expect this duration to cover the ceremony to reception? 

But what if something delayed the events and the videographer still doesn’t have the footage of events at the reception? Does that mean you’ll have to pay extra to include the clips because of the delay in the schedule? 

Of course, you don’t want missing clips in the wedding film, but the videographer should also be transparent with their expected time and the corresponding payment. 


Fees and package inclusions


What are your rates?

One of the most important questions to ask your wedding videographer is their rate and inclusions. A helpful tip is to start with a standard package they’re offering, then ask if you can customize its add-ons. 

A wedding videographer can cost anywhere from a fixed package of $1,200 to over $10,000 or even $200 $500 per hour, depending on the services you want. Ensure that the contract mentions the preferred payment terms, payment type, package, cancellation, refunds, and non-refundable deposits and that you’ve asked everything you need about these details. 

If you’ll be paying a fixed rate, don’t forget to check if it includes the discounts, promos, accommodation, transport, meals, and fees for the consultation. Some videographers are also hired to film the prenup, and they might also be providing the location and props, which can add to the total cost. 


What is included in the package?

Wedding videographers vary in the package they offer. Depending on the add-on you choose, you may also be paying an additional cost. 

Ask the videographer if the total payment will include the prenup or rehearsal dinner. Will the package also cover the same-day edit fee, and will you be getting complete documentation?

You may also check about the aerial shot, free storage of the videos, and if you’ll be getting the raw files. Some videographers may not include them in the package.


Videographer’s style


Will you stage shots?

Don’t hesitate to ask the wedding videographer how they do their films. Will it look more like a highlight reel, documentation, or film of the wedding?

You may also prefer candid shots over staged shots or vice versa. Lay your expectations on how you want your wedding video to turn out to avoid disappointment. 


How do you edit your videos in terms of color grade and music choice?

The color grading of the footage is influential on the overall aesthetics and style of the video. Therefore, you may want to ask the videographer’s style to know if you’d like it. 

You might also be imagining certain music to accompany your wedding moments. That being said, ask if they accept video output technicalities and if you’ll need to pay a music license fee. 


How the final product will be received after


What happens to the wedding footage?

You should also know what happens to the wedding footage after and if you’ll get the raw shots. Furthermore, what happens to your video if the hard drive gets lost or damaged? 

Will the videographer also accept revisions if you’re unhappy with the product? Again, you will be avoiding stress and anxiety by knowing the potential solutions in case of issues. 


When and how will we receive our wedding video?

Finally, clarify with the videographer the expected timeline for the deliverables. For example, will you be getting the raw files beforehand?

You should also ask if you’ll be given a physical copy or if it’s purely digital. And of course, if you’re expecting a same-day edit so you can watch the film at the reception, ask the wedding videographer about it. 



And that’s it! We found out what to ask wedding videographer by clarifying what they’ll do at the wedding, the fees and package inclusions, film style, and how you’ll receive the finished product. 

We hope this was helpful, and if you were inspired to talk to other wedding vendors, why not read how to plan a wedding without a wedding planner

You may not need to hire a planner as long as you know what to do and who to ask. 


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