How To Ask Parents For Money For Wedding

Try three steps on how to ask parents for money for wedding to ensure that everyone will feel heard and there will be no potential miscommunications. And if you’re wondering, we will discuss if children must ask their parents for financial help on their wedding day. 

However, who pays for a second wedding if it will be a second marriage? Please read about this situation because your parents should no longer be responsible for it. 

how to ask parents for money for wedding


How Do You Ask Your Parents For Money For Your Wedding?


Step 1. Be polite and remain open-minded

  • Remember that you’re the one asking for a favor, so it’s only suitable that you’d sound polite when talking to your parents
  • Please do not make it seem like you’re obliging them or that they owe it to you to pay for your wedding
  • You also want to time your request accordingly and choose an instance where your parents are not under other stressful situations
  • Assess your parents’ financial capacity and be prepared in case they can’t help pay for your wedding
  • Use respectful wordings such as “do you feel comfortable contributing to the finances of the wedding” as it still allows the parents to decide if they want to 
  • Be clear with the amount of coverage that you’ll need help with financing for the wedding to avoid false expectations


Step 2. Communicate your expectations and reasons clearly

  • After the initial asking of your parents for money for the wedding, make your intentions and expectations clear
  • Will there only be certain wedding costs that you’ll need help with, or will most of the budget come from your parents?
  • You also want to be prepared in answering your parents’ questions, especially if it’s a large sum of money
  • Do not feel interrogated and defensive, as this won’t help with getting your message across
  • You should also set boundaries early on, especially if some parents want an entire control of the wedding since they’ll be funding
  • Additionally, talk with your partner beforehand because their parents or themselves might also be financially contributing to the wedding
  • Both parents of the bride and groom should see eye to eye regarding the costs that each party will shoulder


Step 3. Make a reasonable budget and stick to it

  • Once you have the final amount of contributions for the wedding, make sure to create a wedding budget tailored to it
  • It would be distasteful to ask your parents for more money for the wedding because you indulged in some elements that made you go over your financial capacity
  • During the wedding planning, make a list of the essential elements and if you can compromise for some of them to stick to the budget effectively
  • Make sure that both you and your partner have a say on how the budget will be handled to avoid conflicts and feelings of being misheard 


Should I Ask My Parents For Money For My Wedding?

You can ask your parents for money for your wedding, but keep in mind that it’s not their obligation to contribute, especially if they aren’t capable. The bride’s parents traditionally pay for the wedding without any questions asked back in the day. 

But nowadays, families are not expected to pay for their children’s wedding. It’s even a common practice for both the bride and groom’s parents to chip in rather than having the bride’s parents being the sole financer of the wedding. 

And as the years progress, those who decide to get married mean that they are financially capable of doing so. Therefore, if you have no budget for the wedding, then it’s best to put it on hold first until you save enough rather than surprising and obliging your parents to shoulder the costs. 


Do Your Parents Pay For Your Wedding?

While it’s not mandatory, most parents, especially in the US, are willing to pay for their children’s weddings. Parents will typically cover more than 30% of the wedding expenses even though we live in an era where weddings are no longer as traditional. 

If an engaged couple is limited in finances, they can turn to their parents for help, which should still be acceptable. However, there are different family dynamics, and you must be considerate to your parents rather than pressuring them to pay for your wedding. 

For example, is your wedding out of town? Read who pays for a destination wedding because the expenses for this event will be pricier than a typical hometown wedding. 


Who Pays For The Wedding?

The bride’s parents traditionally cover most of the costs in a wedding, while the groom’s family shoulders the remaining expenses. However, modern couples typically pay for their own wedding while remaining open for contributions. 

There is no right or wrong answer regarding who must pay for the wedding. Some couples even have willing sponsors like relatives and friends who shoulder certain wedding costs as a gift. 



And that’s it! We just talked about how to ask parents for money for wedding, which can be simplified into three steps. 

The main takeaway is to avoid sounding like you’re obligating them. You also want to clarify your expectations regarding their influence over the wedding and if they must communicate with your partner’s parents regarding sponsoring your wedding. 

We hope this helps; leave us a comment about your opinion on who must pay for the wedding. 

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