What Is Considered A Big Wedding: How Many Guests?

The answer to what is considered a big wedding depends on the number of guests and the general type of wedding. This article will discuss how many guests to expect in a large wedding and how this wedding size compares to an average wedding in the US. 

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what is considered a big wedding


What Is Considered A Big Wedding: How Large Is A Large Wedding?

There are two factors to understand what is deemed as a big wedding. More than the size because of the number of guests, the grandness of the wedding can also influence what is considered a big wedding. 


Based on the number of guests

From the name itself, a big wedding refers to a celebration with over 150 guests. It is a large wedding because the couple also likely invited other people who are not immediate relatives or close friends. 

A large wedding typically also has the bride and groom’s extended relatives, coworkers, acquaintances, and other people in their lives compared to an intimate wedding with only the couple’s immediate family and close friends. Therefore, you can expect a big wedding to have a larger wedding party of possibly more than ten members. 

That being said, a big wedding will be held in a large space. Not to mention, prepare a hefty wedding budget to ensure that the event will accommodate everyone invited comfortably and give them an enjoyable time. 


Based on the wedding style

A big wedding is not only pricey because of the massive list of guests. You will also need a grand or large venue and a reception filled with activities that may last for several hours. 

Therefore, a wedding can also be called a big wedding if it is glorious and majestic. Think of an unforgettable event with guests talking about the wedding after because of its design, structures, and activities. 

Couples who want to feel like they’re in a fairytale or want a wedding that looks exquisite and classy can consider a big wedding. It can be held in a hotel, hall, or even an estate, which means it will be costly since these places are the only ones capable of having such a massive number of guests. 


How Many People Is A Big Wedding?

The guest count dictates what is considered a big wedding, and it’s also what differentiates it from average and intimate weddings. Expect a big wedding to have 150 guests or more compared to the usual 50 to 100. 

For this wedding, you need to list everyone you want to see in your wedding without feeling limited and using your closeness as a gauge on who’s invited or not. Big weddings are also more open to plus-ones and possibly inviting an entire family instead of just the couple. 

There are even weddings with 250 to 300 guests, and some can have up to a thousand, especially if the couple are notable personalities. So make sure to check the wedding venue’s capacity and talk to the wedding vendors regarding handling this enormous crowd. 

And if you want to finalize your wedding headcount, it’s essential to know when should RSVP be due for the wedding. That way, guests can reply accordingly, and you can plan the wedding more efficiently. 


Is 120 Guests A Big Wedding?

A huge wedding typically has more than 150 guests, sometimes even twice the number. So if a wedding has only 120 guests, it’s somewhere in the middle because it’s not considered big, but the crowd is too plenty for it to be regarded as a small wedding. 

Having 120 guests is relatively reasonable, and couples who may invite other people besides their immediate family members and close friends can consider this wedding size. For example, it can be a 100-guest wedding; then the extra 20 people can be allocated as the plus-ones of your single guests. 

But if you don’t want plus-ones in your wedding, learn how to say no plus-ones on the wedding invitation to maintain tact.


What Is An Average Size Wedding?

The average wedding size in the US has about 105 guests, with 94 to 110 being the typical number of guests during the pandemic. A 120-guest wedding is also a good size since it’s a medium wedding without making you feel like you’re missing out on who can celebrate with you. 


Is An 80 Person Wedding Small?

An 80-guest wedding is considered a small wedding since it’s on the higher end of the range. Remember that a small wedding usually has 20 to 80 guests, and exceeding this number will be considered a medium or average wedding. 

Nonetheless, it’s not a very small wedding since you still have over 50 guests. Some couples even prefer only to have 20 guests, and some even omit a wedding party. 



And that’s it! We found out what is considered a big wedding, with a guest list of 150 or higher. 

It can also mean a grand wedding with a glamorous and exquisite theme. But, overall, a big wedding is not for the faint of heart because of the required budget and the extensive planning to pull it off. 

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