How To Pose For Wedding Pictures: 4 Tips To Look Good

You can quickly learn how to pose for wedding pictures with four tips. So even if you’re camera shy or you and your partner think you’re not good with posing, you can still get the best-looking wedding pictures by applying the tips below.

We will also share some sample wedding poses for the bride and groom to give you ideas. And if you’re doing your wedding photography without the help of any professional, try this tutorial on how to edit wedding photos after you take them. 


Look Your Best By Learning How To Pose For Wedding Pictures


Tip #1. Get inspiration from other wedding day pictures

  • Start by browsing different wedding photos, or if you have a favorite wedding photographer, they’ll undoubtedly share some of their work with other couples on social media
  • You can also check the poses of some celebrities and note how they angle their body or find the lighting to highlight their best features
  • Test the poses and facial expressions in the mirror 
  • Find your best smile without looking forced or emotionless; check how your eyes convey emotions
  • If you know a celebrity with the same face shape or body size as you, you can check their photos and remember how they pose; it doesn’t matter if they don’t have wedding pictures as this tip is to only familiarize you in knowing how to highlight your best features and hide flaws
  • Continue practicing in front of a full-body mirror until it feels natural and less awkward
  • Do not be harsh on yourself or focus too much on features that you may not like about yourself
  • A simple pose that both you and your partner can try is a standing pose with your weight on the back foot, hips about 45 degrees away from the photographer, cross one leg to the front and point the toe, then bend your knees slightly and place one hand on a hip


Tip #2. Relax when posing for the wedding photographer

  • During the wedding photography session, including those done before the wedding itself, it’s crucial that you feel relaxed and not overthink your poses
  • But more than in a state of relaxation mentally, you should also know how to relax your face and body during posing
  • Do not feel shy in front of the wedding photographer as the common mistake is feeling conscious
  • When smiling, do not over-grin or try to mimic someone’s smile as it will be noticeably unnatural
  • During the wedding day, it’s likely that the groom feels hot or the bride feels pain in her heels; these moments make it hard to smile, so if you’re asked to pose, consider closing your eyes, relaxing your face, then open your eyes and smile 
  • For the body poses and placements of body parts, relaxing them will also look better in wedding photos
  • Avoid overly straight posture, but instead, add a bend or relax one side of your hips, an arm, or a leg as “triangles” look fantastic in photos
  • Don’t be afraid to take up some space as well as such poses will make you look more comfortable than having your arms too close to your side or feet too close together


Tip #3. Know the slimming angles for wedding photography poses


How can I look thinner in a wedding photo?

  • Determine your good sides by practicing different angles and poses in the mirror
  • Avoid highlighting a double chin by placing your tongue on the roof of your mouth 
  • You can also lengthen your neck by moving your head forward then lifting your chin ever so slightly
  • Check your spine posture, as slouching or tilting your pelvis can make your stomach look bigger than it is in photos
  • Keep your chest forward with shoulders at the back
  • Avoid having your arms close to the body as it will look bigger
  • To have a better abdominal section, consider squeezing it in for the photos or pull your belly button towards your spine


Tip #4. Include candid wedding pictures

  • While posed wedding photographs and portraits are fantastic, don’t be afraid of candid wedding pictures
  • Some people might not like candid shots because they’re “unprepared” or they might find the angle unflattering; however, genuine photos are more sentimental
  • Good photographers will capture the best moments that the last thing you’ll notice is your facial expression or posture 

Read what to ask the wedding photographer to know their style better.


How Should The Bride And Groom Pose For Photos?

Here are some wedding photography poses to try for the bride and groom:

  • Stand side by side while holding hands or place your arm behind each other
  • Sit beside each other 
  • Lean towards each other and maintain eye contact
  • Forehead kiss
  • Groom lifts up the bride slightly 
  • Groom stands behind the bride or back hug
  • Kiss while hands are showing the wedding rings
  • Run together
  • Dip kiss
  • Celebratory pose with hands up in the air


How Should I Pose For A Wedding Photo Alone?

  • Groom is fixing his tie
  • Bride is getting applying lipstick in front of the mirror
  • Standing pose showcasing the wedding gown/groom suit
  • Walk and look back



And that’s it! To recap how to pose for wedding pictures, consider four tips.

You’ll practice poses and angles inspired by other wedding pictures or celebrities, know how to relax your body naturally, find your slimming angles, and consider many candid photos. 

Let us know below if you have more tips to share.

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