What Is The 55th Wedding Anniversary: Best Gifts

The answer to what is the 55th wedding anniversary can be related to emerald. We will talk about what this stone symbolizes and include some other fitting gift ideas for a couple who’s been married for 55 years. 

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what is the 55th wedding anniversary

It’s always helpful to read about various wedding milestones and the related stone, color, and flower each year. 


What Does A 55th Wedding Anniversary Symbolize?

A 55th wedding anniversary is related to commitment and eternity. After all, you’ve been with your spouse for more than 50 years, which will always be impressive. 

The emerald represents the 55th wedding anniversary, which is fitting as it is attributed to devotion, loyalty, and even genuine love and adoration. Then, the color of emerald is connected to spring, which can be connected by the couple to the idea of trying new experiences together as there will always be new possibilities after being married for 55 years. 

You can think of your 55th wedding anniversary as the start of pursuing new passions and ideas. If there are trips and plans that you’ve been putting at the back for a while, this anniversary is a sign to pursue them. 


What stone is for 55 years of marriage?

Emerald symbolizes 55 years of marriage, but the specific gemstone denoting this anniversary is the alexandrite. This stone is known to change its color that it’s even nicknamed “emerald by day and ruby by night.”

In daylight, Alexandrite can be viewed as bluish-green but purplish-red amidst candle flame or artificial light. Since the color switch is vastly different, the phenomenon was even called the alexandrite effect. 

As for what it symbolizes, alexandrite fits the 55th wedding anniversary. It is thought to bring love, luck, and good fortune, perfect for a couple who’s been together for 55 years. 

You can think of it as a good omen for your relationship and the upcoming years. Some even attribute this gemstone to healing, romance, joy, and even good health physically and emotionally, which are always welcomed in any lasting relationship. 


What color is the 55th anniversary?

The color for the 55th wedding anniversary is emerald or emerald-green. This symbolizes harmony, which makes it more ideal for the 55th wedding anniversary as it means that the couple has been together harmoniously for such a long period. 

Emerald as a color also signifies growth and abundance, while green is attributed to prosperity and stability. These colors should mean good luck for the couple celebrating being married for 55 years because they are meant to nourish love, promote generosity, uplift feelings, and infuse enthusiasm. 


What flower is for the 55th wedding anniversary?

The flower symbolizing the 55th wedding anniversary is the calla lily. It is linked to faith, purity, and desire. 

It makes a perfect flower for this period of marriage because it strengthens fidelity within the couple’s relationship. And to ensure that good years are about to come, the calla lily is also linked to desire and sexuality to strengthen further the couple’s love and lust for each other. 


What is an appropriate gift for a 55th wedding anniversary?

Because they are what symbolizes the 55th anniversary, you can never go wrong with gifting emerald, alexandrite, or calla lilies to a couple celebrating this period of being married together. Of course, you can also look for emerald-green items, and some even give green flowers and plants. 

Since alexandrite can be hard to find, any jewelry with an emerald stone should also be appropriate. Cally lily scents are another option, whether in candles or perfumes. 


What Do 55 Years Of Marriage Represent?

Being married for 55 years represent commitment and even genuine love. A marriage this length requires two people to be continuously loyal and always desire their significant other regardless of the challenges that each day may bring. 

This is why the 55th wedding anniversary is symbolized by emerald, alexandrite, and calla lily. Emerald is a color that represents harmony, alexandrite is an omen for good health, and calla lily symbolizes purity and faith. 

They are markers of a healthy and long-lasting marriage. Keep these items in mind when choosing a gift for the 55th wedding anniversary. 


Is 55 Years A Special Wedding Anniversary?

Being together for 55 years will always be special. One might even find this period rare for couples, let alone married couples. 

A couple who’s been married for 55 years deserves praise and celebration. This anniversary is so rare that the gemstone attributed to it is also rare, the alexandrite. 

If you’ve been with your spouse for 55 years, do not be surprised if a newlywed couple invites you to speak at their wedding. An anniversary dance celebrates and praises couples who have been married for a long time, and some were even given the opportunity to share their advice with the newlyweds. 

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Was this article helpful? We just discussed what is the 55th wedding anniversary, where it’s attributed to emerald. 

Emerald symbolizes commitment and eternity, which is fitting for marriage this long. It’s worth celebrating with your significant other, and you can consider emerald, alexandrite, and calla lily as inspirations for your gift. 

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