What Kind Of Mattress Does Novotel Use

If you want to know what kind of mattress does Novotel use, continue reading to understand why they call it the duo technology mattress. The mattress used by Novotel is unique among other hotel mattresses, and we’ll go into greater detail in this article. You will also learn how Novotel sets up their bed.

Furthermore, we’ll compare big mattress manufacturers that are popular in the hospitality industry. 

what kind of mattress does novotel use


What Type Of Mattress Does Novotel Use?


Novotel Live N Dream Mattress

The kind of mattress that Novotel uses across its hotels is the Novotel Live N Dream mattress. If you read reviews of guests who stayed at Novotel, they only have positive comments to say about the Live N Dream mattress. But what makes the mattress used in Novotel stand out among other hotel beds?

The Novotel Live N Dream mattress is a duo technology bed, but it is not designed to be flipped. Instead, it uses memory foam and double pocket micro springs with polyester and cotton. According to guests, it’s one of the most comfortable beds to sleep on, and you can even complete the Novotel Live N Dream bed at home by purchasing the mattress and bedding directly from them. 


What is the Live N Dream Design by Novotel?

Hotel mattresses are comfortable because they combine the best quality mattress with top-notch bedding and accessories. The Novotel mattress conforms to every user uniquely, and Novotel combines it with a Flex slatted base for support and movement absorption that helps with the overall sleeping experience. Furthermore, the Live N Dream bed has a warm and lightweight duvet, smart pillows, and rectangular pillows to complete the support and comfort you’ll need to get a good night’s sleep.

Novotel is not the only hotel that offers homeowners a mattress and bedding set for homeowners to re-experience their hotel stay at home. If you’re also interested in knowing what is the Ritz Carlton mattress, the hotel offers not just the bed itself. They also have the bedding set complete with pillows and protectors, a duvet and its cover, sheets, and a mattress topper protector.


Novotel Beachside Mattress

In some Novotel hotels like the one in Australia, there is the Novotel Beachside mattress. It is also conforming to every user uniquely. The overall construction comprises Mini Comfort Coils with Reflex Advance Support System, AeroLatex, AeroFoam, AeroWeb, and AeroQuilt. 

The resulting Novotel Beachside mattress will provide the support specifically for you while also providing pressure relief and minimal motion transfer. You won’t have to worry about heat retention as well because it uses a breathable knit fabric. And finally, it has the Sensitive Choice blue butterfly symbol, which means the National Asthma Council of Australia approves it. 


What Mattress Does Hotel Indigo Use?

Tempur Sealy is the Hotel Indigo mattress brand. This isn’t surprising since Tempur Sealy has an Exclusive IHG Collection, and Hotel Indigo’s parent organization is IHG Hotels and Resorts. This is also the reason why the mattresses that Holiday Inn uses include Tempur Sealy.  

And if you’re also curious about that bedding Hotel Indigo hotel uses, it is Downlite. According to Downlite, they provide feather pillows, down comforters, down alternative comforters, and mattress pads in Hotel Indigo properties throughout North America. 


What Mattress Does Quality Inn Use?

The Quality Inn mattress brand is Serta, similar to other brands by Choice Hotels. Serta customizes mattresses for Quality Inn to ensure that they’ll have a comfortable experience. They are not the only hotel that trusts Serta for their hospitality beds because even the Hilton mattress brand is Serta. 

Back to Quality Inn, they also get their bedding from Downlite. They include the gel polyester pillow, down alternative pillow, and down alternative duvet. And as you can expect from Downlite’s hotel bedding, they are all hypoallergenic. 


Are Hotel Mattresses Firm Or Soft?

Hotel mattresses are more on the firmer side than soft. This is because a medium-firm mattress is compatible with most types of sleepers. Furthermore, using a soft bed in hotels won’t be profitable long-term as they will eventually sag and lose the structure for the comfort and support of guests.

It’s also possible that some hotels allow their guests to select the specific firmness of their mattress. For example, the mattress in the Four Seasons hotel will let you get something softer or firmer for your bed. You can even select the firmness when you buy it. 


Which Is A Better Mattress Beautyrest Or Sealy?

When looking at the different kinds of mattresses in luxury hotels, the two most common and trusted mattress manufacturers are Beautyrest and Sealy. They even have hospitality mattresses for purchase with hotel collections if you want to get what you experienced at your favorite hotel. Therefore, it’s impossible to say one is better than the other because every person differs in preferences and requirements. 

What you can do instead is to compare mattresses from Beautyrest and Sealy. You might find a feature or drawback in one bed to help you decide which one to get. Here are the questions to ask when buying a mattress to help you further. 



And that’s it! We just answered what kind of mattress does Novotel use and found out it’s the Novotel Live N Dream Mattress. A part of the Live N Dream bed, it is meant to conform to every user uniquely to provide the best support and comfort for sleep. 

We also discuss other mattress types in Hotel Indigo and Quality Inn. We hope you learned a lot in this read, and leave us a comment if you have any.

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