Where To Buy Baby Shower Dress: 5 Best Shops For Moms

Here are the five best places if you’re unsure where to buy baby shower dress. There are also tips in this clothing guide to help the mom-to-be to pick among the colors, sizes, and styles of maternity outfits for the most flattering baby shower dress. 

But more than finding the perfect maternity dress, it’s also a tradition for the baby’s mom to wear a corsage at the baby shower. For this, we wrote an easy DIY tutorial on how to make a baby shower corsage for the mom-to-be

where to buy baby shower dress


Best Places On Where To Buy Baby Shower Dress



Pregnancy doesn’t mean you have to be limited with the dresses you can wear. For the party, you can browse the maternity dresses offered at Lulus for clothing styles that are both baby bump-friendly and fashionable. 

Enjoy browsing various colors and styles suitable for different baby shower dress codes. It’s also easy to find a gown or dress made from light materials like chiffon to remain comfortable throughout the party. 



Would you prefer maternity clothing that you can also use after the baby shower? Nordstrom offers an array of dresses that would be versatile for any kind of party. 

For example, try the chambray maternity dress with long sleeves from Ingrid and Isabel for a universally flattering style. Or, if you prefer a wrap dress, one from Angel Maternity is available in sizes extra small to XXL. 



A store to consider with free shipping for your orders is PinkBlush. Mom-to-bes who want a print maxi dress for their baby shower can check PinkBlush’s navy tropical floral maternity maxi dress.

This maxi dress would be perfect for a spring baby shower, and you can even use it for a holiday getaway. It’s also a flattering style since the waist can be cinched, and the bubble sleeves are perfect for the mom who wants her arms covered. 



Seraphine is a company specializing in maternity and nursing dresses, making it an ideal store to get your baby shower dress from. You can get the $6.95 Express delivery option to receive orders after two working days if you forgot to prepare a dress and the party’s schedule is close.

They have stores in New York and California, and if you want to rock a celebrity-approved maternity dress, why not pick the style The Duchess of Cambridge wears? The maternity dress that The Duchess of Cambridge wore is the Seraphine Marina Maternity Coat at $434. 



Your baby shower dress doesn’t have to cost a lot. And for budget-friendly maternity dress orders, you can browse the selection of dresses from Walmart.

Every mom has a style, whether she likes a maxi dress, a formal pregnancy gown, or a casual wrap dress. There are also different colors and details available in some dresses, including a lace maternity maxi gown, which would be perfect for a formal party.  


What Color Should Mom Wear To Baby Shower?

There are no hard-set rules regarding what the mom-to-be should wear at her baby shower. But of course, the baby shower dress should be flattering and comfortable. 

For colors, pink, white, and blue dresses are often worn by the baby’s mom at her party. Depending on the baby shower theme, it can also be a print, like floral or geometric. 

Overall, it’s up to the mom’s style on what color clothing she’ll wear. If you feel more confident in dark clothes or find wearing soft colors relaxing for you and your baby, choose that for your maternity dress.


What Is The Style Of The Baby Shower Dress?

Your baby shower dress should follow the theme and dress code of the party. But more than the style, pick a gown or dress suitable for pregnancy.

A common dress moms wear at their baby showers includes a classic wrap or maxi dress. They shouldn’t fit too tightly and should be made from flowy and breathable fabrics. 

Of course, you can always pick those with details that can highlight your curves and create a flattering silhouette. For example, the wrap dress can have a tie belt, or the maxi gown has lace sleeves for a more glamorous look. 


What Is The Size Of The Baby Shower Dress?

There is no difference between regular clothing sizes and maternity sizes. But of course, every designer and brand is different, so it’s best to check their size chart. 

Another tip is to prepare your chest, hips, and inseam measurements when shopping for a maternity dress. This way, you can compare them to the brand’s size chart and select the best baby shower dress size. 


Do I Have To Dress Up For My Baby Shower?

It’s only fitting for the baby’s mom to dress up for her baby shower. It will also be in bad taste for the host if the mom arrives like she didn’t want to be at the party thrown for her. 

Check the baby shower’s dress code and theme to know what style dress to get. Modern maternity dresses can easily be styled up and down for casual and formal affairs. 



And that’s it! There are five stores to check out if you’re unsure where to buy baby shower dress: Lulus, Nordstrom, PinkBlush, Seraphine, and Walmart. 

We hope you find the best style for you among these places.  And if you want to prepare favors for the guests coming to the party, here are some ideas on what to put in baby shower gift bags

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