What Is Beach Casual Wedding Attire: What It Means

If you’re unsure what is beach casual wedding attire, it’s what you’d wear to a beach wedding, but typical wedding attire like suits and maxi dresses are unnecessary. 

However, casual doesn’t mean you can wear casual clothes as you’re still attending a wedding. Conversely, you can check what is beach formal for a wedding if you’re invited to a beach wedding with a formal dress code. 

what is beach casual wedding attire


What Is Beach Casual Wedding Attire: Outfit Ideas For Guests


What does beach casual mean for a wedding?

Beach casual means laidback but dressy and stylish outfits you’d wear to a beach wedding. Think of beach wedding attire that is comfortable for the sand and sun but would still be appropriate for the wedding. 

Since the dress code is casual, tuxedos, dark suits, long dresses, and closed-toed shoes are no longer necessary as formal attire. However, beach casual doesn’t mean you can arrive in t-shirts, shorts, and flip-flops unless they are given as examples on the attire guide, usually on the couple’s wedding website. 

Another exception with footwear is that some beach weddings allow barefoot or matching flip-flops for the guests since the venue is by the beach. Men might also get away with shorts or folded pants to a beach wedding with a casual dress code. 


Beach casual wedding attire women

To help you understand what a casual beach wedding attire means, let’s explain what female wedding guests can wear. It’s not a formal wedding, so long evening gowns suitable for a black-tie event are unnecessary. 

However, long dresses like flowy floral maxi dresses can be worn for a casual beach wedding. You can also wear a sleeveless top with wide-legged beach pants and strappy sandals or flats since heels wouldn’t be practical on the sandy beach. 

Some jumpsuits will also be ideal if you don’t like dresses or two-piece outfits. However, even if it’s casual, remember to dress appropriately, and your wedding attire should not be too sexy that it can take the attention away from the bride. 


Beach casual wedding attire men

The beach casual dress code for men means that suits and tuxedos suitable for beach formal are not required. However, you can also dress down a suit to make it fit with the beach casual attire. 

For example, lose the necktie and opt for a patterned or light-colored suit jacket. Blazers, sports coats, and jackets can also be dressed down to make them more casual. 

If it’s hot at the beach venue, buttoned shirts made from fabrics like cotton or linen and partnered with khakis or chinos should look fantastic for male wedding guests. And for the shoes, opt for boat shoes or check if guests can go barefoot, as this is a trend with boho beach weddings.  

If you want more ideas for male wedding guest outfits, here’s what to wear to a beach wedding men, so you can dress up or down accordingly.  


What Should The Groom Wear To Casual Beach Wedding?

Even if you choose casual attire for your beach wedding’s dress code, you should still look dapper on your big day as the groom. First, check what your partner will wear, so you will complement each other. 

The groom can also still wear a suit to a casual wedding, but he can be playful with the patterns, colors, and textures of his clothing. You can even look stylish wearing a buttoned shirt and shorts or a matching long-sleeved v-neck shirt and folded pants. 

Another helpful tip is to consider what your groomsmen will wear. They should also complement your attire because you want your wedding photos to look satisfying when you look at the wedding party’s beach wedding attire next to you. 


What Should The Bride Wear To Casual Beach Wedding?

A casual beach wedding dress code for the bride can have her in a playful flowy dress that would suit a boho chic style. It can mean a white dress with slit, flowy skirt, lace, backless, or tastefully done see-through panels. 

Choose other wedding dress colors like off-white, ivory, or champagne. And if your groom will wear an attractive color or pattern, then you can go with something bold for your dress as well. 

Alternatively, there are eye-catching jumpsuits and two-piece bridal outfits you can wear to a beach casual wedding. Make sure that whatever you pick is also practical for the beach wedding venue. 


Is It Acceptable To Wear Flip Flops To A Beach Casual Wedding?

It might be acceptable to wear flip flops to a casual beach wedding, and some couples might even provide their guests with matching flip flops for their destination wedding. If the dress code mentions that going barefoot is allowed, some guests might still prefer some feet protection so that you can opt for your beach vacation flip flops. 

But if the dress code is formal, semi-formal, or dressy casual, you’re better off with sandals or flats. Unfortunately, there are also formal wedding venues that don’t allow guests to wear open-toed footwear. 



Was this attire guide helpful? You just learned what is beach casual wedding attire, which can be anything laidback and comfortable for the beach but still styled up for the wedding. 

Think of breathable buttoned shirts and chinos for men and flowy maxi dresses or jumpsuits for women. However, avoid casual attire like t-shirts and shorts as they might look too casual for a wedding. 

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