What Mattress Does Luxury Hotels Use: Best 3 Types

If you want to know what mattress does luxury hotels use, we discovered the three most common types. They are innerspring, foam, and hybrid. We will also discuss below the kind of mattress luxury hotels use by giving specific examples from prestigious hotels. By the end of this read, you’ll find out the secret behind luxury hotel beds. 

Speaking of which, are you also interested in the Sheraton mattress brand? What about the mattress used by Hampton? If you have a particular hotel in mind, try our search bar, and you may find what bed they use.   

what mattress does luxury hotels use


What Kind Of Mattress Does Luxury Hotels Use?



Some luxury hotels use the best quality innerspring mattresses for their rooms. They are usually individually encased coils to provide the best buoyant feel with minimal motion transfer for the users. Furthermore, innerspring mattresses in luxury hotels are upgraded because mattress manufacturers create them with carefully chosen materials and specifications from reputable hotel properties. 



Foam beds are the most common ones you’ll see in luxury hotels. For example, Tempur Sealy uses their signature foam material called Tempur for mattresses designed for hotels. And compared to your traditional foam mattress, foam beds in luxury hotels have a core built to prevent body impressions and sagging early on. 



Luxury hotels and other prestigious hotels use hybrid mattresses to stand out from the rest of the competition. They get their beds custom-made according to the needs and preferences of the guests. Combining memory foam and innerspring is perfect for support without losing the cushioning for a well-rested night. 


What Mattress Do Most Luxury Hotels Use?

Among the luxury hotel mattress brands are Simmons and Sealy. Simmons even has Beautyrest Hospitality, while Sealy has Tempur Sealy Hospitality. These well-known mattress manufacturers have hotel-approved collections, and you might even find your favorite five-star hotel in their loyal customers. 


Four Seasons

The mattress in Four Seasons hotels is adjustable, and they can offer that feature thanks to its overall construction. In addition, luxury hotels typically allow guests to choose their firmness compared to other hotels that only offer medium firm. If you want to find out how the Four Seasons bed can become adjustable, you can visit our article about it.  



The type of mattress in Fairmont hotels is gel-infused memory foam, but they also have a pillowtop bed. As a result, you can experience a unique softness in luxury hotels without the drawbacks of heat retention or body impressions. And of course, these quality features are only possible if the mattress is created by established manufacturers that have been in the hospitality industry for a long time. 



The Hyatt mattress type is a pillowtop bed, and you can discover who made it for them in our complete article about this popular hotel bed. Note that you can always understand how luxury hotels like Hyatt choose their mattresses by finding out their trusted mattress brand. Did you know that they even have a second version of it?


What Firmness Mattress Do Hotels Use?

The hotel mattress firmness is commonly medium. This is advantageous for hotels because medium-firm will work for almost all types of sleepers. However, some hotels offer choices for guests where they can get something softer or firmer. 


What Is The Most Comfortable Hotel Mattress?

According to guests’ rave reviews, the most comfortable hotel mattress includes Marriott, Hilton, Fairmont, Westin, and Ritz Carlton. It will be impossible to rank them because comfort varies for every person. However, these hotel mattresses’ overall construction and quality materials are why they have the most sought-after beds. 


How Do Hotels Make Their Beds So Comfortable?

Hotels can achieve comfortable beds compared to what we have at home using a proven effective formula. First, the mattress is custom-made by reliable manufacturers. Then, hotels typically add a mattress topper to enhance their comfort. 

From there, they will use sheets, comforters, duvet, pillows, and other bedding accessories made from high-quality materials. The most common one is down for the pillows and duvet, and they’ll use the softest fabrics for the other materials. Finally, the overall ambiance of the room is supportive of making your stay as relaxing as possible. 


How Can I Make My Bed Like A Luxury Hotel?

  1. Consider getting a mattress from hotel collections or find a model with similar quality
  2. Invest in a reliable mattress foundation and enhance your bed with a mattress topper
  3. Use high-quality covers, comforters, and pillows
  4. Make the bedroom more relaxing by using furnishings, lights, aromatics, or even a soothing music

How Often Do Hotels Replace Mattresses?

Hotels usually replace their mattress every three years. Some might even take five years before needing replacement, especially if the bed’s quality isn’t prone to losing its structure quickly. However, you should feel assured that hotels will maintain your comfort and safety by replacing their mattress as soon as needed. 


And that’s it! In this article, we answered what mattress does luxury hotels use and discovered that they are innerspring, foam, and hybrid. We also learned that most hotels trust Simmons and Sealy and that the most common firm level for hotel beds is medium. 

We recommend checking the hotel mattress collections of well-known mattress brands to find if your favorite hotel is one of their customers. After all, even the mattresses used at luxury hotels can be bought for home use. If you have any more questions regarding hotel mattresses and secrets, leave us a comment!


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