What To Bring To A Baby Shower: Gift Etiquette

Remember to know what to bring to a baby shower as a guest. After all, this event’s history can be traced back to the guests bringing baby shower gifts for the baby and its parents. 

We’ll give examples of the best items to help the mom or the parent during pregnancy or once the baby arrives. And to help you manage your budget, here’s how much to spend on a baby shower gift

what to bring to a baby shower


Do You Know What To Bring To A Baby Shower?

Knowing what to expect at the event is essential if you’re invited to baby showers. One example is the baby shower gifts brought by guests. 

Opening the gifts is even part of the events during a baby shower. So to avoid arriving unprepared, here are some things you can consider for your baby shower gift: 

  • Check the baby registry set up by the baby’s parents-to-be to browse the items they need for the pregnancy or after the baby’s arrival
  • You are not limited to giving the baby a gift; the mom can also use several items to prepare for parenthood
  • You can give food to a baby shower, but be aware of perishable goods
  • Opt for practical items like a baby food maker or onesies 
  • It’s acceptable to give something personalized and handmade, and it can even feel more special for the parents
  • Some baby showers request monetary gifts to fund their baby’s needs
  • Consider things that babies usually need like, like baby bottles and toiletries, as your baby shower gifts
  • Ask another guest about their gift to give you an idea
  • It’s acceptable for the host not to bring a gift to a baby shower
  • If attending as a couple, you can bring one gift from the two of you
  • You can also contribute another way to the baby shower if you have a limited budget or don’t have anything to give as a gift; for example, you can assist the host with the decorations or help them with the games and activities


Do you bring the baby shower host a gift?

No etiquette requires guests to get the baby shower host a gift. But of course, they will surely appreciate being remembered and acknowledged for the party.

The baby’s parent can also give the host something as a token of appreciation. It doesn’t have to be too pricey, but pick an item that will be useful or memorable. 


What Should I Give To My Wife For Her Baby Shower?

Nowadays, co-ed baby showers are more common, and guys also attend the event. So what should the dad bring at the baby shower.

You can get your partner a gift that she can use for pampering, easing stress, and other potential discomforts during pregnancy. You can also bring some to the baby shower if she’s craving a particular food.

Furthermore, prepare a bag of essentials she can use throughout the day at the baby shower. It can mean a change of clothes, shoes, or a pillow to keep her comfortable when sitting. 


Do Grandparents Bring Gifts To A Baby Shower?

The grandparents usually bring gifts to a baby shower, but if they’re hosting, it’s acceptable for grandma and grandpa to skip the gifts. Grandparents are very fond of their grandbabies, which is why it’s not surprising if they bring several items that mom and baby can use. 

But of course, as parents, you shouldn’t oblige anyone to give you gifts, more so, specific items. Be grateful for whatever things your guests will provide you with. 

And for the grandparents, those close to the parents, like their relatives, usually give gifts amounting to $50 to $100. You can also give something useful like baby books, which you can personalize by knowing what to write in a baby shower book


What Is The Worst Gift To Bring To A Baby Shower?

Like any other shower event, guests must have an idea of the best and worst gifts to bring at the baby shower. Here are the worst baby shower gifts you must avoid as they can be perceived as offensive or not beneficial for the parents and their baby. 

  • Items that are potentially made from dangerous chemicals and materials, like baby bottles and diapers from unknown brands
  • Expired baby products
  • Gender-specific items, despite the baby shower being gender-neutral
  • Clothes for the mom as pregnancy and body image can be a sensitive topic
  • Nearly expired gift certificates
  • Used baby items


Can You Go To A Baby Shower Without A Gift?

Every person’s financial situation is different, so the parents would likely understand if you attended without a gift at the baby shower if you have no extra budget. However, it’s another story if you participated in the baby shower for food and entertainment. 

Consider a handwritten card wishing the parents well. You can also plan and share a gift with another guest to cut the costs of buying one.


Is A Crib Too Big Of A Gift For A Baby Shower?

It’s acceptable to bring a large gift like a crib to a baby shower, especially since it’s a practical item for the baby. Some groups might also contribute to one pricey baby shower gift like a crib.  



Do you now have a baby shower gift idea? To recap the discussion on what to bring to a baby shower, guests usually bring gifts for the mom or the baby.

Opt for something practical and avoid potentially offensive or non-useful items as gifts. You can also check the baby registry for ideas.

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