What Shoes To Wear To A Beach Wedding

For those who are curious about what shoes to wear to a beach wedding, we will talk about the pairs ideal for the bride, groom, and guests. It’s always helpful to discuss what shoes will be appropriate for various wedding locations for comfort and class. 

If you’re also considering skipping the heels, read how to wear flat shoes to a wedding. It’s possible to wear flats on a formal occasion like a wedding as long as you know what types and outfits will complement the dress code. 

what shoes to wear to a beach wedding


How To Know What Shoes To Wear To A Beach Wedding



Consider mobility and comfort when selecting the shoes you’ll wear on the aisle at a beach wedding. For example, it’s best to avoid tall heels because they can get caught in the sand and cause you to lose your balance. 

You also don’t want to accidentally step on your dress since the fitting wedding dresses for beach weddings are usually long and flowy. Therefore, opt for a stylish pair of slides or mules to go with your wedding dress. 

Wedges will be safer than pointed heels if some elevation is a must. Embellished flats and sandals will also work well because they’re less likely to collect sand as you’re walking down the aisle. 



The groom can match the formality of the bride’s shoes. For example, will you complement her if you wear dress shoes or sandals?

You want to select a pair that wouldn’t be uncomfortable for the venue. The last thing you want is to have sand stuck between your shoes and socks. 

For the beach wedding, you can also consider loafers, boat shoes, or even derbies. Some couples even walk the aisle barefoot, especially when the beach wedding is more casual or follows a theme such as boho. 



As a wedding guest, it’s only fitting to check the wedding invitation for the dress code, even if it’s a beach wedding. Some couples might still be doing a formal dress code despite having their location by the shore. 

Nonetheless, female guests can still consider flats over heels to move around much easier in the sand. The clothes you’ll wear can also help you decide what specific pair to wear. 

Male guests can consider boat shoes, espadrilles, or even driving shoes. If the dress code is casual, then a good pair of sneakers should also be suitable. 


What Do You Wear On Your Feet For A Beach Wedding?

Choosing footwear for a beach wedding depends on the dress code. If the invitation calls for a casual dress code, you can consider beach sandals or even sneakers. 

Prioritize comfort since you’ll be walking over sand, and you don’t want to sink or lose your balance when moving around. Going barefoot is even possible in some beach weddings, and the couple might even request it. 

The members of the bridal party may wear matching foot accessories as well. Then, you can bring another pair of shoes for the reception. 


Is It Okay To Wear Espadrilles To A Wedding?

Espadrilles should be acceptable to wear to a wedding. Many styles are available, so it should be easy to select the pair that will suit the wedding theme.

Beach weddings and even outdoor weddings are perfect for espadrilles. Female guests can opt for wedges to suit evening weddings, and various colors and types of espadrilles fit male guests either in formal or casual attire. 


Can You Wear Heels On Beach?

You can wear heels on the beach, but it’s best to avoid pointed shoes as they can sink in the sand. You can also select those with shorter heels or opt for wedge-style heels as they’re easier to move around when you’re on the beach. 

Brides and those in her bridal party usually opt for flats such as sandals and mules instead of the usual heels for the beach party. In addition, you can opt for those with embellishments for a dressier look. 


What Do Guests Wear To A Beach Wedding?

The wedding dress code will dictate what guests wear to a beach wedding. But if you want specific ideas, classic guest outfits that attend beach weddings include flowy maxi dresses for women and a nice polo paired with chinos for men. 

However, it’s also possible to see some beach weddings where guests wear suits and ties and more formal dresses. If the beach wedding follows a boho team, read what to wear to a boho wedding for outfit ideas. 


Is It Okay To Wear Shoes On Beach?

You can wear shoes to the beach, and some would even recommend having them than going barefoot. This prevents the likelihood of getting injured by sharp objects on the sand. 

However, you can consider beach shoes rather than your regular running shoes to look more appropriate for the location. You wouldn’t also need to worry about getting them wet if you want to swim and go. 

For beach weddings, shoes are ideal, especially if the dress code is formal. However, sandals and espadrilles are what you’ll typically see in most beach weddings. 



And that’s it! We found out what shoes to wear to a beach wedding, and they include flats, sandals, espadrilles, mules, loafers, slides, boat shoes, and derbies. 

Male and female guests must still check the dress code to know what shoes to wear. But in general, you want something that won’t sink you in the sand. 

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