How To Make A Baby Shower Corsage Out Of Socks

If you want to know how to make a baby shower corsage out of socks, simplify the process into three easy steps. With this baby shower corsage made from baby socks, you’ll only need three baby sock pairs, flowers, wire, ribbon, tape, decorations of your choice, hot glue, and a pin. 

The instructions are easy to follow, and you’ll know the most uncomplicated technique to create baby sock flowers. But for other designs of corsages for the baby shower, you can check out how to make baby shower corsages for mom-to-be.  

how to make a baby shower corsage out of socks


How To Make A Baby Shower Corsage Out Of Socks In 3 Steps


Step 1. Prepare the baby socks

  • Prepare three pairs of baby socks, ribbon strips, flowers of your choice, floral wire, floral tape, decorations inspired by the baby shower theme, double-sided tape, tulle, glue, and the pin for the DIY baby sock corsage
  • Make roses from the baby socks by threading one baby sock with a floral wire and roll
  • Cut the threaded sock’s wire stem a little longer than the intended length for the corsage, then wrap it with floral tape 


Step 2. Arrange the flowers and greenery

  • Prepare the flowers and greenery by cutting their stems for cleaner attachment throughout the corsage
  • Cut off a circle from the tulle and wrap it with floral wire while holding the fabric from the center
  • Extend the length of each flower with wire so they’ll be as long as the roses made from baby socks
  • Lay the tulle circle over the table and arrange the flowers and greenery over it
  • Wrap the wires of the first arrangement with floral tape, then add the sock roses 
  • Continue wrapping and adding flowers and socks as you go, securing the wires with floral tape


Step 3. Arrange the baby shower corsage

  • To make the corsage look more fitting for a baby shower, add ribbons to the arrangement
  • You can stick ribbon strips with double-sided tape around the nearest stem where you’ll put them 
  • You can tie other common baby shower gifts and decors like pacifiers onto the ribbon strips 
  • Cut off the excess wires so nothing is poking out the corsage
  • Add felt paper to the areas you want to hide 
  • For wearing the baby shower corsage, glue the clip behind the corsage and let it dry
  • Test the integrity of the attachments by wearing the finished baby sock corsage and reinforce as needed 


How Do You Make Flowers Out Of Baby Socks?

Making roses out of baby socks for the mom’s corsage is easy. Here are more detailed instructions that you can add to any design of a baby shower corsage:

  1. Select baby sock colors according to the theme of the baby shower 
  2. Lay one sock over a flat surface and fold the toe end over and roll it up
  3. The toe end will now stick out over the edge as you roll, then continue rolling to create a rose shape 
  4. Adjust the tightness of the roll as needed to make the baby sock look more like a flower
  5. Pinch the rolled portion and open up the sock
  6. Curl the sock around the rolled piece so the opening swallows up the rolled part
  7. Half of the rolled sock should still be seen to mimic petals inside a flower bud 
  8. Adjust the rolled portion as needed, then push a piece of floral wire into the flower base 
  9. Push the wire up and wrap it around the base, as it will be the structure of the rolled part of the sock  
  10. Secure the bottom with floral tape to cover the stem to finish

You can also make several flowers from baby socks to form a unique DIY bouquet gift for the mom at the baby shower. Another gift idea would be a maternity dress she can wear, so here is where to buy a baby shower dress.  


What Is The Best Type Of Sock To Use For A Baby Shower Corsage?

All baby sock pairs would work as flowers for a baby sock corsage at the baby shower. You can even use socks with designs or ruffles. 

Usually, you’ll need an even number of baby socks, but it will depend on the other things you’ll add at the corsage. You should also pick colors inspired by the party’s color scheme or ask the mom herself. 

Back in the day, the baby shower corsage indicates the baby’s gender. Pink means a baby girl, while a blue corsage means a baby boy. 


What Is The Best Way To Attach The Socks To The Corsage?

The easiest way to attach socks to the baby shower corsages is to extend their stems with wires. You’ll thread the flower with wire, then wrap it with tape. 

You can create mini arrangements to attach in sections of the corsage. You can also secure the baby socks onto the corsage with glue if you don’t want to wrap wires together. 


What Is The Cost Of Making A Baby Shower Corsage Out Of Socks?

The cost of making a baby shower corsage from baby socks would be under $50 as you can buy six pairs of socks for $10, and the other things, like the wire and tape, are relatively cheap. 

However, the flowers and ribbons will also add to the total cost of the DIY baby sock corsage.   



And that’s it! This DIY tutorial on how to make a baby shower corsage out of socks includes rolling each sock to form a rose, attaching wires to them, and arranging with flowers and greenery on a tulle circle with a clip behind it. 

You can also do any baby shower corsage design and then wrap or glue the baby sock roses onto it. 

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