How Long Does It Take An Air Conditioner To Cool A Room? 4 Best Factors!     

The question is: How long does it take an air conditioner to cool a room? Let us assume that your AC unit is the right size for the house; it should cool the house for 15 up to 20 minutes. However, if the weather is particularly humid or hot, it will take longer for the AC to reach the desired temperature.

In any case, if your unit is already running for at least 20 minutes and it still does not cool your house, then it might be small for it. Meaning to say, you will have to upgrade the size of your air conditioning unit.

How long does it take an air conditioner to cool a room

On the other hand, if the air conditioner is way too big for the house, it will cool way too fast in about 10 minutes. This may sound a good thing, but it’s not.

This occurrence is called short cycling. It means that the unit will hot remove the humidity from the air, so you will still feel sticky and hot. What’s even worse is that it can lead to damages since the unit might overwork itself.


How Long Does It Take An AC To Cool A Room?

Air conditioners are a great way to escape the heat in summer. You can install different types of air conditioners to cool the house.

So, how long does it take an air conditioner to cool a room? What it will take for those air conditioner units to cool your house will depend on numerous factors. This includes the following:


Factor #1. Central air

A central air conditioner can typically cool a moderate house with four bedrooms in 3 hours at a temperature of about 10 degrees F. But this will further depend on some factors, including the outdoor temperature and the age of your unit.

Nonetheless, you must cool down the house after a few hours. Otherwise, it would mean that something is wrong with your air conditioning system.


Factor #2. Power

Another factor that can affect the time your AC will cool the house is the power of the system. This is measured through its SEER or Seasonal Energy-Efficiency Rating.

Just like the previous factor, age can also affect its SEER. The common AC systems produced in the 1900s have 6 SEER, while those manufactured in the early 2000s are rated 10. Recent AC models typically have a SEER of at least 13.


Factor #3. Evaporator cooling

An evaporative cooling system is different in terms of the way they cool the air. The cooling occurs as the water evaporators and not through water-absorption or vapor-compression cycles common for other AC units.

Those kinds of AC systems are ideal to utilize during dry and hot climates. Comparing to the typical air conditioner, it will take longer for an evaporative cooling system to cool the space.

Typically, about fifteen cooling cycles can occur every hour so that it won’t reach your desired temperature after some time. But this will also depend on how big your house is.


Factor #4. Individual unit

If you own an individual AC unit, it can cool your room in lesser time than central air conditioners. This is especially true if you close all the windows and the door of the room.

A small room will be colder after 20 minutes. So in an hour, it will reach a comfortable temperature.


Other Factors

Other than the aforementioned factors, other things affect the time an air conditioner can cool the house. This includes insulation, age of the house, among others. Let us take a look at the factors below.


#1. Outside temperature

The hotter the temperature outdoors, the longer it will take for the unit to reach the desired temperature.


#2. Thermostat setting

If you set the thermostat low during summer, then, of course, it will take longer for the unit to reach the desired temperature.


#3. Size of your house

Bigger houses will require more time to be cooled down. This is especially true if you have a small air conditioning unit for space.


#4. Air conditioner state

The maintenance of an air conditioner is important since it will affect its efficiency. Furthermore, it will extend its lifespan. But if you neglect your AC unit, it will have to run longer in cooling the house. Or worse, it will not cool your house.


#5. Insulation of the house

If your house is not properly insulated, it means that the cool air will leak. In other words, the AC will have to run even longer to compensate for the lost air.


It’s A Wrap!

So the answer to the question of how long does it take an air conditioner to cool a room depends on various factors.

To improve your unit’s efficiency, you should keep all your AC vents open and the windows closed. Closing the vents will cause the heat to be trapped and the unit to work harder.

Having your unit serviced once a year is also recommended to ensure that the unit keeps working efficiently. The maintenance also includes cleaning the system every month.

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