How To Send Back Wedding RSVP: Etiquette To Follow

This is everything to know on how to send back wedding RSVP. We’ll discuss how to fill out the wedding RSVP and then send them back if you’re accepting or declining the invite. 

You’ll also know when to send back the wedding RSVP and the etiquette for online and email wedding RSVPs. But for a more in-depth guide on filling out the RSVP, please read how to fill out a wedding RSVP

how to send back wedding rsvp


Everything To Know About How To Send Back Wedding RSVP


Etiquette on filling out the wedding RSVP

Couples vary in the response card they’ll include with their wedding invitation. But typically, they’ll send the wedding RSVP card containing space for the guest to confirm their attendance and names. 

The invitation suite might also omit other inserts, and the couple may include a place for the guests to write different information on the RSVP card. This information may include the guest’s meal choice, a note for the couple, or even a spot to write their answer to a couple’s funny question.  

You will fill out the space after the “M” with your names. For example: 

M ________ will be filled out as M r. John Smith and Mrs. Ana Smith

Some more etiquette tips to remember when responding to a wedding RSVP before sending it back:

  • Make sure that you’ll only fill the RSVP with the names of the individuals that were specifically invited in the wedding invitation; check who the invite is addressed to, especially if there are many of you in the household
  • Fill the RSVP with your full name and never with a nickname
  • Write legibly
  • Unless stated, don’t assume you can have a plus-one 


How to send back online wedding RSVP

What if the couple did an online RSVP for their wedding? Sending your response for this type of wedding RSVP follows the same etiquette as a traditionally mailed response card. 

To RSVP online, the couple will choose a website to gather their guests’ responses. These sites are designed to be easy to use, and steps should be provided in the wedding invitation. 

It usually looks like an online form where you can type your name, tick a box, or select your response to the invitation from the drop-down menu. Make sure you have no typographical errors with the names and that you’ve chosen the correct answer before submitting. 

Are you interested in having this type of RSVP for your wedding? You can save on postage costs with online RSVP, and it’s easier to gather your guests’ responses.

Here’s how to do an online RSVP for a wedding for more information. 


How to decline wedding RSVP

How do you return a wedding RSVP if you’re declining the invitation? Remember that you’ll still give your response to the couple even if you’re not attending the wedding. 

A common mistake is not sending the couple the response card back because some guests assume that not responding means they won’t be present at the wedding. This is terrible etiquette because the couple may need to contact you to confirm your attendance. 

Here’s what to write to decline a wedding invitation via the response card formally:

  • Tick the “no” on the options of the response card, usually under the “yes” option
  • Write the word “no” or use the space to write a short note expressing your regrets about not being able to attend the wedding 
  • Consider calling or messaging the couple about your absence for formality and tact
  • Make sure your decision is final about the response; abruptly changing your no to a yes or vice versa would be a hassle for the couple who are finalizing their guest list 

Example wording to send back wedding RSVP if you can’t attend:

Dear Sam and Mica, 

Thank you so much for inviting me to your upcoming wedding. Unfortunately, I will not be able to attend as I have already a prior commitment on that date. I am very sad to miss this special occasion but know that I’ll be celebrating with you in spirit.

I love you both, and best wishes. Congratulations! 

With love, Axel Simpson


When to send back wedding RSVP

Besides knowing how to fill and send back wedding RSVPs, it’s essential to understand when should guests RSVP to a wedding. The couple will surely appreciate it if you respond as early as possible.

Another timeline is to respond to the invite within two to three weeks before the wedding. This way, the couple can finalize their guest headcount on time and discuss everything needed with the vendors. 


How Do You Respond To A Wedding RSVP By Email?

If the couple asks that you RSVP via email, you’ll still follow the etiquette of responding as early as possible and follow the proper wording when you mail back. 

Here are more tips to remember:

  • Make sure it’s easy to understand who and how many will be attending the wedding 
  • Respond to the invitation in the email provided by the couple 
  • If declining the invite, write a short and straightforward note about why you can’t attend



Was this guide helpful? To recap how to send back wedding RSVP, you will fill out the space provided with your complete names and clarify who and how many will attend the wedding. 

You will also respond as soon as possible and reply to the invite even if you can’t attend the wedding. And finally, never include individuals in the response if the couple does not invite them to begin with.

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