What Is Beach Formal For A Wedding: Meaning And Outfits

Those curious about what is beach formal for a wedding can take clues from the name of this dress code. Think of wedding guest outfits that would suit a beach wedding but would still fit with the formal dress code. 

We will explain it in more detail below, and you’ll also know the examples of what male and female guests can wear. Conversely, you might also like this read on what is beach casual wedding attire

what is beach formal for a wedding


A Guest’s Guide On What Is Beach Formal For A Wedding

A beach formal wedding dress code refers to formal outfits that would be appropriate for a beach wedding, or it’s beach wedding attire but still formal. This is confusing since beach wedding outfits are usually casual or semi-formal. 

Beach formal means that the guests will look great and sophisticated, but they should also be comfortable with the outdoor venue. Think of modifying your usual formal wedding guest outfit to make it practical on the sand and under the sun. 

Formal beach weddings don’t mean guests must wear black tuxedos or long evening gowns with heels. Instead, exert effort to look elegant, and remain comfortable on the beach without wearing shorts or flip-flops. 


What Do Women Wear To A Beach Formal Wedding?

Here are examples of wedding guest attire for women to better understand formal beach weddings. You can also check the invitation if the wedding happens to have a specific theme. 


Formal dresses and jumpsuits

You can opt for a midi dress instead of the typical beach maxi, as the very loose silhouette would not look formal. A midi dress is slightly shorter, so walking in the sandy wedding venue is still comfortable. 

Opt for solid colors over patterns and florals, especially for an evening beach formal wedding. And if needed, bring a coverup such as a stylish blazer to elevate your dress’ formality.

Alternatively, jumpsuits would look fantastic and sophisticated for a formal wedding. But of course, be mindful of wearing something very fitted or revealing as the wedding is supposed to highlight the bride. 


Comfort and etiquette for a beach formal wedding 

Avoid wearing white or anything eye-catching for etiquette. And even if it’s formal, you don’t need to wear heels with a beach formal wedding attire. 

Consider dressy flats and sandals or wedges if you want some height. Pointed heels can be uncomfortable at the beach venue. 


What Do Men Wear To A Beach Formal Wedding?

The beach wedding outfit for men typically consists of clothes like shirts with rolled-up sleeves and shorts. However, this attire is more suitable for a casual beach wedding or a semi-formal beach wedding. 


Breathable colors and fabrics for wedding suits

So for formal wedding attire, you can opt for suits in colors and fabrics that would suit the venue and season. Consider suits made of linen or seersucker to maintain formality without sacrificing comfort. 

Light inner shirts should keep you cool if it’s a summer or afternoon beach wedding. And, of course, pick soft colors like tan, light blue, and other neutrals over the typical black wedding suit. 


Comfortable but formal pants and shoes 

Light-colored pants are also preferred over wearing shorts. Khakis and other dress pants should be stylish to pair with formal suits and jackets. 

Some blazers and sportcoats would look formal if styled up. And as for shoes, because it’s a beach formal wedding, opt for anything closed like loafers or boat shoes instead of sandals, even though the venue is at the beach. 


What Is Tropical Formal Dress Code?

A dress code that can be applied to formal beach weddings is the tropical formal dress code. From the name itself, it should be formal, but you’re inspired by the tropics when choosing your beach formal attire. 

Tropical beach formal weddings can mean suits and long dresses because the dress code is formal. However, tuxedos and evening dresses are unnecessary. 


Tropical formal attire for men

  • Suits made with summer-friendly fabrics
  • Outfit colors like light blue, gray, green, or tan
  • Slacks 
  • Chinos
  • Dressy trousers in breathable fabrics
  • Sport coat or blazer with tie
  • Closed-toed shoes


Tropical formal attire for women

  • Midi or maxi dress with modesty and sophistication in style
  • Strapless or sleeveless tops with formal trousers
  • Chic jumpsuits 
  • Tropical colors like yellow or turquoise for outfits
  • Wedges or dressy strappy sandals


What Does Beach Chic Attire Mean?

Some beach weddings might require a dress code called beach chic. And this type of wedding attire can be described as something comfortable for the beach but would be stylish enough for a cocktail event or a nice date at a restaurant.

Keep the style in mind; you don’t need to look formal. Men can lose ties and dark-colored suits, but blazers or even nicely-fitting buttoned shirts with dress pants would be acceptable. 

On the other hand, women can wear knee-length dresses or partner with a bodysuit with trousers to look chic and modern. But, of course, opt for practical colors and fabrics for the beach. 

Since it’s typically hard to decide what shoes to wear to destination and outdoor weddings, please read what shoes to wear to a beach wedding.



Was this attire guide helpful? You just learned what is beach formal for a wedding, which is an outfit suitable for the beach but still formal for the wedding. 

Some examples of what to wear include summer-friendly suits, chic jumpsuits, or midi dresses. But of course, check the invitation if there’s a specific theme required. 

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