What Is An Indian Wedding Dress Called

The answer to what is an Indian wedding dress called is the lehenga choli. However, we’ll also discuss the saree and another kind of Indian bridal wear seen in modern and traditional Indian weddings. 

You’ll also know what colors to expect on Indian wedding dresses more than what the outfit is called. And if you’re curious besides what the Indian bride wears, you can read what to wear to an Indian wedding as a guest in case you’re invited. 

what is an indian wedding dress called


Everything To Know About What Is An Indian Wedding Dress Called


Lehenga choli

The most common outfit that Indian brides wear to their wedding is a two-piece attire called the bridal lehenga choli. The lehenga refers to the long skirt, while the upper top or blouse is called the choli. 

Indian brides often choose cropped short-sleeved cholis and long lehenga skirts for their weddings and special occasions. This type of wedding attire is also popular in North India

Bridal lehenga choli can be easily distinguished because of the elaborate embellishments of beads, crystals, and sequins, and they also come in bright colors, but more commonly in red. The Indian bride might also wear beautiful jewelry, a belt, a girdle, or even a wrap with their bridal lehenga choli. 


Red wedding sari

Another Indian bridal outfit is the wedding sari which is usually red when worn by the bride. This is the traditional Indian wedding dress as it’s often chosen all across India by different religions, including Hindus, Sikhs, Muslims, and Christian Indian brides. 

The Indian bridal sari is easily among the most beautiful type of wedding dresses across the world. Usually, it is made of deep red silk with gold thread embroidery, sequins, beadings, trims, and appliques. 

Nowadays, wedding sari can come in other colors and fabrics like crepe or satin besides silk. And instead of using gold or silver thread, modern zari work is done with synthetic fibers or gold or silver wrapped around a base thread. 


White wedding gown

Did you know that Indian brides do not only wear saris and lehenga cholis? Christian Indian brides, or those who migrated to the US, typically dress in a white wedding gown similar to what most brides wear at their wedding. 

But compared to the usual American white bridal dress, where the style can be sexy and daring, Indian brides usually prefer a more modest style with their white wedding gown. The neckline is not as deep, and there are few revealing features like high slits or backless fashions. 

Indian brides who grew up in the US might also want to feature their heritage while wearing a white wedding dress. They include elements like gold threads, beadings, elaborate embroideries, or a sari-style fabric on the dress. 


Which Indian Wedding Dress Is Best?

There are many types of Indian wedding outfits, and it’s fair to say that all of them are gorgeous. Even the traditional white wedding dresses that combine Western and Indian features by Indian brides are beautiful and truly eye-catching. 

However, the best Indian attire for the bride would include the bridal lehenga and sari. The sari is often worn by brides in South, East, and West India, while Northern Indians typically prefer the lehenga, gagra choli, and odni Indian wedding dresses. 

The gagra choli is a long skirt partnered with a cropped blouse covering the woman’s chest’s upper portion. North-East Indian brides also wear the mekhela sador, an attire composed of two pieces of cloth draped on the top and bottom. 


What Color Does The Bride Wear In Indian Weddings?

Indian wedding dresses and traditional bridal attire are usually red compared to white wedding attire in the west. Red is the traditional choice for Indian brides because the color symbolizes prosperity, and it’s also considered a sacred color. 

You can read what does a red wedding dress mean to understand why this bold color is also seen at weddings. And while red is a common choice on the bridal sari, it’s also possible to see it in other bright colors like orange, peach, gold, yellow, or pink. 


Why do Indian brides not wear white?

White is not the traditional color for Indian bridal attire. This is because the color symbolizes mourning compared to bright colors like red, which is more common in Indian weddings as it represents good luck. 

However, Christian Indian brides or those who grew up in the US typically wear a white wedding gown seen in Western bridal attire. Ultimately, it’s up to the bride and her cultural upbringing to determine her wedding attire’s color. 


How Many Outfits Does An Indian Bride Wear?

The number of outfits to prepare for an Indian wedding is up to the bride. She might change into another lehenga in the reception after the ceremony. 

For example, her reception bridal attire may feature bright colors like purples, blues, and pinks. Some Indian-American brides might also wear a traditional white wedding gown at the ceremony and then change into the lehenga choli at their reception to incorporate both cultures into their weddings. 



And that’s it! You just learned what is an Indian wedding dress called, and it can either refer to the lehenga choli, the sari, or even a Westernized white wedding gown, depending on the bride’s upbringing.

Indian brides from different regions and religions also vary in their traditional bridal attire. And compared to most cultures, it’s more common for the Indian bridal attire to be in bright colors than white to symbolize prosperity.  

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